Repentagram x2

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|name=Repentagram x2
*Richard "Levelord" Gray
*Matthew Armstrong''Opposing Force CTF'' credits (op4ctf_credits.txt) {{C|CTF map}}
|game=''Half-Life Opposing Force''
|mode=Capture The Flag

'''''Repentagram x2''''', internally named '''''Levelord's RepentaFlag''''', is a multiplayer map in ''Half-Life Opposing Force''. It was added in the ''Opposing Force CTF'' update.


{{QuoteRefInline|When the Black Mesa facility was being developed, experiments were undertaken with construction of a five sided structure that designed in such a way that the entire building would act as a giant transmitter/receiver.  The building was nestled in the rocks near the Black Mesa Research Facility and quickly used as a headquarters for the invading military assault teams.  Although the Black Mesa blueprints don't show it, a second pentagram shaped tower was built near the first on the other side of a thick rock wall.  The civilians hoped they could hide in the secret second tower until the chaos was over, but soldiers quickly discovered the structure and blew holes through the rock wall to allow them to attack.|''Opposing Force CTF'' Description}}


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