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The '''Penguin''' is an explosive weapon featured in the Half-Life Opposing Force Capture The Flag|Capture The Flag game mode of ''Half-Life Opposing Force''.

Penguins were introduced as a gimmick exclusive to the Capture The Flag mode of ''Opposing Force'' to make it more enjoyable.{{IA|20010506141435/http//|''Half-Life Blue Shift'' Interview|IGN (May 3, 2001)}} As a weapon, the device is comprised of a WikipediaPenguin|penguin with a Fragmentation Grenade (Half-Life)|grenade secured to its back by a strap tied around its neck. Players utilize Penguins by throwing them at foes, allowing the birds to chase after and attack enemies.

Their behavior is identical to a Snark, even using the same creature sounds once active. When released by the player, Penguins will first idly waddle around if there aren't any hostiles present in the area. Once they detect a target, whether it be an enemy player or their own owner, they will begin aggressively pursuing their prey, wildly jumping into the air and pecking at their victim. Penguins explode when destroyed or fifteen seconds after being released. If they have not done any damage during their lifespan, the explosion has the radius and damage of a normal grenade. Each time a Penguin pecks a victim, this explosion becomes progressively larger and more powerful, even dwarfing that of a Satchel Charge. Originally limitless, this increasing damage effect was eventually capped in an update."- Penguin damage has been capped." ''Half-Life Opposing Force'' Version Patch Notes.

Penguins can be acquired in groups of three by collecting WikipediaSnowman|Snowmen items. A maximum of nine can be held at any time, and they cannot be deployed as quickly as Snarks. They're only present in the maps ''The Wonderland'', ''HairBall'', and the Arctic zone of the command point version of ''Paradox Park''.


FileHUD Penguin.png|HUD weapon icon.
FileHUDAmmo Penguin.png|HUD ammo icon.
FilePenguin viewmodel.png|Viewmodel.
FileSnowman worldmodel.png|Snowman model.
FileOpForCTF OtisPenguin.jpg|Otis wielding a Penguin in ''The Wonderland''.
FileOpFor ParadoxPenguins.jpg|Deploying several Penguins at once  in ''Paradox Park''.
FileSnowman01.jpg|Snowman in ''The Wonderland''.
FileSnowman02.jpg|Snowman in ''Paradox Park''.
FileOpForCTF_PenguinSanta.jpg|Half-Life (multiplayer) (updates)|Santa battling Penguins in ''HairBall''.

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*''Half-Life Opposing Force'' {{1st}} {{C|''The Wonderland'', ''HairBall'', and ''Paradox Park'' only}}