List of pop culture references in Half-Life

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This page contains a list of pop culture references in ''Half-Life''.

*dancing robot in hl alpha? dancing baby.
*There is a reference to Superfly Johnson, one of the sidekicks from the game WikipediaDaikatana|Daikatana in the leaked ''Half-Life 2'' files. "Sorry sir, you know I can't let you through here without your good friend Superfly Johnson...Just get it?, Gordon. Go on through."

The door texture Sector 7G is a reference to WikipediaThe Simpsons|The Simpsons. WikipediaHomer Simpson|Homer Simpson works at Sector 7G in the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. It can be seen in the security office in ''"We've Got Hostiles"'' (map c1a3)., and in ''Hazard Course'' (map t0a0d). It is also used in the expansion packs.

===The Numbers===
In ''Lambda Core'' (map c3a2f), there is a dead scientist with the numbers "247" written in his blood. This is a reference to Room 237 in WikipediaThe Shining (film)|''The Shining'', a movie by WikipediaStanley Kubrick|Stanley Kubrick, based on a novel by WikipediaStephen King|Stephen King. In the book, the room number is 217. This is also the solution for the portal puzzle in the teleport room (map c3a2c).

A newspaper called ''The Onion'' can be found in the trash cans. This is a reference to WikipediaThe Onion|''The Onion'', a satirical web site.

===Barney Fife===
The generic Black Mesa Security Force|security guard character, Barney (not to be confused with Barney Calhoun), was named after WikipediaBarney Fife|Barney Fife (played by WikipediaDon Knotts|Don Knotts), a fictional character from WikipediaThe Andy Griffith Show|''The Andy Griffith Show''. The early version of the character (from 1997) was based on Don Knott's appearance.

===Honey and Darling===
According to Marc Laidlaw, Consoling Couple|the Consoling Couple is a reference to the characters wczeldaHoney & Darling|Honey and Darling from the ''wczeldaThe Legend of Zelda series|Legend of Zelda'' video games ''wczeldaThe Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time|Ocarina of Time'' and ''wczeldaThe Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask|Majora's Mask''.

Gluon Gun|The Egon Gun was named after WikipediaEgon Spengler|Egon Spengler (played by WikipediaHarold Ramis|Harold Ramis) from the movie ''WikipediaGhostbusters|Ghostbusters''. The weapon seems to be inspired by the WikipediaProton packs|Proton packs from the movie. The early version of the fourth scientist model from ''Half-Life'' was also named after Egon.

==''Half-Life Opposing Force''==
*The generic Drill Instructor character was inspired by the character Gunnery Sergeant Hartman (played by WikipediaR. Lee Ermey|R. Lee Ermey) from the Stanley Kubrick's film WikipediaFull Metal Jacket|''Full Metal Jacket''.

*In ''"We Are Pulling Out"'' (map of1a5b), at the point where the Shock Trooperis first introduced, the security guard in the room can be heard saying "''Have you seen the new IG-88?''". IG-88 is the name of the assassin droid which is one of the six bounty hunters chosen to capture Han Solo in the film ''WikipediaThe Empire Strikes Back|Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back''.

*In ''Vicarious Reality'' (map of4a3) - Walter Bennett

*In ''Worlds Collide'' (map of7a0), during the ending sequence, there is message hidden in the skybox that is hidden to the player. The message says "HACK HACK HACK ALL DAY LONG. HACK HACK HACK WHILE I SING THIS SONG ''sic''". This is a reference to WikipediaAdam Sandler|Adam Sandler's song, ''WikipediaThey're All Gonna Laugh at You! listing|The Beating of a High School Janitor''. This is also a reference to the fact that the developer used a WikipediaKludge#In computer science|hack that allows both the Earth and Xen to be seen in the same map.

FileHackup.png|The skybox texture.

==''Half-Life 2''==
*Isaac Kleiner|Dr. Kleiner's pet Classic Headcrab|Headcrab, Hedy Lamarr, was named after the actress and the inventor WikipediaHedy Lamarr|Hedy Lamarr.
*Back to the Future references Great Scott! - Kleiner, a box of plutonium (looks just like the one from the movie) in Kleiner's Lab.

===The Fly===
A cat is mentioned several times by Barney Calhoun. This is a reference to the movie, WikipediaThe Fly (1958 film)|''The Fly'' (1958). In the movie, scientist Andre Delambre is experimenting with teleportation. He uses the family's pet cat, Dandelo. The cat disappears, but she never reappears. The cat's sound can be heard in the room.

===The Lost===
The code on the monitor in EP2. (move this to easter egg?)

1984 references.

*WikipediaRadiohead|Radiohead bear logo on the back of the van in ''Half-Life Episode One''. Put text here.