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{{Quote|When we saw Michelle Forbes' audition reel, it was a compilation of several scenes from her TV and film roles. Bill Fletcher, Bill Van Buren, and I watched them without speaking, and then at the end we were all sitting there choking back tears. This was from a few little vignettes on an audition reel.|Marc Laidlaw|Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar}}

'''Michelle Forbes''' is an American actress and the voice actress for Judith Mossman in ''Half-Life 2'' and the episodes. She is best known for her television work on shows such as ''WikipediaStar Trek The Next Generation|Star Trek The Next Generation'', ''Wikipedia24 (TV series)|24'', ''WikipediaHomicide Life on the Street|Homicide Life on the Street'', ''WikipediaBattlestar Galactica|Battlestar Galactica'' and ''WikipediaPrison Break|Prison Break''.


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