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|name=''Portal The Flash Version''
|developer=We Create Stuff
|date=October 9, 2007
|genre=WikipediaBrowser game|Flash Browser Game, WikipediaPuzzle video game|Puzzle video game
|mode=WikipediaSingle-player video game|Single-player
|platform=Web-based (universal)
|distribution=Freely available at http//www.wecreatestuff.com/ We Create Stuff
|system=*WikipediaAdobe Flash Player|Flash Player 8 and up
|input=WikipediaKeyboard (computing)|Keyboard and WikipediaMouse (computing)|mouse
|designer=Hen Mazolski, Ido Tal

'''''Portal The Flash Version''''' (often shortened to '''''TFV''''') is a Flash game based on the plot and gameplay of ''Portal''.


''Portal The Flash Version'' is a sidescrolling 2D platforming game, which takes advantage of ''Portal'''s most well-known mechanic, namely the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device|portal gun. Many other objects from ''Portal'' are also included in the 2D world, such as Aperture Science High Energy Pellet|Energy Balls, Aperture Science Weighted Storage Cube|Weighted Storage Cubes and Aperture Science Sentry Turret|Sentry Turrets.

The game has been ported into 3D in the form of a Portal The Flash Version MapPack|mappack for ''Portal''. Some of its maps were reused for ''Portal Still Alive''.

*In Test Chamber 16, the G-Man can be seen in the window in the bottom center of the level.
*Using the console, it is possible to (just like in the real game) spawn cubes, turrets, and energy balls.
*By also using the console, there is a level before the start of the game by typing "prevlevel", which for the chamber number, it has a "?", and also says on the wall, "ZOMGOWNED."  This can also be achieved by typing in "gotolevel 0".
*Other console commands include "kill", "noclip", "god", "dance", "nextlevel", "showfps", and many more.


FilePortal TFV 1.jpg|In-game screenshot.
FilePortal TFV 2.jpg|Ditto.
FilePortal TFV 3.jpg|Ditto.

==External links==
*http//portal.wecreatestuff.com/ Official website
*http//www.wecreatestuff.com/ We Create Stuff official website

==See also==
* ''Codename Gordon'' - a sidescroller spin-off of ''Half-Life and Portal universe|Half-Life''.

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