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The '''Piston Platform''',''Perpetual Testing Initiative'' sometimes called the '''Victory Lift''', is a device and a testing element used within the Aperture Science Enrichment Center|Enrichment Center mainly for vertical transportation.

The Piston Platform comes in two variants. One of them, called the Victory Lift, features two black handles and X-shaped metal bars in its flooring. The second one has the bars plus-sign-shaped and features no handles - its platform is the same as in the Aperture Science Unstationary Scaffold|Unstationary Scaffold. Both sometimes need to be activated by an Aperture Science High Energy Pellet but occasionally they can be seen already moving. When there is no one on the Victory Lift, it will always move downwards until it reaches the bottom, or when the player touches it. When this happens, it will move upwards until reaching the top, or when the player leaves them. When the latter happens, it will always move down again. The exception to this rule is the Goo-filled room in GLaDOS' testing track (Portal) Chamber 14|Test Chamber 14, where the Victory Lifts are seen moving only upwards and downwards, with no regard to the player's actions.

Piston Platforms can also be seen static, supporting testing elements, as seen in the second part of GLaDOS' testing track (Portal) Chamber 13|Test Chamber 18 where they hold Aperture Science Sentry Turret|Sentry Turrets. Even though both Platforms and Aperture Science Panels include pistons, they should not be confused. The main difference is that the former are made of glass.

===''Portal 2''===
While the Aperture Science Panel is known to be a successor to the lift, the Platforms ''do'' reappear in ''Portal 2'', but not as often as some of their functions were taken by the improved Unstationary Scaffolds. They have been graphically updated and simplified - they only move upwards or downwards depending on the status of the connected testing element.

The old lift from ''Portal'' can also be seen in ''Portal 2'''s Co-op Mode, for example in Cooperative Testing Courses Chamber 05|Test Chamber 05 of Team Building course.

== Behind the scenes ==
According to Valve's Realm Lovejoy, the Victory Lifts in the final chamber of GLaDOS' testing track (Portal) Chamber 15|Test Chamber 15 were added after playtesters could reach the goal in time using stairs, without seeing the intended solution, leading the developers to include the slow-moving lifts, making the intended solution more clear.''Portal'' commentary

== Gallery ==

FileTc15 lift.jpg|A Piston Platform in Test Chamber 15.
FileTc15 lift2.jpg|Victory Lifts in Test Chamber 15.
FileTestchmb017.jpg|Piston Platforms in GLaDOS' Testing Track (Portal) Chamber 17|Test Chamber 17.
FileTc11wpistonplatforms.jpg|Piston Platforms in Wheatley's testing track Chamber 11|Test Chamber 11 of Wheatley's testing track.
FilePistonplatformcoop.jpg|A Piston Platform in Test Chamber 05 of Team Building course.
FilePeti arm paneltop.png|Piston Platform icon in ''Perpetual Testing Initiative''.

== List of appearences ==
*''Portal'' {{1st}}
*''Portal First Slice''
*''Portal Still Alive'' {{Nc}}
*''Portal 2''
*''Peer Review''
*''Perpetual Testing Initiative''
*''Lego Dimensions'' {{Nc}}

== References ==

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