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|director = Eisen Feuer, Jesse Lopez
|producer = Eisen Feuer
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|based on = ''Portal''
|music = Carl Holmes, The Hamster Alliance
|cinematography = Eisen Feuer
|editing = Eisen Feuer, Jesse Lopez
|studio = Independent
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|released = May 30, 2011
|runtime = 000838
|country = USA
|language = English
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'''''Outside Aperture''''' is a short fan film by Eisen Feuer. It was released on YouTube on May 30, 2011.

It is based on the original ending of ''Portal'', when the Party Escort Bot was not yet added into the game to drag Chell back into the Aperture Science Enrichment Center|Enrichment Center. The film centers around the assumption that Chell (Nicole Leigh) manages to escape the Enrichment Center and has to continue surviving with various stocked food supplies and her trusty Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device|Portal Gun.

== Plot ==
Set directly after the events of the original ending of ''Portal'', Chell escapes the Enrichment Center and makes an effort to continue her survival. Living on stocked Aperture food supplies (mostly beans), and making daily usage of the Portal Gun, she resides inside an abandoned apartment on the Aperture campus.http//www.eisenfeuer.com/updates.ef?p=41 ''Outside Aperture'' FAQ She often suffers from paranoia, thinking that GLaDOS is still alive and searching for her.

She first reacts towards the television being switched to an automated commercial where Aperture Science advertises on recruiting Test Subjects. Moments after hearing the voice of GLaDOS on her television, she places a portal underneath the chair holding the television and another above a fan, disconnecting the wiring on the television. Afterwards, she becomes paranoid and begins to feel that she is still being monitored by GLaDOS. She immediately turns around, expecting a Aperture Science Security Camera|security camera behind her, and finds that there is nothing there.

Eventually, Chell grows weary of constantly living on beans, and searches her kitchen for a cookbook. She discovers a book for cake recipes, and begins to read as much as she can. Upon finding the type of cake she desires - Cake|the one she was promised by GLaDOS - she begins to shed a tear of joy and quickly attempts to bake it. She reaches out for flour containers and begins pouring it into a pan. Several recipes later, she finally puts it into the oven. After constantly checking up on it from time to time in anticipation, she spends her time by playing around with the Teleportation|portals first. After the cake is finally ready, she begins placing in the final touches, and finally tastes it.

Unsatisfied with the results as she confused salt and sugar, she decides to remake the cake. Still waiting for the cake to finish in the oven, she begins drawing graffiti of her Aperture Science Weighted Storage Cube|Companion Cube and writes out what she thinks it would comment on. Alerted by the oven, she finally finds the cake ready and adds the final touches once more. This time, she adds a candle and lights it up. The film ends as she places it in the fridge after having a slice of it, and finally rests beside her ASHPD, giving a sigh of satisfaction.


*A small homage to the Combine invasion of Earth (a Citadel out the window, Combine soldiers running by outside) was originally included in early iterations of the script, but it turned out to be so obscure and on uncertain ground canonically that the team omitted it.

*The mural that Chell draws in the end was written before Doug Ratmann's backstory was explained in ''Lab Rat''. The team assumed back then that the murals were made by Chell herself, having been restored from GLaDOS' backup multiple times to do the same tests again.

*The script takes into account the fact that Chell's Advanced Knee Replacement fell off after she defeated GLaDOS, as seen in ''Portal 2 Lab Rat''.

*Chell's outfit and Portal Gun were made especially for the film. The ASHPD skeleton is made of metal, while its shell is made of white-painted resin.http//www.eisenfeuer.com/gallery_making_of_outside_aperture.php.jpg ''Outside Aperture'' making of gallery

*For the Test Chamber scenes, Nicole Leigh was filmed in front of a WikipediaChroma_key|green screen, then added into ''Portal'' footage.


== External links ==
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