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The '''Polyrobo'''Its entity name is a robot used in a GoldSrc wikipediaskeletal animation|skeletal animation demonstration, designed to stress the engine.


The demonstration was presented to ''wikipediaNext Generation Magazine|Next Generation'' in August 1997. It was intended to show the comparative processor requirements between standard vertex and skeletal animation, the latter being massively less processor-heavy, as demonstrated by Valve.

The robot, based off the Zentraedi Tactical Battle Pod from the ''wikipediaRobotech|Robotech'' anime, having 6000 polygons, chrome textures and only 20 bones,''wikipediaNext Generation Magazine|Next Generation'', August 1997 issue, page 107. danced in a small room.


FilePolyrobo side.png|The Polyrobo.
FileWalking mech3.jpg|Ditto.
FilePolyrobo and HUD.jpg|Ditto.
FileZTBP shadow.jpg|Ditto.
FilePolyrobo dancing.gif|The animation.



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*{{YouTube|url=XPnMl6y_mTo|text=''GameStar'' November 1997 preview, showing the robot dancing}}

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