Pit Drone

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| image=FilePit Drone model.jpg|250px
| name=Pit Drone
| affiliation=Race X
| type=Soldier
| health=30
| weapons=*Scythe-like claws
*Head spike
| entity= monster_pitdrone
| designer=Stephen Bahlhttp//web.archive.org/web/20020809101006/http//www.gearboxsoftware.com/stephenb.html Stephen Bahl's Profile on the official Gearbox Software website (archived)
{{Quote|I'm afraid I've trapped myself here to escape those beasts.|Black Mesa Science Team|Black Mesa scientist|Half-Life Opposing Force|FileOf3a4 sc01.ogg}}

The '''Pit Drone''' is a small Race X alien encountered within the Black Mesa Research Facility after the Resonance Cascade. First encountered in ''Half-Life Opposing Force''’s fourth chapter, ''Missing in Action'', it lies right under the Shock Trooper in terms of Race X hierarchy.


*Pit Drones are short, bipedal creatures with a head that sports a pair of black eyes (one on either side), tentacle-like appendages near the creature's mouth, red-white pimples on both sides of the body, and rows of sharp spikes protruding from pores on the creature's forehead when in attack mode. A Pit Drone's arms end in long, scythe-like claws, which can be used to make vicious slashing attacks. 

*Pit Drones have some reptilian characteristics, such as smooth, leathery skin, splayed feet, and small eyes, as well as canine, as their noises resemble distorted dog noises.

==Behavior and skills== 
*Pit Drones are fast and fairly intelligent, typically traveling in packs of five or six, and are capable of making flanking movements to quickly surround their prey. 

*The Pit Drone has two forms of attack 

*Firing its head spikes with acid jets when at long range. The head spikes typically replenish themselves when the creature briefly moves its arms behind to "reload", and the creature may sometimes briefly take cover to replenish the spikes. When idle, the spikes are kept inside the head.
*Charging towards their target to deliver a deadly slash from their claws. 

*When a Pit Drone dies near another and there are no enemy nearby, the creature will show to resort to cannibalism, and briefly eat at the other creature's corpse.

*Strangely, Pit Drones will attack a Shockroach left without a host, despite it being part of Race X.

==Behind the scenes==
At some point in the game's development, Pit Drones were originally wearing a grey device behind the forehead, which was to be used by Shock Troopers to control their minds and use them as scouts or slaves, similar to the Vortigaunt collars. They would also force them to fight with the device in case they fled.

Pit Drones use the artificial intelligence of Bullsquids from the original game. They were modified to not recognize the aliens from Xen. However, they attack Classic Headcrab|Headcrabs{{abbr3|i|They never appear in the same scene in the game.}} on sight. This is believed to be an error in the code. The developers accidentally left in a special feature called "Nemesis". This overrides their AI, and makes them only attack specific enemies listed in their code (in this case, the nemeses of Bullsquids), and ignore the player.


FilePit drone early.png|Early model with "mind device".
FileOf15.JPG|Early Pit Drones attacking Shephard, with the "mind device" visible.
FileOp4 install3.png|Staged screenshot of Shephard being chased by Pit Drones in an early version of the Loader room in Sector C.


FilePit drone spike.jpg|Spike model.
FilePit Drone BM.jpg|Pit Drone attacking Shephard.
FilePit drones idle.jpg|Pit Drones in Black Mesa's Waste Processing Area 3.
FileHl 2012-05-08 12-15-51-56.jpg|The Pit Drone chamber in Sector G.

==List of appearances==
*http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=CB-fZ9dL5U0 ''Half-Life Opposing Force'' Teaser {{1st}} {{Nc}}
*''Half-Life Opposing Force''


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