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'''Planet Half-Life''' (often abbreviated to PHL) is a gaming website owned by WikipediaIGN|IGN and its subsidiary WikipediaGameSpy|GameSpy. Maintained by a voluntary team of contributors, the site is dedicated to providing news and informes ''Half-Life'' and ''Half-Life 2'', as well as related modifications and other Valve Software titles. It was originally founded by Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen and is now one of the largest of an array of GameSpy-run gaming websites known as the WikipediaPlanet Network|Planet Network.

Planet Half-Life's content consists mainly of a news wire on its front page. Stories on updates, patches, press releases, and events related to ''Half-Life'' and other topics concerning Valve Software are posted. These stories are also mirrored in the site's forum for reader comments.

In addition to the news, Planet Half-Life hosts extensive, in-depth collections of information regarding ''Half-Life'', ''Half-Life 2'' (along with ''Portal''), ''Counter-Strike'', ''Team Fortress'' and ''Day of Defeat''. These sections cover overviews of each game as well as any official expansion packs related to them, as well as going over their storylines, important characters, enemies, weapons, cheats, walkthroughs, and, in the case of the multiplayer games, map overviews and strategies. The information found on these pages is original work drafted by the staff writers and senior editors collectively.

Planet Half-Life started its life as, a small fan website dedicated to ''Half-Life'' news in May 1998.{{IA|19980716124455/http//|New ''Half-Life'' Site, Opens|Redwood's 3D news (May 18, 1998)}} It was bought by GameSpy and relaunched as Planet Half-Life in 1998.

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