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'''Rail transport''' such as trains, trams, monorails, railway tracks and train stations are recurring themes throughout the Half-Life series|''Half-Life'' series. At numerous points in every one of the games (excluding ''Portal''), the player encounters one or more moving or stationary locomotives, lone carriages, or full-length coupled trains. There are also several instances where the player must cross or follow railway tracks, either on foot, non-rail vehicle, Half-Life 2 Episode One|riding in or Half-Life_2_storyline the train itself, or by Half-Life_storyline of an electric monorail, the latter a prominent feature in the original ''Half-Life'' game.

==Types of rail vehicles==

===''Half-Life'' and its expansions===

Black Mesa uses two main types of monorail. One is provided for the security and convenience of the Black Mesa personnel, and rides along the Black Mesa Transit System. The second is a freight monorail used in the Sector E Materials Transport.

Regular trains are used to bring supplies to the Black Mesa Research Facility using the New Mexico Railroad Line. This is managed in Black Mesa's Freight Yard predominantly featuring freight trains.

===''Half-Life 2'' and its episodes===

FileTrainstation facade.jpg|thumb|200px|left|The City 17 Trainstation.

Three trainstations are featured in ''Half-Life 2'' and its episodes the City 17 Trainstation and the Depot in ''Half-Life 2'' and the Technical Trainstation in ''Episode One'', although the Citadel also features a train depot.

The Combine heavily use the existing railway. They mostly use it for Overwatch Soldier|troop and Stalker transport in Combine-designed Razor Trains. Also, old existing human trains are recycled for Citizen transportation among the Combine-ruled cities, the Combine recycling human technology for their needs. This is in that kind of train Gordon Freeman wakes up at the start of ''Half-Life 2''. The train in which the player arrives in City 17 is pulled by a railcar based on the http//trains.future.ee/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=100 DR1 WikipediaDiesel multiple unit|DMU railcar produced in Riga, Latvia. Coupled with units from a different train, it is used by the Combine like a locomotive. The DR1 and its modifications (DR1P, DR1A, etc.) are common DMU trains in post-Soviet countries (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, etc.). The freight train locomotive seen in ''Episode Two'' seems to be based on the Russian CommonsTEM2|TEM2 diesel-electric freight locomotive.

In ''Episode One'', Gordon and Alyx leave City 17 on a regular train as the Citadel Core explodes. In ''Half-Life 2 Episode Two|Episode Two'', their train has crashed in the Outlands.

The train using the railway linking Combine outposts located in the Wasteland is called the "Wasteland Train".''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''

Train tracks can be found in Ravenholm, and a track-mounted Zombie defense is present in a small mining section between the town and Shorepoint. The Victory Mine complex also features an old mining network where rusty carts can be found.

==Railways as a literary device==

FileTrain start.jpg|right|200px|thumb|Citizens on a train on its way to the City 17 Trainstation at the very start of ''Half-Life 2''.

The Black Mesa Inbound|train ride at the start of ''Half-Life'' as well as the player's path through the City 17 Trainstation at the start of ''Half-Life 2'' were meant to reveal the story setting to the player. In ''Half-Life'', the story would unfold on a fixed rail, while in ''Half-Life 2'', it would unfold at the player's own speed, and come about through interaction with the characters naturally found in that setting.''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''

Railways, along with roads, rivers, and other paths, have long been used in literature and visual arts as a device representing a journey taking place, such as the railway in the film ''WikipediaStand By Me|Stand By Me'', or the WikipediaRiver Congo|River Congo in Joseph Conrad's novella ''WikipediaHeart of Darkness|Heart of Darkness''. 

Valve might have not intended this consciously when developing the environments with which the characters interact, but the effect of the motif's appearance throughout the series is a constant symbol and reminder of the long and often difficult journey each character is making as the games progress. The implications of these journeys often include an "inner journey" that each character undertakes parallel to the physical one, emerging at the end having gained something metaphysical, like a greater sense of self, a broader understanding of the world, or inner and outer strength.

In the ''Half-Life'' series, Gordon Freeman, because of the circumstances he finds himself in, is forced to be brave and strong, and endure tasks he was not prepared to undertake. In this way, he follows a "path" throughout his experiences, and is a stronger person for it.

In addition, trains could symbolize the linearity of the series, both in gameplay and in plot, and the theme of free will (or lack thereof). It is heavily implied by the G-Man, throughout the series, that Gordon's free will and choice is but an illusion. The constant appearance of trains throughout the series reflect this, as trains move in one direction along a set track; in a way, their path is already determined, much like Gordon's journey was determined and orchestrated by the G-Man without Gordon's say in the matter.

==Behind the scenes==
FileGarage train.jpg|The streets among the Combine Factories, featuring an elevated railway for the Razor Train.|thumb|200px|right

The railway theme was decided to be a major theme along the Coast very early in the development of ''Half-Life 2'', although it was initially even more present.''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' At some point, Gordon was to ride along the coast on a train; a story fragment has his train crashing near the Air Exchange, meeting Alyx and Skitch there and being attacked by the Combine. While Gordon rides the Coast with the Buggy and on foot, the idea was kept for Alyx who arrived at the Depot by train.''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''

City 17 was originally to feature trams; one tram can be found in the E3 map "e3_c17_02". Parts of that map were recycled in the ''Half-Life 2'' map "d3_c17_13", the last map of the chapter ''"Follow Freeman!"'', where tracks and a shelter can still be seen. Furthermore, an early test map, "prefab_streets_blvd.vmf", features a boulevard with trams going in both directions.WC mappack Moreover, an elevated railway for the Razor Train bringing Citizens into City 17 (a normal terrestrial train in the final version) was to cross the Combine Factories.WC mappack

Before trams, school buses were to be used as the primary local transportation.WC mappack


===Concept art===

FileOn a rail concept.jpg|Concept art for the Black Mesa Transit System. 
FileEarly city 17.jpg|Tram in an early City 17 gloomy street.
FileTrainstation 2.jpg|Inside the City 17 Trainstation (actually a modified version of the stenographer's chasm building). 
FileTrain city 17.jpg|Train in City 17.
FileSeafloor railroad.jpg|Railway along the dried seafloor.
FileRazor train1.jpg|A Razor Train locomotive, based on the map "hub_test.vmf".
FileRazor train2.jpg|Ditto.
FileWasteland bridge.jpg|Bridge along the coast (based on the WC mappack map "wasteland_railbridge.vmf").
FileDepot train coming.jpg|The Depot. 
FileDepot lifted train.jpg|Razor Train locomotive being lifted in the Depot, based on the WC mappack map "wasteland_depot_inside.vmf".
FileDepot tech.jpg|Razor Train locomotive handler in the Depot. 


FileC0a0d0006.jpg|The passenger version of the Black Mesa Transit System monorail car as seen in the opening credits sequence of ''Half-Life'', with G-Man on board. 
FileTram interior.jpg|Inside the passenger monorail in the Black Mesa Transit System.
FileLiving Quarters Outbound2.jpg|Pedestrian bridge in the Black Mesa Transit System as seen in ''Blue Shift''.
FileBa yard50000.jpg|Freight cars in Black Mesa's Freight Yard.
FileQuarry02 cars.jpg|Wrecked train cars at the end of the Canals in a Ravenholm prototype map. 
FileD1 c17 01f 010000.jpg|Elevated railway and pipes in the Combine Factories area. 
FileC17 plaza06 fixed0005.jpg|Rails passing under an early Trainstation Plaza, in the map "c17_plaza06.vmf", a predecessor of the map "e3_terminal.vmf".
FileTram leak.jpg|A tram in the map "e3_c17_02.vmf".
FilePrefab streets blvd street.jpg|Two trams in the map "prefab_streets_blvd.vmf".
FilePrefab streets blvd trams.jpg|Ditto, side view.
FileLate early tracks.jpg|Early screenshot of the tracks behind the City 17 Trainstation, featuring the Citadel behind, removed from the final version.
FileD1 trainstation leaktrain.jpg|Very basic brush train bringing Gordon to the trainstation in the playable leak. 
FileTrain speaker.jpg|Train speaker found in the playable leak files.
FileCity 17 ruined street tracks.jpg|A ravaged City 17 street, close to the Citadel wall, recycled from the map from the previous image.
FileTrainstation tunnels.jpg|Railway near the City 17 Trainstation.
FileTrainstation back2.jpg|City 17 Trainstation main platforms from far. 
FileTrainstation engines platforms.jpg|DR1 DMU railcars in the City 17 Trainstation.
FileForcefield generators.jpg|Combine Forcefield Generators along the Canals railway.
FileHalfLife2 City17 Railway&Canal.jpg|A Combine Razor Train passes by a canal and residential apartments. 
FileHl2 2012-02-14 19-07-44-56.jpg|Stopped freight train on tracks behind Gate 5.
FileD1 canals 06000035.jpg|Railroad bridge in the Canals. 
FileD2 coast 070012.JPG|The railway bridge at Bridge Point used by the Combine for moving supplies in and out of Nova Prospekt.
FileD2 coast 070022.JPG|Under the Bridge Point bridge.
FileRail bridge supports.jpg|Ditto.
FileD2 coast 080037.JPG|Ditto, in the fog.
FileD2 coast 070015.JPG|Razor Train passing on the Bridge Point bridge.
FileRazor train engine.jpg|Razor Train passing by in the Depot. 
FileRazor train.jpg|Razor Train in the Citadel.
FileDm underpass.jpg|Railway in the ''Half-Life 2 Deathmatch'' map ''Underpass''.
FileEp1 c17 05000200.jpg|DR1 DMU railcars in the Technical Trainstation.
FileEp1 trainstation barney.jpg|Barney Calhoun leaving the Technical Trainstation to an unknown destination.
FileEp1 railway combine checkpoint.jpg|Combine Wall flanked with a Combine Watchtower above the railway near the Technical Trainstation.
FileEp2 outland 010003.JPG|Gordon and Alyx's train after the wreck. 
FileEp2 outland 010004.JPG|Ditto.
FileEp2 outland 0100192.JPG|Gordon and Alyx's train falling when the bridge is destroyed by the Portal Storm. 
FileEp2 outland 010022.JPG|The first entrance to the Victory Mine. 
FileMine tracks turn.jpg|Tracks in the Victory Mine area.
FileLocomotive mines.jpg|TEM2 diesel-electric freight locomotive in the Victory Mine area.
FileEp2 outland 01a0023.jpg|Antlion Worker trying to hit the player in the Victory Mine. 
FileEp2 outland 01a0022.jpg|Inside the Victory Mine.
FileEp2 outland tracks.jpg|Railway and damaged railroad cars in the White Forest. 


FileRazor train brush.jpg|The early http//developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Brush brush Razor Train locomotive.
FileTram.jpg|Tram model.
FileRazor train engine red.jpg|A Razor Train locomotive. 
FileRazor Train.jpg|Razor Train locomotive variant.
FileEngine1.jpg|A DR1 DMU railcar. 
FileEngine freight.jpg|A TEM2 diesel-electric freight locomotive. 
FileEngine diesel.jpg|Unused EMD GP60 freight locomotive. 
FileOutrocar.jpg|Train car seen at the end of ''Episode One''. 
FileBoxcar grey.jpg|Ditto.
FileWrecked boxcar gate.jpg|Wrecked boxcar. 
FileWrecked boxcar jump.jpg|Wrecked boxcar. 
FileOre traincar.jpg|Ore hopper. 
FileTrain002.jpg|Tank car. 
FileFreight train skybox.jpg|Low resolution freight train lead by a WikipediaChME3|ChME3 locomotive, used in the skybox near Gate 5 and later in the chapter near the basin with two Combine APCs.
FileMining cart.jpg|Mining cart from the Victory Mine.

==List of appearances==

*''Half-Life Day One'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life Opposing Force''
*''Half-Life Blue Shift''
*''Half-Life Decay''
*''Half-Life 2''
*''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''
*''Half-Life 2 Deathmatch'' {{Nc}}
*''Half-Life 2 Episode One''
*Source Particle Benchmark {{Gf}} {{Nc}}
*''Half-Life 2 Episode Two''

==See also==
*Black Mesa Transit System
*City 17 Trainstation
*Technical Trainstation
*Razor Train


==External links==
*http//trainsingames.com/articles/halflife2 "Trains In Games - ''Half Life 2''" on TrainInGames.com

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