Portal Storm

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{{Quote|It's like the First Days all over again. I hope we don't get many more.|Alyx Vance|Half-Life 2 Episode Two|FileAl rbed hopewedont.ogg}}

A '''Portal Storm'''''Half-Life 2''''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' is an event that creates a multitude of Teleportation|portals to other dimensions. As seen in ''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'', these portals spread outwards in a storm-like manner, causing havoc wherever they hit.


Since the Resonance Cascade at Black Mesa Research Facility|Black Mesa, Portal Storms have occurred all over the world bringing forth life forms from Xen.Marc Laidlaw on ReferencesMarc_Laidlaw_emails Portal Storms They are a highly dangerous and destructive phenomena, capable of inflicting severe structural damage to objects, such as buildings and bridges. A Portal Storm consists of a blue 'wave' which resonates from a portal and moves across the landscape.

In ''Half-Life 2'', when at Black Mesa East, the player can see a newspaper cut-out, titled ''"Portal" Storm Continues''.  In ''Episode Two'', a series of Portal Storms originating from the Superportal ravage the surrounding landscape.


FileBME newspaper clips.jpg|Eli Vance's collection of old newspapers from his lab in Black Mesa East.
FileHL2EP2PortalStorm.jpg|A Portal Storm, as seen in ''Episode Two's'' introductory chapter, ''To The White Forest''.
FileEp2_outland 0100192.JPG|The same Portal Storm destroying the bridge where Gordon and Alyx's train was located.
FileMusclecar portalstorm.jpg|The Muscle Car in front of a Portal Storm.

==List of appearances==
*''Half-Life 2'' {{1st}} {{Mo}}
*''Half-Life 2 Episode Two''

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