PotatoFoolsDay ARG

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The '''''PotatoFoolsDay'' ARG''' is the second WikipediaAlternate reality game|alternate reality game (or ARG) created by Valve to promote ''Portal 2'', following the original Portal ARG|''Portal'' ARG.

It consisted of finding ''Portal 2'' references in the 13 indie games of the pack ''The Potato Sack''.

==April 5, 2011==
Two images can be found hidden in the informational video ''http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5j8e_nx5dM Aperture Investment Opportunity #3 "Turrets"'' uploaded by Valve on their YouTube channel on April 5, 2011, at the 38th second.

The first image features the FileCave johnson 50s.png|portrait of Cave Johnson. In the foreground expression and different text can be seen, along with a code of the following text

Here's Da Beens, Dougtato
You found many.
Find the rest.
Another image shows turrets and code of the text "Also... superdinoman's mom". http//www.youtube.com/user/mikaxsus MiKaXsUs and http//www.youtube.com/superdinoman superdinoman are wikipediaYouTube|YouTube users making Valve Corporation|Valve-related videos. FileARG April 2011 Turrets 1.jpg|The first image. FileARG April 2011 Turrets 2.jpg|The second image. ==TGAs== What follows is the TGAs found in the files of the ''Potato Sack'' games. FilePotato 01.jpg FilePotato 02.jpg FilePotato 03.jpg FilePotato 04.jpg FilePotato 05.jpg FilePotato 06.jpg FilePotato 07.jpg FilePotato 08.jpg FilePotato 09.jpg FilePotato 10.jpg FilePotato 11.jpg FilePotato 12.jpg FilePotato 13.jpg FilePotato 14.jpg FilePotato 15.jpg FilePotato 16.jpg FilePotato 17.jpg FilePotato 18.jpg FilePotato 19.jpg FilePotato 20.jpg FilePotato 21.jpg FilePotato 22.jpg FilePotato 23.jpg FilePotato 24.jpg FilePotato 25.jpg FilePotato 26.jpg FilePotato 27.jpg FilePotato 28.jpg FilePotato 29.jpg FilePotato 30.jpg FilePotato 31.jpg FilePotato 32.jpg FilePotato 33.jpg FilePotato 34.jpg FilePotato 35.jpg FilePotato 36.jpg FilePotato 37.jpg FilePotato 38.jpg FilePotato 39.jpg FilePotato 40.jpg FilePotato 41.jpg FilePotato 42.jpg FilePotato 43.jpg FilePotato 44.jpg FilePotato 45.jpg FilePotato 46.jpg FilePotato 47.jpg FilePotato 48.jpg FilePotato 49.jpg FilePotato 50.jpg FilePotato 51.jpg FilePotato 52.jpg FilePotato 53.jpg FilePotato 54.jpg FilePotato 55.jpg FilePotato 56.jpg FilePotato 57.jpg FilePotato 58.jpg FilePotato 59.jpg FilePotato 60.jpg FilePotato 61.jpg FilePotato 62.jpg FilePotato 63.jpg FilePotato 64.jpg FilePotato 65.jpg FilePotato 66.jpg FilePotato 67.jpg FilePotato 68.jpg FilePotato 69.jpg FilePotato 70.jpg FilePotato 71.jpg FilePotato 72.jpg FilePotato 73.jpg FilePotato 74.jpg FilePotato 75.jpg FilePotato 76.jpg FilePotato 77.jpg FilePotato 78.jpg FilePotato 79.jpg FilePotato 80.jpg FilePotato 81.jpg FilePotato 82.jpg FilePotato 83.jpg ==External links== *http//valvearg.com/ Valve ARG Network - dedicated to gathering all the information provided by the PotatoFoolsDay ARG {{Games}} CategoryARGs CategoryGames CategoryPortal 2