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'''Reflection Gel''' is an unnamed and sixth type of Mobility Gel in ''Portal 2''. This gel exists in the game files and can be implemented in custom maps, but it is unused in all official levels. It replaced the Adhesion Gel in the ''Portal 2'' Authoring Tools after the ''Peer Review'' update.

Reflection Gel reflects Thermal Discouragement Beams at the angle at which they are hit. It can be used in-game by creating a gel dropper with a paint ID of "Stick". When sprayed on a surface, the gel uses the same texture as the Conversion Gel. Its blobs, however, aren't textured. Upon contact with the player, it shows the screen effect of Propulsion Gel.

Reflection Gel still exhibits the properties of Adhesion Gel. The sliding effect of any CategoryAperture Science cubes|Cube, the result of its coverage in the Propulsion Gel, does not occur over the Reflection Gel. In addition, a cube covered in Reflection Gel will also not slide on a Propulsion Gel-covered surface.

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