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*Director of Development

'''Mike Harrington''' was the co-founder of Valve Corporation, and served as a director of development.{{IA|19980111062524/http//valvesoftware.com/people.htm|Biography|Valve's official website (January 11, 1998)}}

Mike's development career began as a programmer at WikipediaDynamix|Dynamix in 1986, where he worked on a variety of sports titles.{{IA|20000523165219/http//pa-hom.com/entrevistas/mike_h_e.sht|Interview with Mike Harrington|Pa-Hom}} He spent nine years at WikipediaMicrosoft|Microsoft in various positions. Mike wanted to make games, but he didn't want to start a company on his own. He talked to lots of Microsoft employees about working together in the games market, but most were more interested in doing research than shipping products. Mike's long time friend and co-worker Gabe Newell had the same thoughts, so they both left Microsoft, and founded Valve in August of 1996. They self-funded the costs of developments.

He has worked on schedules, code, design, and hired most of the programmers, found, rented and managed the built-out of the office space, installed the company's first network.{{IA|19991005221214/http//contaminated.net/features/interviews/mikeint.shtm|Interview with Mike Harrington|Contaminated (May 21, 1998)}} As plans for ''Half-Life 2'' began, Mike decided not to devote at least another three years to a new game. On January 15, 2000, he checked in his last piece of code and then dissolved his partnership with Gabe. He wanted to build a boat and sail around the world. Mike's wife, Monica, also served as director of marketing at Valve.

Mike played a lead role in building the technical team that created the company's debut game, ''Half-Life''. He was responsible for much of the programming on the game.http//gamespot.com/articles/the-final-hours-of-half-life-2/1100-6112889 The Final Hours of Half-Life on GameSpot (November 12, 2004) After Ben Morris' departure, a team of people, including Mike, took over the development of Valve Hammer Editor|WorldCraft 1.6, and finished the upgrade.{{IA|19990202225224/http//planetquake.com/worldcraft/news/march98.shtm|The Forge|PlanetQuake (March 6, 1998)}}

His List of minor Black Mesa employees was to appear in ''Half-Life'' as an Easter egg on a Sector D sign.

==Selected gameography==
*''Half-Life'' (1998)
*''Half-Life Opposing Force'' (1999)

==Official biographies==
{{CollapsedBio|19980111062524/http//valvesoftware.com/people.htm|January 11, 1998|Mike Harrington - Founder/Director of Development|Mike's development career began at Dynamix, where he worked on a variety of sports titles for GameStar/Activision. He spent the last nine years at Microsoft working as a developer or lead developer on OS/2, Windows NT and Microsoft Bob v1 and as a development manager on Microsoft Bob v2 and Microsoft News Viewer. Mike was pleased to learn that resistance is not, in fact, futile.}}


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