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|affiliation=*Black Mesa
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|usedby=*Gordon Freeman
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*Barney Calhoun
*Gina Cross
*Colette Green
|entity=*item_medkit (''Half-Life'')
*item_healthkit (''Half-Life 2'')
*item_healthvial (''Half-Life 2'')
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The '''Medkit''', also known as '''Health Kit''', is a healing item featured in the ''Half-Life series'', often found scattered around high-risk areas where immediate medical attention might be needed to prevent death. With the Battery, the other healing item, the Medkit is one of the most common items to be picked up in the games.

In ''Half-Life'', the amount of health Medkits recover depends on the difficulty level set in the game's settings. In Easy and Medium modes, Medkits will recover 15 health points. In Hard mode, Medkits will heal 10 health points. 

A small amount of Medkits available will force players to use Charger Chargers|Health Chargers more often to recover a high amount of lost health, especially in Hard mode.

FileMedkit 1.png|The ''Half-Life'' Medkit.
FileC2a5g map01.jpg|Medkits scattered near the Tactical Map and Cooper's corpse.
FileDy dorms0053.jpg|Medkit in Gordon Freeman's shower in the Level 3 Dormitories.
FileDy focus0003.jpg|Medkit near a HECU soldier near the Gamma Labs.

===''Half-Life 2''===
In ''Half-Life 2'', Medkits always give 25 health points, regardless of the difficulty setting, making them the main source of healing throughout the game, as they are much more common and widely dispersed than Health Chargers, which are often only found in Combine-controlled areas. Medkits are also found more prolifically in supply crates in more remote areas, making them more accessible when traveling between inhabited regions, such as through the Wasteland or the Outlands.

Similar to its counterpart in ''Half-Life'', the Medkit has a predominantly white coloring and is labeled with a red medical cross. Its appearance is overall similar to other such medical devices, making it easily identifiable; it also features the WikipediaCaduceus as a symbol of medicine|Caduceus, a symbol commonly used as a symbol of medicine. Whereas in ''Half-Life'' the Medkits are apparently manufactured by Black Mesa, these are produced by the Combine.

A smaller variant healing less damage to the Combine Medkit is the health vial. Often dropped from Overwatch Soldiers upon their death, health vials can be convenient during battles when other supplies of health cannot be found.

Both the Medkit and health vial contain what appears to be raw flesh suspended in green liquid, looking like the liquid in scientists' syringes from ''Half-Life'', presumably the material used for healing.

FileMedkit pickup.svg|HUD pickup icon, from "HalfLife2.ttf".
FileMedkit l.png|The Medkit as it appears in the Development of Half-Life 2|leak version of 'Half-Life 2'', mostly based on the ''Half-Life'' version.
FileVial l.png|The health vial as it appears in the leak.
FileMedkit.jpg|The ''Half-Life 2'' Medkit.
FileHealth vial.jpg|The health vial.
FileHealthkit caduceus.png|The Medkit's Caduceus.
FileStation 1 inside.jpg|Gleaming health vials at Station 1.
FileStation 6 rebel firing.jpg|Battery and Medkit on a table at Station 6.
File2012-02-12 00007.jpg|Health vial with other items and the .357 on a table at Gate 5.
FileEp1 signalflare.jpg|Health vial lit by an emergency flare in a vent in the City 17 Underground.

===Other titles===
====''http// Team Fortress Classic''====
In ''Team Fortress Classic'', the Medkit serves as the Medic's melee weapon. He can either use it to heal teammates, or attack the opponents to infect them with a virus.

FileMedkit view model.jpg|Viewmodel.

====''Deathmatch Classic''====
In ''Deathmatch Classic'', Medkits come in two forms small and large. The small Medkit is made of a first-aid spray and bandage that heal 15 health points each, while the large Medkit is mostly a "dirty" version of the ''Half-Life'' Medkit, healing 25 health points.

FileMedkit small.png|The small Medkit.
FileMedkit large.png|The large Medkit.

*In ''Half-Life 2'', picking up health vials doesn't show the HUD icon shown when picking up Medkits; only the pickup sound is heard.

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