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'''Retinal scanners''' are WikipediaBiometrics|biometric devices featured in the Half-Life and Portal universe|''Half-Life'' universe.

Retinal scanners are wall-mounted electronic lock systems typically connected to secured entrances. Authorized individuals can unlock these doors by having their WikipediaRetinal scan|eyes scanned, verifying their identities in the process. To operate the device, users must peer into the visor and remain still for a brief period while the scan commences.

In ''Half-Life'', scanners in the Black Mesa Research Facility are often found near security checkpoints being operated by Black Mesa Security Force|security guards. Some science facilities such as the Anomalous Materials Laboratory in Sector C also require scanner use, the apparatuses here being used by the Black Mesa Science Team|science team. If the user isn't authorized to enter, the Black Mesa public announcement system|automated announcement system will report that access is denied. It's said that new employees must submit their identity to the retinal clearance system at the Black Mesa Personnel Department before being permitted into the high-security branch of the Black Mesa Transit System|transit system.

In ''Half-Life Blue Shift|Blue Shift'', hand scanners are present in the Section A-17 Prototype Labs, an older section of the facility. Dr. Rosenberg states these are part of the old security system which instead recognizes users by their WikipediaFingerprint recognition|fingerprint ID.

In ''Half-Life 2'', a retinal scanner is used by Isaac Kleiner|Dr. Kleiner in Kleiner's Lab|his lab to access the teleportation room. Initially hidden inside a column, its secret compartment is revealed by adjusting the nearby Black Mesa research team group photograph. This scanner emits the same sounds as a Combine Camera.

In ''Half-Life'', scanners are usually found in levels that feature escort missions where the player is required to lead a character to the device to open further paths, such as in the chapter ''Questionable Ethics''. The game ends and loads the last save game file if the player fails to protect the character.

In his FileGordon letter PS2.jpg|letter of acceptance to Black Mesa, Gordon Freeman was told that he wouldn't immediately need to submit to a retinal scan for the outset of his employment.''Half-Life'' instruction manual He is therefore unable to himself use the scanners that are encountered throughout the game. Other Black Mesa employee protagonists are able to operate scanners.

==Behind the scenes==
''Half-Life'''s retinal scanners are made out of brush-based entities, although the Half-Life (PlayStation 2 port)|PlayStation 2 port substitutes these with fully animated models. Its textures were created by Karen Laur.

===Half-Life Alpha|''Half-Life'' Alpha===

FileAlpha c2a4c 01.jpg|Early version.
FileHlalpha scanner.png|Ditto.

===''Half-Life'' and its expansions===

FileHl scanner01.png|Scanner.
FileHl scanner02.png|Active.
FileHl scanner03.png|In use.
FileHlpsx scanner01.png|PlayStation 2 version.
FileHlpsx scanner02.png|Active.
FileHlpsx scanner04.png|Broken.
FileHlpsx scanner03.png|In use .
FileScanner-broken.jpg|A damaged scanner.
FileC2a4e scan.jpg|Being used inside the Alien Research Labs.
FileScanner outside.jpg|Outdoor scanner with a hood for shade.
FileBa teleport10004.jpg|Hand scanner.

===''Half-Life 2''===

FileEye scanner hl2.jpg|Kleiner's scanner.
FileEye scanner + portrait.jpg|Inside its hidden compartment.
FileKleiner scan.jpg|In use.

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*''Half-Life Day One'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life Opposing Force''
*''Half-Life Blue Shift''
*''Half-Life Decay''
*''Half-Life 2''


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