List of brands and companies in the Half-Life and Portal universe

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The '''Half-Life and Portal universe|''Half-Life'' and ''Portal'' universe''' features many '''brands and companies''', both actual (marked with a FileValveEmployee.png|Valve logo) and fictional; some were also cut from the final game. This articles aims at listing them, whether they be food, press, ammunition or any other brands or companies.
==Food brands==
====Beer brands====
Two brands can be seen on beer bottles featured as an ammunition to the cut Brickbat in the ''Half-Life 2'' leak. These include "Dis Bee Goot" and "PalfAl".

FileBrickbat beer bottle2.jpg|"Dis Bee Goot" beer bottle.
FileBrickbat beer bottle1.jpg|"PalfAl" beer bottle.

====Fruit brands FileValveEmployee.png|16px====
Six actual fruit brands are featured in the ''Half-Life 2'' leak. These include "http// Beau Geste", "http// Golden Pears", "http// Mariposa", "http// Mustang", "http// Snoboy", and "http// Strength". The first one is a nod to 1939 film ''WikipediaBeau Geste (1939 film)|Beau Geste''.

FilePaperposter006a.png|"Mariposa" and "Beau Geste".
FileDecalposter002a.png|"Golden Pears".
FileMi rooftops.jpg|"Mariposa" and "Beau Geste" on a wall in early City 17.
FileRuins13 s04.jpg|Ditto.

====Soda brands====
=====Early vending machine FileValveEmployee.png|16px=====
Several copyrighted brands were used on soda vending machines and/or soda cans during ''Half-Life'''s development. These include "WikipediaCoca-Cola|Coca-Cola", "WikipediaFruitopia|Fruitopia", "WikipediaMinute Maid|Minute Maid", "WikipediaSprite (soft drink)|Sprite", "WikipediaDiet Coke|Diet Coke", "WikipediaSurge (soft drink)|Surge", and "WikipediaMoxie|Moxie".
=====Pepsi FileValveEmployee.png|16px=====
The copyrighted brand "Pepsi" was used on a soda Dr. Breen's Private Reserve|vending machine during Development of Half-Life 2|''Half-Life 2'''s development.
A soda brand used during ''Half-Life 2'''s development.

FileVmachine06.png|Black Mesa Coca-Cola beverage machine.
FileVmachine07.png|Black Mesa Fruitopia beverage machine.
FileVmachine08.png|Black Mesa Minute Maid beverage machine.
FileSoda texture02.png|Early ''Half-Life'' soda can textures.
FileVending machine Pepsi.jpg|"Pepsi" beverage machine.
FileT Dog can yellow.jpg|Yellow T-Dog soda can.
FileT Dog can red.jpg|Red T-Dog soda can.

====McNess FileValveEmployee.png|16px====
An http// actual brand of food for the beef, dairy, poultry and swine industry throughout the United States and Canada, seen on a temporary texture used during ''Half-Life 2'''s development.

FileSigns Plaza trailer.jpg|"http// McNess Products Sold Here".

====Fast food brands====
Two fast food brands can be seen in a cafeteria in the Black Mesa Research Facility. These include "Big Tony's Pizza" and "Tesla's Tacos".

FileSign pizza 01.png|"Big Tony's Pizza" logo.
FileDecay pizzabox.jpg|Unused Food|pizza box model intended for use in ''Cut missions from Half-Life Decay 6 Central Transit Hub|Central Transit Hub''. The pizza texture was originally broken.
FileSign taco 01.png|"Tesla's Taco" logo.
FileBS Cafeteria.jpg|The cafeteria.

====Soda brands====
=====Vending machine=====
''Half-Life'' and Half-Life (Dreamcast port)|''Half-Life'' for Dreamcast features several soda brands that can be seen on the cans given out by vending machines. These include "Captivation", a nod to Captivation Digital Laboratories", "Dante", "Glub", "Grape Ape", "Guthrie", a nod to John Guthrie, "Hai!", and "Yuck".

FileBlack mesa cans.jpg|Soda cans in ''Half-Life''.
FileBlack mesa cans dreamcast.jpg|Soda cans in ''Half-Life'' for Dreamcast.

=====Dr. Breen's Private Reserve=====
{{Main|Dr. Breen's Private Reserve}}
====Captain Koso's Pure Highspeed Candy Bar====
A chocolate brand. The meaning behind the term "Koso" is not known. There is a player configuration file called "koso.cfg" in the game files left by a developer that went by the alias "Diggem", most likely a model designer judging by its contents. There is an unused line again referring to "Koso" spoken by the scientists in ''Half-Life Decay'' "Do you know what the word Koso is referring to, exactly?"

====Carousel Snacks====
One of the snacks vending machines brands in ''Half-Life''.
A brand of beer.
A brand of milk.

FileKosos.png|Captain Koso's Pure Highspeed Candy Bar.
FileVmachine05.png|Black Mesa "Carousel Snacks" snack machine.
FileBeer model.jpg|Beer. bottle.
FileMilk model.jpg|Milk. carton.

====Taito Pharmaceutical Company====
A company in ''Half-Life 2 Survivor'' that developed the three drinks usable in battle mode the Jump Drink, Power Drink and Mind Drink. The name is a reference to the game's developer WikipediaTaito Corporation|Taito Corporation.

FileJump Drink.png | Jump Drink.
FilePower Drink.png | Power Drink.
FileMind Drink.png | Mind Drink.

==Press brands==
===''The Mesa Times''===
{{Main|The Mesa Times}}
===''The New York Times'' FileValveEmployee.png|16px===
Appears on a cork board in Kleiner's Lab. The word "Times" seems to be omitted or cut off.
===''Popular Scientist''===
Appears on a cork board in Kleiner's Lab.
===''The Terminal''===
{{Main|The Terminal}}
===''The Times'' FileValveEmployee.png|16px===
Appears in one of the newspaper clippings on a cork board in Eli's lab.

FileNewyorktimes.jpg|''The New York Times'' cover.
FilePopular scientist.png|A brown-haired Isaac Kleiner on the cover of Popular Scientist.
FileBME newspaper clips.jpg|''The Times'' ''Earth surrenders''.

==Weapons and ammunition brands==
====Orion FileValveEmployee.png|16px====	
The original Flare Gun features the http// Orion Safety Products name and logo.

FileFlare Gun.png|The original Flare Gun with the Orion logo.

A .357 Magnum cartridges brand.
A shotgun shells brand.

FileBm4.2.png|Pre-release .357 Magnum ammo box, displaying ".44 Magnum".
FileAnacondaBoxart.svg|.44 ammo box boxart.
File357ammo 1.png|''Half-Life'' ammo box.
FileBuckshot.jpg|Box of shotgun shells.

==Power brands==
A gas brand. The name is an anagram of the real-world gas brand name "Texaco".

FileGas pump Cetaxo.jpg|Gas pump model preview.

A gas brand.
====Northern Petrol====
An oil company. It is the former owner of Dock 137.
====Ohms. power inc.====
Stylized as "Ωhms. power inc." A Power Combat Vest Charger brand.

FileGas pump.jpg|Gas pump model.
FileNorthern Petrol red stroke.svg|Northern Petrol logo.
FileNPContainers Dock137.png|Northern Petrol containers at Dock 137.
FileNorthern Petrol white blue.svg|Northern Petrol logo as seen on blue containers.
FileNorthern Petrol white red.svg|Northern Petrol logo as seen on red containers.
FileHevcharger2 1.jpg|An Ohms Charger.
FilePetrol.png|Petrol logo.

==Vehicle brands==
A forklift brand.
===Invacare FileValveEmployee.png|16px===
The brand of Keller's motorized wheelchair. It is an http// actual manufacturer and distributor of non-acute medical equipment, including wheelchairs.


FileForklift bm.jpg|A Haihan forklift.
FileHldy wheelchair01.png|Keller's wheelchair.
FileHldy wheelchair Detail.png|Ditto, detail of the ''Invacare'' logo

==Scientific research companies==
===Aperture Science===
{{Main|Aperture Science}}
===Black Mesa===
{{Main|Black Mesa}}
===NASA FileValveEmployee.png|16px===
The 1975 http// logo of WikipediaNASA|NASA can be seen on the Black Mesa Rockets.

FileHalflifenasa.png|The NASA logo.

==Other brands or companies==
The brand of a cut sandblasting cabinet that was to appear in Kleiner's Lab.

FilePolisher.jpg|The sandblasting cabinet.

====Arbeit Laboratories====

FileArbeit laboratories.png|Arbeit Laboratories logo on a cardboard crate texture.

Russian word, with grammar errors, for "Cossack Transition".

FileCossack transition.png|АЗАЦКПЙ ПЕРЕХОД logo.

====Bethlehem Wire Rope FileValveEmployee.png|16px====
An acutalhttp// wire ropes brand, cut from ''Half-Life 2''.

FileWoodspool003a.png|Texture for a wood spool.

====Cafe American====
An unknown brand cut from ''Half-Life 2''.

FileMetalsign001d.png|Cafe American logo.
FileE3 terminal.jpg|In the Terminal plaza.
FileD1 c17 01f 010004.jpg|In the street passing by an early City 17 Trainstation.
FileBus ride crossing.jpg|In the bus ride map.

The brand of a unknown machine that was to appear in Kleiner's Lab.


An unknown brand cut from ''Half-Life 2''.

FileMetalsign001k.png|Fiesta logo.

====Hotel Metropol FileValveEmployee.png|16px====
Appears in the ''Half-Life 2'' leak.

Hotel Metropol is an actual name for a hotel in Moscow, Russia. ====Ivad==== {{Empty}} Appears in the ''Half-Life 2'' leak. ====J.Hauptman Mens' Sportswear==== Appears on a temporary texture used during ''Half-Life 2'''s development. FileSigns Plaza trailer.jpg|"Wholesale and retail". ====КОРПОРАУИЯ==== {{Empty}} Russian word, with grammar errors, for "Corporation". It was to be featured on dumpsters. FileDumpster sign.svg|КОРПОРАУИЯ logo. ====La Fingo==== {{Empty}} Appears in the ''Half-Life 2'' leak. ====Lumi Pur==== An unknown brand cut from ''Half-Life 2''. FileMetalsign001m.png|Lumi Pur logo. FileD1 canals 02 apartments.jpg|On an apartment block. ====Numero 29==== An unknown brand cut from ''Half-Life 2''. Finnish word for "Number 29". FileMetalsign001e.png|Numero 29 logo. ====Stjerne==== An unknown brand cut from ''Half-Life 2''. FileMetalsign001l.png|Stjerne logo. FileD1 canals 02 apartments.jpg|On an apartment block. ====СУБДРКТИЦЕСКИЙ КАЗАЦКПЙ / С КАЗАЦКПЙ==== {{Empty}} Russian word, with grammar errors, for "Subarctic Cossack". Texture files indicate that the original name for this company, cut from ''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'', was "Subarctic Transport". FileSign subarctictransport 01.png|СУБДРКТИЦЕСКИЙ КАЗАЦКПЙ logo. FileSubarctic cossack.svg|Ditto, SVG version. FileSign subarctictransport 03.png|С КАЗАЦКПЙ logo. ====Teko==== An unknown brand cut from ''Half-Life 2''. FileMetalsign001g.png|Teko logo. ====Teräs==== An unknown brand cut from ''Half-Life 2''. Finnish word for "Steel". FileMetalsign001a.png|Teräs logo. FileE3 terminal.jpg|In the Terminal plaza. ====Todo 58==== An unknown brand cut from ''Half-Life 2''. Apparently based on an ad for the "Perle 28" - a Belgian beer once made by the Caulier brewery - found in Brussels, Belgium.http// FileMetalsign001j.png|Todo 58 logo. ====Tree==== The brand of a cut drill press that was to appear in Kleiner's Lab. FileDrill press.jpg|The drill press. ====Wright Bagwell==== {{Empty}} Appears in the ''Half-Life 2'' leak. ===Retail=== ====606==== {{Empty}} File606 model.jpg ====Atlantic==== {{Empty}} FileAtlantic.svg|Atlantic logo. FileKleinerlab Atlantic.png|In Kleiner's Lab. FileBus ride street2.jpg|In the bus ride map. ====Cafe Baltic==== {{Empty}} FileSign CAFE01a.png|Cafe Baltic logo. ====Change==== {{Empty}} FileSign CHANGE01a.png|Change logo. ====ЦИМЕНТ==== {{Empty}} Bulgarian word for "concrete". FileSignbillboard007a.png|ЦИМЕНТ logo. FileZiment 2.png|In Ravenholm. ====CyberCafe==== {{Empty}} FileMetalsign001h.png|CyberCafe logo. FileCyberCafe.png|In City 17. ====Dïordna Hotel==== {{Empty}} FileSignhostel001a.png|Dïordna Hotel logo. FileD3 c17 070003.JPG|In City 17. ====Eiki FileValveEmployee.png|16px==== The projector used for the "Dollar$ and Sense" slideshow in ''Portal'' is based on the model http// LC-XT1 by the Eiki company. FileDollars and sense.jpg|The projector. ====Flavia==== A paint brand. FileFlavia can.jpg|Flavia logo on a white paint can. ====Foto==== {{Empty}} FileSign FOTO01a.png|Foto logo. ====ХССГ==== {{Empty}} FileKHSSG 1.png|At the Trainstation| Trainstation Plaza. ====Nevrin 54==== {{Empty}} A brand of insect repellents. FileMetalsign001o.png ====PC VAC==== {{Empty}} FilePCVAC.png ====ПЕРЕВОЗКИ==== {{Empty}} Russian word for "Transportation". ====''Prax Wars 2 Dante's Revenge''==== A fighting video game. ''Prax Wars'' is a nod to ''Prax War'', an actual canceled game by developer Rebel Boat Rocker, on which Gearbox's Randy Pitchford worked. FilePrax1.jpg|A Scientist and a security guard playing ''Prax Wars 2 Dante's Revenge''. FilePrax2.jpg|Ditto. ====Порт5 (Port5)==== {{Empty}} FileSignbillboard006a.png|Порт5 logo. ====СЕВЕРНБГЙ ВНОСИТВ ВЖУРНДП (Northern Logging FileValveEmployee.png|16px)==== {{Empty}} Incorrectly translated name, with grammar errors, of an actual company - Northern Logging. FileSign northernlogging 01.png|СЕВЕРНБГЙ ВНОСИТВ ВЖУРНДП logo. ====Техника (Technics)==== {{Empty}} A household goods brand (?). FileSignbillboard005a.png|Техника logo. FileEp1 trainstation facade.jpg|At the Technical Trainstation. ====Terminal Hotel==== {{Empty}} FileSignbillboard001a.png|Terminal Hotel logo. ====ТНТ==== {{Empty}} ====ТРАНС КОНТИНЕТАΛ==== {{Empty}} Russian word, with grammar errors, for "trans continental". FileSign shipping 01.png|ТРАНС КОНТИНЕТАΛ logo, first variant. FileSign shipping 03.png|Ditto, second variant. ====Veikko International==== {{Empty}} "Veikko" is a Finnish name. FileMetalsign001c.png|Veiko International logo as it appears in the ''Half-Life 2'' leak. FileCity canal02.jpg|On an early City 17 street. FileVeikko International.svg|Veikko International logo. FileD1 trainstation 030017.jpg|On a wall near an empty playground in City 17. FileStation 21 yard 2.jpg|On the Autogun building at Station 21. ====Venturini==== {{Empty}} ====Wow==== {{Empty}} FileWow model.jpg ====Zaida==== {{Empty}} FileMetalsign001n.png|Zaida logo in the ''Half-Life 2'' leak. FileD1 canals 02 apartments.jpg|On an apartment block. FileHL2 Metalsign001n.png|Zaida logo in ''Half-Life 2''. ==See also== *Combine imagery *Resistance imagery *Food ==References== {{Reflist}} {{Technology}} CategoryHalf-Life CategoryHalf-Life Blue Shift CategoryHalf-Life Opposing Force CategoryHalf-Life Decay CategoryHalf-Life 2 CategoryHalf-Life 2 Episode One CategoryHalf-Life 2 Episode Two CategoryPortal CategoryPortal 2 CategoryGames CategoryTechnology CategoryLists CategoryImagery