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|type=WikipediaTank classification battle tank (late twentieth century)|Main battle tank
|weapons=*120mm gun
*Smoke grenades
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The '''Merkava''' is a Combine vehicle cut from ''Half-Life 2''.

A recycled Israeli main battle tank.WC mappack It can be found in several WC mappack maps, such as "sky_walk10.vmf" (with a dark skin, a secondary gun and an antenna), or "sniper_029.vmf" (with camouflage skin, no antenna and no secondary gun).

Four tank sounds originally used by the MerkavaWC mappack are still in the ''Half-Life 2'' sound files, in the folder "/sound/vehicles/", while six are in the playable ''Half-Life 2'' leak sound files, in the same folder.

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*M1A1 Abrams, the HECU main battle tank
*Armored Personnel Carrier


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