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The '''Mortar''',''Half-Life Opposing Force Prima Guide'' also known as the '''Mortar Cannon''',''Half-Life Opposing Force Capture The Flag'' is a weapon used by the HECU and the Black Ops during the Black Mesa Incident.

In the ''Half-Life'' chapter ''"We've Got Hostiles"'', Gordon Freeman reaches the surface, and finds out the area is under the military control and in the middle of a mortar bombardment, forcing him to retreat back into the complex.

In the ''Half-Life Opposing Force|Opposing Force'' chapter ''"The Package"'', there is a mortar operated by a Black Op assassin on top of a building. Adrian Shephard uses this mortar to to blow open the entrance of the Sector E Storage Facility|Ordinance Storage Facility.

The main console controls are located inside a military crate for storage and transport. It is operated with three buttons one for the deflection, one for the elevation, and one in the middle for firing. These buttons must be operated with the movement keys.

Mortar can also be used in the Capture The Flag version of the multiplayer map Mortar by both teams.


FileMortar shell.png|Mortar shell.
FileBlack ops mortar.jpg|Mortar manned by a Black Op.
FileMortar up.jpg|View of the control panel.

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*''Half-Life'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life Opposing Force''


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