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| image=FilePowershake.png|250px
| name=Powershake
| type=Trap
| maxammo=5
| operation=
| usedby=Engineer (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Engineer ({{SIS}})
| entity=*weapon_pshake_mp
(weapon entity) *npc_pshakesatchel (dropped) *npc_pshaketripmine (placed) }} The '''Powershake''', also known as the '''Power Shake''' and the '''Enhanced Shake Trap''', is a Survivor Gold|purchasable weapon in ''Half-Life 2 Survivor'', available to the Engineer (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Engineer for 200,000 SG. ==Overview== Similarly to ''Survivor'''s S.L.A.M, the Powershake has two modes of operation. Its primary use is as a laser tripmine a placed Powershake will emit a red beam and detonate if anything except friendly players crosses that beam. It can also be dropped with the secondary attack; it detonates when an enemy player steps on it. The explosion deals no damage. After the explosion, the Powershake creates a pink colored spherical energy field, which rapidly grows and then contracts and disappears in about 2 seconds. Players who come in contact with the field, regardless of the team, will have the Status Effects (Half-Life 2 Survivor) status effect applied to them. While captured, the player is unable to move and attack, and can only look around and switch weapons. The effect lasts for a maximum of 10 seconds, but the captured player may escape faster by attempting to move in alternating opposite directions (left-right or forwards-backwards), which is indicated on the screen. Capture is one of the few status effects that can not be cured with the Recovery Injection. ==Trivia== *Dropped Powershake can be picked up and thrown with the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator|Gravity Gun, but it will not explode on any contact with enemy players, as the explosion is only caused when the weapon is stepped on. *Players can also detonate both placed and thrown Powershakes by shooting at them. ==Gallery== FilePowershake HUD.png|HUD icon. FileHL2S PShake.png|Loadout icon. FilePowershake Blue.png|Worldmodel, used by the blue team's members. FilePowershake Red.png|Ditto, red team. FilePowershake Uncolored.png|Ditto, uncolored (unused). FilePowershake Viewmodel Throw Blue.jpg|Viewmodel, throwing mode (blue team). FilePowershake Viewmodel Tripmine Blue.jpg|Ditto, tripmine mode. FilePowershake Placed Blue.jpg|Placed and thrown, blue team. FilePowershake Placed Red.jpg|Ditto, red team. FileCapture Grenade Explosion.jpg|Energy field created by the explosion. FileCapture First Person.jpg|Captured player, first person view. FileCapture Third Person.jpg|Ditto, third person view. FileCapture First Person Sparks.jpg|Sparks caused by the player's escape attempt. ==List of appearances== *''Half-Life 2 Survivor'' {{1st}} {{Nc}} ==External links== *{{IA|20100116084747/http//hl2survivor.net/ver2/item_55.html|Powershake|the official ''Survivor'' website}} *http//www7.atwiki.jp/hl2survivor2/pages/25.html#44 Powershake on the ''Survivor'' wiki {{Multiplayer}} CategoryWeapons CategoryHalf-Life 2 Survivor