Paint Gun

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|name=Paint Gun
|type=WikipediaPaintball|Paintball shotgun
3 pellets per shot |rate of fire=Slow |accuracy=Poor |range=Short to medium |projectile speed=Hitscan |magtype=3 rounds |maxammo=*9 (Ranger (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Ranger) *6 (Sniper (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Sniper, Medic (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Medic) |ammotype=WikipediaPaintball|Paintballs |usedby=*Ranger (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Ranger ({{SCU}}) *Sniper (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Sniper ({{SCU}}) *Medic (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Medic ({{SIS}}) |entity=*weapon_paintgun_mp
(weapon entity) *item_box_paint
(ammo entity) }} The '''Paint Gun''' is a weapon in ''Half-Life 2 Survivor''. It can be Battle Points|unlocked by reaching C-Class as Ranger (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Ranger or A-Class as Sniper (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Sniper, and can also be Battle Points|purchased by Medic (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Medic for 150,000 SG. ==Overview== The Paint Gun is one of the weakest weapons in ''Half-Life 2 Survivor'', the others being the Stun Sniper Rifle and the Marking Sniper Rifle. Being a shotgun, it will usually deal more damage since it is firing multiple pellets, but the damage will still be very low. This makes the Paint Gun ineffective as a weapon, but it is made useful by its ability to paint the enemy players. The painted players will be covered in bright green paint, which makes them easier to be noticed by enemies. Additionally, the Status Effects (Half-Life 2 Survivor) status effect gets applied. While under its effects, the player's view will be covered by the paint, making it difficult to see other players and aim; the painted player's position will also be seen on the enemy radar. The effect lasts for a maximum of 20 seconds, but can be removed by the Recovery Injection or player's death. Submerging in water also washes the paint off, removing the effect. ==Tactics== *The Paint Gun is useful when fighting stronger characters or during close-range encounters without any close-range weapons. It can also be used to escape from the enemies when low on health. *It can also be used to paint enemy shields (the Provisional Shield and the Hand Shield), making them unable to see through. ==Trivia== *Even though the damage dealt by the Paint Gun is too low for it to be used to kill other players, it can be used to detonate the placed S.L.A.Ms, Powershakes and Wave Cancellers if no other weapons are available. *It is also one of the two weapons that use unique models for their ammunition, the other one being the Sniper Rifle (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Sniper Rifle. The model, however, appears to be unused, as the only way to recover the ammunition is by picking up the Special Magazine. ==Gallery== FilePaint Gun HUD.png|HUD icon. FileHL2S PGun.png|Loadout icon. FilePaint Gun.png|Worldmodel. FilePaint Gun Viewmodel Blue.png|Viewmodel (blue team). FilePaint Gun Viewmodel Uncolored.png|Ditto, uncolored version using the HEV suit hand textures (unused). FilePaint Gun Paintballs.png|A box of paintballs (unused). FilePaint Third Person.jpg|A painted player.. FilePaint First Person 1.jpg|First person view of the painted player. FilePaint First Person 2.jpg|Ditto. FilePaint First Person 3.jpg|Ditto. ==List of appearances== *''Half-Life 2 Survivor'' {{1st}} {{Nc}} ==See also== *Marking Sniper Rifle ==External links== *{{IA|20101209083929/http//|Paint Gun|the official ''Survivor'' website}} *http// Paint Gun on the ''Survivor'' wiki {{Multiplayer}} CategoryWeapons CategoryShotguns CategoryHalf-Life 2 Survivor