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|occupation=*Co-founder, president and CEO of Gearbox Software
*Executive producer
'''Randall Steward "Randy" Pitchford II''', is President and CEO of Gearbox Software, which he co-founded in 1999. 

Pitchford briefly worked at Wikipedia3D Realms|3D Realms, where he contributed to ''wcdukenukemDuke Nukem 3D|Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition'' and ''WikipediaShadow Warrior|Shadow Warrior''. At that time, he started playing multiplayer games under the nickname "DuvalMagic", which he still uses today. He left 3D Realms in May 1997 to work on ''Prax War'' (which was never released) at the now defunct video game company Rebel Boat Rocker, for which Gearbox's Stephen Bahl also worked.http//gearboxsoftware.com/talent/60 Randy Pitchford's profile on the official Gearbox Software website

With Gearbox Software, Pitchford directed/designed, co-wrote, produced and/or was executive producer for ''Half-Life Opposing Force'' (for which he received the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences award for best PC Action Game in 2000), ''Half-Life Blue Shift'', ''Half-Life Decay'', ''Half-Life'' for PlayStation 2, ''wccounterstrikeCounter-Strike Condition Zero|Counter-Strike Condition Zero'', ''WikipediaJames Bond 007 Nightfire|James Bond 007 Nightfire'', ''WikipediaTony Hawk's Pro Skater 3|Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3'' and ''http//www.halopedian.com/Halo_Combat_Evolved Halo Combat Evolved'' for PC.

Easter egg in the ''Opposing Force'' sound files can be found an apparently unused sound named dsbossit.wav that is actually heard during the Gene Worm scene. It is reversed and slower that normal. After some editing, it can be identified as a sentence spoken by Randy Pitchford, saying ''"To win the game you must kill me, Randy Pitchford."''{{YouTube|b4gHvgQGHJM|dsbossit.wav}} This is a nod to a similar ''http//doomwiki.org/wiki/Doom_II Doom II'' Easter egg made by WikipediaJohn Romero|John Romero.

==Selected gameography==
*''Half-Life Opposing Force'' (1999)
*Half-Life (Dreamcast port)|''Half-Life'' (Dreamcast port) (2001)
*Half-Life (PlayStation 2 port)|''Half-Life'' (PlayStation 2 port) (2001)
*''Half-Life Blue Shift'' (2001)


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*{{Wikipedia|Randy_Pitchford|Randy Pitchford}}

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