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Many of the '''weapons''' manufactured by the Combine rely on '''WikipediaPulse (physics)|pulse''' technology, itself relying on Dark Energy resources. WikipediaPlasma weapon (fiction)|Plasma may also be involved.


Some Synths and mechanical units are equipped with pulse weapons. Some pulse weapons are handheld and can be carried by Combine units, others are either stationary and / or unmanned.

Pulse weapons have a distinctive, cyan triangular muzzle flash that is likely related to their Dark Energy|ammunition.

===Stationary weapons===


FileAutogun.jpg|The '''Autogun''', here firing at Zombies and Headcrabs. (may be using ions instead of pulse, according to its sound file names)
FileCeiling turret.jpg|The '''Combine Ceiling Turret'''.
FileNexus 2fturrets.jpg|The '''Combine Ground Turret''', here triggered in the Overwatch Nexus.
FileDepot Sentry firing.jpg|The '''Combine Sentry Gun''', here firing at Overwatch forces in the Depot.
FileSuppression Device close.jpg|The '''Suppression Device''' on the Overwatch Nexus roof.


FileCP Emplacement Gun Station 1.jpg|The '''Emplacement Gun''', here used by a Metrocop to kill Rebels at Station 1.
FileFixed gun chopper canals1.jpg|One of the two pulse rifles mounted in Gate 5's watchtower (the same as that of the Hunter-Chopper and the Airboat).
FileFixed gun chopper canals2.jpg|Ditto.
FileCombine Sniper Rifle.jpg|The '''Overwatch Sniper Rifle''', here idle within the Victory Mine compound.


FileOverwatch Elite.jpg|The '''Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle''', here held by an Overwatch Elite.

===Within units===

FileApc pulse detail.jpg|The '''Armored Personnel Carrier''''s pulse rifle, detail.
FileHunter-chopper cannon.jpg|The '''Hunter-Chopper''''s pulse rifle, detail. It is equipped with a light. It is named "Tau Cannon|Gauss Cannon" in the ''Half-Life 2 Prima Guide''.
FileAirboatgun.jpg|The Hunter-Chopper's pulse rifle as used on the '''Airboat'''. It is equipped with a zoom function; the light has been removed to allow fixing it on the boat. The model is slightly different.
FileDropship container gun.jpg|The '''Combine Dropship Dropship container''''s pulse rifle, detail. Similar in appearance to the Hunter-Chopper's pulse rifle, it is also equipped with a light.
FileGunship cannon.jpg|The '''Combine Gunship''''s pulse cannon, detail.
FileStrider pulse cannon.jpg|The '''Strider''''s pulse cannon, detail.
FilePulse shield icon.png|The '''Pulse Shield''''s HUD icon. This weapon was cut.
FileHunter pulse cannon.jpg|A '''Hunter''' shooting its pulse cannon at a Rebel in the second ''Episode Two'' teaser, replaced in the final game by flechettes. 

==List of appearances==
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*''Half-Life 2'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''
*''Half-Life 2 Deathmatch'' {{Nc}}
*''Half-Life 2 Lost Coast'' {{Nc}}
*''Half-Life 2 Episode One''
*Source Particle Benchmark {{Gf}} {{Nc}}
*''Half-Life 2 Episode Two''

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