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{{Quote|Hey! How's it going! I talked my way onto the nanobot work crew rebuilding this shaft. They are REALLY small, so - ah - I KNOW, Jerry. No, I'm on BREAK, mate. On a break.|Wheatley|Portal 2|Filenanobotinto09.ogg}}

'''Nanobots''' are incredibly tiny robots measured in nanometers (one billionth of a meter), or even smaller, mentioned by Wheatley in ''Portal 2''. In the modern Aperture Science Enrichment Center, they are used in billions for repair and maintenance, fixing broken components at the molecular level. One such nanobot, apparently named Jerry, temporarily employed Wheatley, not realizing his scale to them being that of a planet. Wheatley was fired by Jerry apparently when the latter realized he was too big to perform the same tasks as theirs.

==Behind the scenes==

*Wheatley is interrupted by Jerry when he explains to Chell he contacted the nanobots; the complete sentence is present in the subtitles file "''I talked my way onto the nanobot work crew rebuilding this shaft. They're REALLY small, so'' this is where Wheatley is interrupted ''they have very tiny little brains. But there're a billion of 'em, so it's only a matter of time until ONE of them notices I'm the size of a planet.''".

*When slowed down and reversed, Jerry's side of the conversation with Wheatley reveals several hidden messages, unrelated to the conversation.{{YouTube|0hQeyJ9CRXg|Portal 2 - Jerry (Nano-bot worker) - Hidden messages}}

==List of appearances==
*''Portal 2'' {{1st}}


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