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'''''Redemption''''' is a single-player mod for ''Half-Life'', developed by Maverick Developments. It was released on October 18, 1999.''Redemption'' (readme.txt)

''Redemption'' takes place after the events of ''Half-Life''. Gordon Freeman accepts the The G-Man|G-Man's offer, and agrees to work for him. It is explained that Gordon caused a problem throughout the galaxy, and beyond by releasing creatures called the Bug (Xen)|Telnorps when he was sent to Xen to stop the alien invasion. The Xen portals have been left open since then, and aliens appear to be in danger.

Gordon is given a mission by the G-Man to retrieve three Telnorps, and return them back to Xen, to seal the portal between Xen and Zan. The aid workers sent to Xen removed some of the artifacts and sold them to collectors on Earth. The Telnorps were amongst them.

===Chapter 1===
The first Telnorp is located in a Shaolin temple in the WikipediaHimalayas|Himalayas. It has become the subject of worship of a group of fanatics that the agency has had dealings with on a previous occasion. There is a group of mercenaries trying to acquire the Telnorps before the player does. They are later revealed to be working for a man called Fabio Geussetelli. There is also a group of assassins in the temple, who kill the mercenaries. These may be the fanatics mentioned in the mission briefing.

===Chapter 2===
The second Telnorp is located in Half-Park, a theme park where they showcase the aliens. The park was evacuated after a problem in the new flying saucer ride. The player triggers an electrical shortage after he uses the controls in the saucer. The aliens escape from their cages and kill everyone. The Telnorp is accidentally freed by a Gargantua. There is a cut scene showing the G-Man talking to one of Geussetelli's men on a laptop after the mission. It is hinted the G-Man is double-crossing Gordon, and using him to get the Telnorps for Geussetelli.

===Chapter 3===
The third and the final Telnorp was sold to Fabio Geussetelli, who runs import and export business, trading technologies from Xen and other off world races. Gordon is sent to his warehouse. The Telnorp is being kept in a vault along along with some art pieces. The place is being guarded by the mercenaries. 

===Chapter 4===
The final chapter begins in a safe house. The G-Man congratulates Gordon for retrieving the Telnorps. A cut scene shows the G-Man was double crossing Geussetelli. Gordon is sent to Xen to seal the gateway to Zan by releasing the Telnorps. Here, there is a large portal called the Eye of Ashan that looks like an eye.

''Redemption'' was originally released as a free mod on October 18, 1999. It was withdrawn from the internet in May 2000. The developers announced that they were working on a new version called ''Absolute Redemption''. The new version was released as a commercial mod in November 2000. It was included in the retail version of ''WikipediaCounter-Strike (video game)|Counter-Strike'', along with ''Maverick Developments|Wanted!'', another mod developed by the same group of developers.

==Behind the scenes==
The Half-Park is being protected by security guards dubbed Roy (voiced by Derick Snow), also known as Boris. They're the Russian equivalent of Black Mesa Security Force|Barney from ''Half-Life''. A Roy appears in a safe house, and opens the door to the surface for the player.

There were many changes in the commercial release. These include updated levels, textures, and bug fixes. The fourth chapter was redone. There is a multiplayer map called "temple" set in the Shaolin temple from the singleplayer mode. The references to ''WikipediaPC Zone|PC Zone'' magazine were either removed or replaced with new textures. In the original mod release, the player is accidentally teleported to the first map (base1.bsp) of ''WikipediaQuake II|Quake II'' (FileRe1m1 quake.jpg|screenshot), which appears to be rebuilt for the mod. It was replaced with WikipediaStonehenge|Stonehenge (FileRe1m1 stone.jpg|screenshot) in the commercial release.{{YouTube|url=DfktJ87-el|text=''Absolute Redemption'' - Mod vs. Retail Comparison}}

The level geometry in the third chapter appears to be similar or based on geometry from the ''Quake'' games, especially in the maps rede3m5 and rede3m5a, which shares similar brush work with ''Quake II''{{'}}s base1.bsp. The teleporters used by the mercenaries look identical to Slipgates from ''Quake'', and the sewer gate in rede3m5 looks similar to the one from ''Quake II''{{'}}s base2.bsp.

===Easter eggs===
In the map rede3m5, there is a message in an unreachable area that says "Tone says no noclipping". There is also a message hidden in the G-Man's briefcase that says """.


FileRe1m1 gman.jpg|The meeting with the G-Man.
FileRe1m1 quake.jpg|
FileRe1m1 stone.jpg
FileRe1m3 water.jpg|The Himalayan mountains.
FileRe1m3 temple.jpg|The Shaolin temple.
FileRe2m1 park.jpg|The entrance to Half-Park.
FileRe2m3a wheel.jpg|A ferris wheel.
FileRe3m1 truck.jpg|Geussetelli's warehouse.
FileRe3m4 crate.jpg|Inside.
FileRe4m3 portal.jpg|The Eye of Ashan.

==External links==
*{{IA|20000229105850/http//|Official website}}
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*{{YouTube|url=DfktJ87-els|text=''Absolute Redemption'' - Mod vs. Retail Comparison}}


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