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|designer=David Mertzhttp//davidmmertz.wordpress.com/projects/ David Mertz' personal website''Opposing Force CTF'' credits (op4ctf_credits.txt)
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'''''Power Struggle''''' is a multiplayer map in ''Half-Life Opposing Force''. It was added in patch version Opposing Force & Blue Shift Patches on Planet Half-Life


{{QuoteRefInline|In an attempt to rendezvous with Rosenberg|Dr. Rosenberg and facilitate his plan for escape, a group of BMRF personnel entered an abandoned facility that once supplied coolant to the main power generators for the labs nearby. As the group entered the areas below the Displacement Field Labs, they were intercepted by a military squad assigned to eliminate any remaining civilians.  A fierce battle ensued.|''Opposing Force CTF'' Description}}

==Behind the scenes==

''Power Struggle'' was based on a ''Half-Life Blue Shift'' map from the Half-Life Blue Shift storyline 6 Power Struggle|chapter of the same name, also designed by David Mertz.


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