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WikipediaVideo game industry|Interactive entertainment | genre = | fate = | predecessor = | successor = | foundation = | founder = Phil Daniels | defunct = Defunct | location = England | locations = | area_served = | key_people = | products = | services = | revenue = | operating_income = | net_income = | aum = | assets = | equity = | owner = | num_employees = | parent = | divisions = | subsid = | homepage = http// }} '''Maverick Developments''' is a defunct video game development company that was based in England. They are responsible for developing the ''Drug Barons'', ''Redemption'' and ''Wanted!'' modifications for ''Half-Life''. They also worked on the training mission featured in the retail version of ''WikipediaCounter-Strike|Counter-Strike'', the demo version of ''WikipediaGunman Chronicles|Gunman Chronicles'', and ''Tutus'', an interactive training software on the GoldSrc engine. ==''Drug Barons''== '''''Drug Barons''''' is a singleplayer level pack for ''Half-Life'' by Maverick Developments. It was released in March 1999.{{IA|19991127154503/http//|The Future|the official website}} It takes place after the events of ''Half-Life''. Gordon Freeman accepts the The G-Man|G-Man's offer, and joins the government department that he works for. Back on Earth, the G-Man gives Gordon a mission, and then sends him on his way. The mission is to destroy a drug factory located in a remote South American location.''Drug Barons'' files (drugbarons.txt) ===Gallery=== FileDrugbarons01.jpg FileDrugbarons02.jpg FileDrugbarons03.jpg FileDrugbarons04.jpg ==''Wanted!''== '''''Wanted!''''' is a singleplayer and multiplayer total conversion for ''Half-Life'', played from the point of view of Sheriff Rogan Black. ==External links== *{{IA|19991129003721/http//|Official website}} *http// Drug Barons on Run Think Shoot Live *http// Interview with Tony Newton on (August 13, 2016) ==References== {{Reflist}} {{FanRW}} CategoryFan groups