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'''Mike Patton''' is a singer and voice actor.


Patton is the voice actor for GLaDOS' Aperture Science Personality Construct Core|Anger Core in ''Portal''. He also voiced the male wcleft4deadThe Infected|Infected in ''wcleft4dead|Left 4 Dead'', another video game from Valve, as well as the Darkseekers for the 2007 film ''WikipediaI Am Legend (film)|I Am Legend''.

Patton is better known for being the lead singer of the rock band WikipediaFaith No More|Faith No More, as well as other bands such as WikipediaMr. Bungle|Mr. Bungle, WikipediaFant├┤mas (band)|Fant├┤mas or WikipediaPeeping Tom (band)|Peeping Tom.

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