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'''''{{PAGENAME}}''''' is the seventh chapter of ''Half-Life''.

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The chapter takes place in Track Control in Sector E. Here, the player encounters a large alien creature called Gargantua, which acts as a boss character, and can not be killed by conventional means. The dying security guard in the track control room has an escape plan. The player needs to restore the power to the rail system, so the player can ride the Rail Cart|rail cart to the surface and escape. The path to the power generator is populated with Marines and aliens. After restoring the power, the player can kill the creature by luring it into the transformers supplying the power to the rail system.

The chapter did exist in some form in the 1997 version of the game. It can be seen in two early screenshots, one showing the FileHLPF 28.png|maintenance shaft in the map c2a1b, and other showing the FileHLPF 23.png|stairs to the generator area in the map c2a1a. There are two inaccessible rooms with fans in the generator area in the map c2a1a. These rooms were originally connected to the FileEarly machine underwater.jpg|maintenance area with the water pump with no walls between them.

===Other versions===
The console ports features some minor changes. There are fewer enemies in some areas. The rail cart room is blocked until the power to the rail tracks is restored in the Half-Life (PlayStation 2 port)|PlayStation 2 version. The level code for the chapter is "Big Is Beatiful" in the Half-Life (Dreamcast port)|Dreamcast version.

==Behind the scenes==
The original chapter title was ''Footfall''.''Half-Life Day One'' (titles.txt) Unused Black Mesa Announcement System Black Mesa Announcement System/Quotes Control|lines for the chapter can be found in the sentences file used for the speech system. The name of the chapter is "Track Control, Sector E" in the document.

There were to be numbers on the tunnel entrances (as decals) at the beginning of the chapter. The number 047 on the left, and the number 042 on the right. They appear as entities in the map files, but weren't placed on any surface. There is crossbow ammo in one of the breakable crates in the map c2a1b, even though the weapon is not obtainable until the chapter ''Apprehension''. There is a "world_items" object, a generic item entity, in the map c2a1a with its item number value set to 36. This item value is not defined in the game or the source code, so nothing is spawned.

The Gargantua is heard screaming throughout the chapter. The area shakes and debris falls from the ceiling each time when it happens. According to Dario Casali, the designer of the map, this was inspired by ''WikipediaJurassic Park (film)|Jurassic Park'', the movie. There is a couple of unused animations showing the Marines getting killed by a Gargantua in various ways. These include Gargantua FileHgrunt tunnelthrow.jpg|throwing a Marine backwards in a tunnel, FileGarg smash.jpg|crushing a Marine with a punch, FileGarg throwbody.jpg|grabbing and throwing away a Marine, and FileGarg bitehead.jpg|biting off a Marine's head.


FileC2a1 early06.jpg
FileC2a1 early07.jpg
FileC2a1 early01.png
FileHLPF 28.png|The maintenance shaft.
FileHECU in beatup map.jpg|Marines.{{abbr3|i|This is a staged screenshot, and may not reflect the actual version of the level.}}
FileHECU scientist beatup.jpg|Ditto.{{abbr3|i|This is a staged screenshot, and may not reflect the actual version of the level.}}
FileC2a1 early05.jpg|Ditto.
FileSoldier killed with shotgun.png
FileC2a1 early02.png
FileC2a1 early03.png
FileC2a1 early04.jpg|The lift.
FileEarly elevator.jpg|Ditto.
FileHLPF 23.png
FileEarly bubbles.jpg
FileMarine early smg2.jpg|The pump area.
FileMarine early smg.jpg|Ditto.
FileEarly machine underwater.jpg|Ditto.


FileC2a1 track.jpg|The tracks.

FileC2a1 barney.jpg|Track Control.
FileC2a1b room.jpg
FileC2a1a area.jpg
FileC2a1a lift.jpg|The lift.
FileC2a1a mines.jpg|Ditto.
FileC2a1a hounds.jpg
FileC2a1a power.jpg|The power generator.
FileC2a1a pump.jpg|The pump.
FileC2a1 power.jpg|The transformers.


FileEarly power up tracks.jpg|Possible early version.
FileTnnl map.png|The map of the area.
FileWc 093.png|Ditto, early version.{{abbr3|i|As seen in a Worldcraft tutorial map.}}
FileWc 094.png|Ditto.
FileHgrunt tunnelthrow.jpg|Gargantua killing a Marine.
FileGarg bitehead.jpg|Ditto.
FileGarg throwbody.jpg|Ditto.
FileGarg smash.jpg|Ditto.

==Associated media==
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*''Half-Life'' soundtrack, ''Half-Life soundtrack|Sharp Fear Short''


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