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|designer=http//,1009/ Richard "Levelord" Gray
|game=''Half-Life Opposing Force''

'''''Repent''''', internally named '''''Levelord's Repentagram''''', is a multiplayer map in ''Half-Life Opposing Force''. It was included with the game on release.

==Behind the scenes==
''Repent'' is part of the All-Star Deathmatch maps shipped with ''Opposing Force'', a collection of multiplayer levels created by well-known designers in the industry contracted by Gearbox Software.{{IA|20000831091534/http//|An Interview With Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Software |Planet Half-Life (March 20, 2000)}} Richard Gray was the first level designer announced to be a part of this project.http// Levelord on OpFor on Planet Half-Life


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