List of Citizen models

{{Quote|Doc, since he's not taking the streets, you might as well get him out of his civvies.|Barney Calhoun|Half-Life 2|Fileba_outcivvies.ogg}}

This list features every '''Citizen/Rebel model''' and its variants found in ''Half-Life 2'' and its Half-Life 2 Episodes (disambiguation)|Episodes, with their Valve Hammer Editor|Hammer numbers, face texture filenames, model types, and other variations, as well as the several models Development of Half-Life 2|cut from the final game.{{TOCright}}

===Standard Citizens===

====Gas mask Citizen version, a.k.a. "Citizen 17"====

'''Location (model)''' models/ ''(Missing)'' 
'''Location (textures)''' materials/Models/Citizen_17/ Early in the game's development, the Air Exchange was to replace Earth's air with toxic gases, forcing Citizens to wear gas masks, or rather gas-permeable hoods, along with a green coat and an apron, and red "identibands" on the left arm.''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''Development of Half-Life 2 game|''Half-Life 2'' leak files In the end, the gas mask concept was removed because that would make Citizens' expressions difficult to read,Marc Laidlaw on ReferencesMarc_Laidlaw_emails gas mask Citizen and Zombie models (March 31, 2016) and kept only for the Combine Combine units|Combine humanoid units. The model was first introduced in the first ''Half-Life 2'' demonstration, 2001's ''Get Your Free TVs!'', and was also to be featured in the E3 2002 demo "http// Strider". It is missing from the leak files, only its textures can be found. It also features a face variant to be used for Samuel. =====Gallery===== FileCitizens-10.png|Concept art for the gas mask Citizen. FileEarly city 17.jpg|Concept art for gas mask Citizens in the city streets. FileVorti-Cell.jpg|Concept art for the Vorti-Cell, with gas mask Citizens in the back. FileGet your free tvs original.jpg|The "Citizen 17" model in ''Get Your Free TVs!''. FileE3 Strider.jpg|Fleeing "Citizen 17" models in the E3 2002 demo "Strider". FileCitizen 17 face.png|Face texture for the "Citizen 17" model. FileCitizen 17 samface.png|Face variant for Samuel. FileCitizen 17 hood.png|Hood and gas mask texture. FileCitizen 17 torso.png|Torso texture, featuring the apron. FileCitizen 17 left arm.png|Left arm texture, featuring the identiband. FileCitizen.mdl.png|Probable model location referenced in Valve_Hammer_Editor|Hammer. Missing from the leak files. ====Orange version==== Version seen only in a piece of concept art for the Combine Barricade, consisting of an orange jumpsuit similar to the ones used in some prisons in the USA. FileCombine door Citizen.jpg ====E3 2002 version==== Version seen in the E3 2002 demonstration "http// Terminal", with similar tones present in the 's outfit. Consists of a green coat, blue trousers, and black gloves. The model and its textures are missing from the leak files. FileE3 terminal rebels.jpg|Rebels in "Terminal". FileZombie Standard leak.jpg|Similar outfit in the leak/E3 2003-era Zombie, also found in the other Zombie variants of the era. FileCrowbar zombie borealis.jpg|The E3 2002 era Zombie model, with a similarly-colored outfit, but with no coat and a white T-shirt worn above the vest. FileZombie Standard torso leak.jpg|The leak Zombie torso, with the same outfit as that of the E3 2002 Zombie. ===="City" version==== '''Location (model)''' N/A
'''Location (textures)''' materials/Models/Citizen/City/ Version seen in a more recent version of the E3 2002 demonstration "Terminal". Features a green coat, brown trousers, and black gloves; in the back is a distorted red rectangle with a black claw Combine symbol on the bottom, and black markings above, in a distorted white rectangle. The model is missing from the leak files, only its textures can be found. FileE3 terminal.jpg|Citizens queuing in "Terminal". FileArcade full fixed002.jpg|Fixed "City" models in a fixed Manhack Arcade map. FileCity torso cyl.png|Torso texture. FileCity torso front.png|Front texture of an outfit present in the same texture folder, with colors similar to that of the #"Worker" version|Worker, and to be used with the Cheaple Male head. FileCity torso back.png|Ditto, back texture. ====E3 2003 version==== '''Location (model)''' models/Humans/
'''Location (textures)''' materials/Models/Citizen and materials/Models/Humans/ With a cream-colored coat and green trousers, it is featured in the E3 2003 demonstrations "http// Barricade" and "http// Striders" and used in the ''Half-Life 2'' leak. In the leak files, only the male models exist, except ; the female models only exist as face textures. It also features a medic variant, with a greener tone, and a variant only present in the textures, with an even greener tone, named "ammo", of unknown use. The Downtrotten, Refugee and Rebel variants from the final game are represented by a single model. The faces are closer to the faces of their original reference models, which underwent further alterations for the variants of the final game. The version of Valve Hammer Editor|Hammer featured in the leak features alternate names for some of the male models, which are simply "Male + number" in the final version. The file "halflife2.fgd" from the leak files contains the warning that they should not be included in the final version (''"don't ship with these names"''). While this version features the variants seen in the final game, as seen in the face textures several variants are unused, including one male named "Trav" (based on Travis Dunlop, present in the game's credit despite being cut), and three females, Laura (based on Valve's Laura Dubuk), Linda, and Tamm. The SDK images of the models and their alternate model names are placed near their related models in the section of this article. FileSamuel model.jpg|Earlier version of the outfit for Samuel. FileE3 barricade.jpg|Rebel in "Barricade". FileNlo leak rebels.jpg|Rebels in N.L.O. FileManhack swarm.jpg|Rebels fighting Manhacks. FileTrav facemap.png|Trav's face texture. FileLaura facemap.png|Laura's face texture. FileLinda facemap.png|Linda's face texture. FileTamm facemap.png|Tamm's face texture. FilePlayable leak citizen back.png|Back logo. FileCitizen playable armband.png|Armband logo (standard and medic). FileCitizen playable medic chest.png|Medic chest cross. FileCitizen playable medic back.png|Medic back logo and cross. FileCitizen playable ammo chest.png|Chest "Ammo" word for the "ammo" variant. FileCitizen playable ammo back.png|Back logo and "Ammo" word for the "ammo" variant. FileCitizen playable armband ammo.png|Armband logo for the "ammo" variant. ====E3 2004 Teaser Trailer version==== Version with back straps seen in the http// E3 2004 Teaser Trailer, still used in the retail game as the dressed model, though it features orange logos that are white in the teaser. '''Location (model)''' N/A
'''Location (textures)''' N/A FileE3 2004 Teaser Trailer Citizens.jpg|Citizen in the Teaser Trailer. ==="Worker" version=== '''Location (model)''' models/
'''Location (textures)''' materials/Models/Citizen/Worker/ As its name implies, was to be seen working somewhere in City 17. Variant of and the worker|''Borealis'' worker. ====Gallery==== FileWorker.jpg|Worker model. FileWorker back.jpg|Ditto, back. ===Stenographer's chasm worker version, a.k.a. "Factory sitting"=== '''Location (model)''' models/ ''(Missing)''
'''Location (textures)''' materials/Models/Citizen/Factory_sitting Was to be seen working in high numbers on desks in the Combine Factories Stenographer's Chas|stenographer's chasm set in the Combine Factories area. The model is missing from the leak files, only its textures can be found. It was to wear a light blue outfit, and have the head of the retail " Male|Cheaple Male" Citizen model. It was to be seen during the E3 2002 demo "http// Industrial", which consists of a visit of the Combine Factories area. ====Gallery==== FileStenographer's Chasm.jpg|Concept art for the stenographer's chasm and its workers. FileFactory sitting back.png|Back texture of the stenographer's chasm worker model. FileFactory sitting front.png|Front texture of the worker model. FileFactory sitting head.png|Head texture of the worker model. FileC17_citizen_minimal.png|Model location referenced in Valve_Hammer_Editor|Hammer. Missing from the leak files. ===''Borealis'' worker version=== '''Location (model)''' models
'''Location (textures)''' materials/Models/Citizen/Borealis As its name implies, was to work on the ''Borealis (cut location)|Borealis''. Variant of and the worker|City worker. A corpse variant was to be seen during the ship's visit. FileBorealis worker.jpg|''Borealis'' worker. FileBorealis worker back.jpg|Ditto, back. FileDead borealis worker.jpg|Dead variant. ===Children version=== '''Location (model)''' models
'''Location (textures)''' materials/Models/Citizen/Children The Citizens were originally to include children,''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' to be seen working in the Combine Factories area, notably in the Cremator factory, under the supervision of Civil Protection officers,WC mappack and as corpses in Ravenholm. The absence of children in ''Half-Life 2'' was canonically explained by the use of the Suppression Field. It has two variants, female (model name "child_worker_f1") and male (model name "child_worker_m1"), each holding a Cremator head. They were to be seen during the E3 2002 demo "http// Industrial", which consists of a visit of the Combine Factories area. ====Gallery==== FileChild male model.jpg|Male model. FileChild female model.jpg|Female model. FileChild female working anim.jpg|Animation of the female child model transporting a Cremator head. FileKids working.jpg|Concept art of children working in the Combine Factories. FileFactory kids.jpg|Ditto. FileChildren cremators.jpg|Concept art of children working in the Cremator factory in the Combine Factories. FileFactory children cop.jpg|The same area in the WC mappack, in the map "e3_industrial", used for the E3 2002 demo "Industrial". FileRavenholm overview1.jpg|Concept art for Ravenholm, with the comment "child body under bed" in a clinic. FileShore people.jpg|Female model with adults on a beached boat in one of the oldest ''Half-Life 2'' screenshots. ==Retail== As seen in Valve Hammer Editor|Hammer, the retail Citizen comes in three types (or "groups", as used in the model folder names) *"Downtrodden", which is the standard blue outfit (a possible reference to the blue overalls worn by the Outer Party in the novel ''WikipediaNineteen Eighty-Four|Nineteen Eighty-Four''). Gordon Freeman himself arrived in City 17 in this attire. *"Refugee", the same blue outfit, but in lesser condition and sometimes with a shirt beige instead of blue (the one featured in the Classic Zombie). *"Rebel", standard or medic, appearing during the city's uprising, although some still come in the two other types. Through these types, their face tend to change a bit different hair color, shaving, beard, goatee and moustache variations for the men, different skin details on the face, different mouths or eyebrows, etc. According to Moby Francke, the Citizens couldn't overpower the player visually, but rather compliment the world instead of standing out, so they had to look oppressed and downtrodden. Their outfits are designed to reflect the location and environment they live in by dressing everyone with the same standard issued clothing to give a prison-like atmosphere. ''Half-Life 2'' being experienced in three days, the team wanted the Citizens to correspond with the time and location of events throughout the game, thus using the "Downtrodden" version at the start of the game, the "Refugee" version when discovering the Underground Railroad along the Canals, and finally the "Rebel" version when the Resistance launches the uprising.''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' ===Gallery=== FileZombie HL2.jpg|The Classic Zombie reuses the white shirt variant of the Refugee type. FileCitizens-2.png|Concept art. FileCitizens-1.png|Ditto, with tied legs, unused in the final game. FileCitizen modelsheet2.jpg|Concept art for the male and female Citizen outfits. FileModelsheet Rebels.jpg|Concept art for the male and female Rebel outfits. FileRebel skins.jpg|Concept art for various Rebel outfits. ===Van=== FileMale01.1.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Van, first variant. FileMale01.2.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Van, second variant. *Hammer model name Male 1. *Texture name Van. *Alternate Hammer model name Morgan,Development of Half-Life 2 game|''Half-Life 2'' leak files a possible reference to actor WikipediaMorgan Freeman|Morgan Freeman. *Real-life model Van Crowder. *Has two variants The first version is the very first Citizen seen in ''Half-Life 2'', on the train, with a full beard. The other, more faithful to Crowder's face, is used for Matt and Leon. ====Gallery==== FileVanref.jpg|Van Crowder's reference portrait. FileMale 01 leak.png|Leak version. FileMale 01 leak m.png|Ditto, medic variant. FileGroup01 male 01.png|Downtrodden type. FileGroup02 male 01.png|Refugee type. FileGroup03 male 01.png|Rebel type. FileGroup03m male 01.png|Ditto, medic variant. ===Ted=== FileMale02.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Ted. *Hammer model name Male 2. *Texture name Ted. *Alternate Hammer model name Backmantis, a possible pun between "Backman" and "black mantis". *Real-life model Valve's Ted Backman. *Used for instance for the Citizen seen in the interrogation room at the City 17 Trainstation, the Citizen who presumably committed suicide at the Petroleum Station, or the AR3|AR3 Rebel in ''Episode Two''. Also used in the leak for the Conscripts|Conscript model and the "RPGGuy", Odessa Cubbage's temporary incarnation. ====Gallery==== FileTed Backman.jpg|Ted Backman. FileMale 02 leak.png|Leak version. FileMale 02 leak m.png|Ditto, medic variant. FileConscript idle.png|Conscript version. FileGroup01 male 02.png|Downtrodden type. FileGroup02 male 02.png|Refugee type. FileGroup03 male 02.png|Rebel type, actually a variant of . FileGroup03m male 02.png|Ditto, medic variant. ===Joe=== FileMale03.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Joe. *Hammer model name Male 3. *Texture name Joe. *Alternate Hammer model name Shaft, a possible reference to actor WikipediaRichard Roundtree|Richard Roundtree, famous for his character John Shaft. *Real-life model WikipediaLarry Heard|Larry "The Count" Heard, a famous musician, DJ and music producer from Chicago, also known as "Mr. Fingers". "Joe" is actually from Joe Cairo, ""'s reference model. *He can be seen as one of the two Citizens looking through the windows before the Civil Protection raid at the start of ''Half-Life 2''. ====Gallery==== FileLarry Heard.jpg|Larry Heard. FileMale 03 leak.png|Leak version. FileMale 03 leak m.png|Ditto, medic variant. FileGroup01 male 03.png|Downtrodden type. FileGroup02 male 03.png|Refugee type. FileGroup03 male 03.png|Rebel type, actually a variant of . FileGroup03m male 03.png|Ditto, medic variant. ===Eric=== FileMale04.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Eric. *Hammer model name Male 4. *Texture name Eric. *Alternate Hammer model name N/A. *Real-life model Valve's Eric Kirchmer with a shaved head. *The original reference picture, featured in ''Raising the Bar'', was also one of the bases for Gordon Freeman's face''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' and used for the stripped Overwatch Soldier. ====Gallery==== FileEric kirchmer.jpg|Eric Kirchmer's reference portrait. FileEric Kirchmer fb.jpg|Eric Kirchmer. FileMale 04 leak.png|Leak version. FileMale 04 leak m.png|Ditto, medic variant. FileGroup01 male 04.png|Downtrodden type. FileGroup02 male 04.png|Refugee type. FileGroup03 male 04.png|Rebel type. FileGroup03m male 04.png|Ditto, medic variant. ===Art=== FileMale05.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Art. *Hammer model name Male 5. *Texture name Art. *Alternate Hammer model name N/A. *Real-life model Art Min, a video game developer who worked for Looking Glass Studios and Ion Storm, among others. *Originally used for Samuel. He can be seen in-game as Sandy and Laszlo|Laszlo. His face was reused for ''wccounter-strikeCounter-Strike Source|Counter-Strike Source'''s Hostage 1. ====Gallery==== FileArtMin.jpg|Art Min. FileCitizen 17 samface.png|Earliest known version used for a mask Citizen version, a.k.a. "Citizen 17"|Gas mask Citizen version of Samuel. FileSamuel model.jpg|More recent version of Samuel. FileMale 05 leak.png|Leak version. FileMale 05 leak m.png|Ditto, medic variant. FileGroup01 male 05.png|Downtrodden type. FileGroup02 male 05.png|Refugee type. FileGroup03 male 05.png|Rebel type. FileGroup03m male 05.png|Ditto, medic variant. FileCs hostage 01.png|As CSS's Hostage 1. ===Sandro=== FileMale06.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Sandro. *Hammer model name Male 6. *Texture name Sandro. *Alternate Hammer model name N/A. *Real-life model Sandro Consi. *Used for Winston and Griggs and Sheckley|Griggs. He is the only male model from the retail game to be missing from the ''Half-Life 2'' leak files, both as a model or textures. His face was reused for ''Counter-Strike Source'''s Hostage 2. ====Gallery==== FileGroup01 male 06.png|Downtrodden type. FileGroup02 male 06.png|Refugee type. FileGroup03 male 06.png|Rebel type. FileGroup03m male 06.png|Ditto, medic variant. FileCs hostage 02.png|As CSS's Hostage 2. ===Mike=== FileMale07.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Mike. *Hammer model name Male 7. *Texture name Mike. *Alternate Hammer model name "Climber Mike", a nod to the reference model. *Real-life model Michael S. Smith. *Used for Joe, Jacob, Sandy and Laszlo|Sandy or the second Citizen on the train at the start of ''Half-Life 2''. Also used in the leak for the "#"Worker" version|Worker" and "''Borealis (cut ship)|Borealis'' worker version|worker" variants with different hair, more faithful to Michael S. Smith's actual appearance. He is also famous for being used for Gordon Frohman, the main protagonist of the fan-made webcomic ''Concerned'', and as John Freeman in the ''Half life Full Life Consequences'' video series. ====Gallery==== FileMikeref.jpg|Michael S. Smith's reference portrait. FileMale 07 leak.png|Leak version. FileMale 07 leak m.png|Ditto, medic variant. FileGroup01 male 07.png|Downtrodden type. FileGroup02 male 07.png|Refugee type. FileGroup03 male 07.png|Rebel type. FileGroup03m male 07.png|Ditto, medic variant. ===Vance=== FileMale08.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Vance. *Hammer model name Male 8. *Texture name Vance. *Alternate Hammer model name "Mr. Rourke", a possible reference to actor WikipediaMickey Rourke|Mickey Rourke. *Real-life model Joe Cairo, a basketball strength and conditioning coach, and the creator of the BEASTcamp athletic training.{{LI|in/beastcamptraining|Joe Cairo}} *Originally used for Captain Vance, from whom he kept the name, while "Joe" was given to Male 3. Used for instance for the Citizen telling Gordon not to drink the water at the start of ''Half-Life 2''; Griggs and Sheckley|Sheckley, the Citizen giving instructions near the Autogun, and the Citizen arguing with the AR3 guy in ''Episode Two''. His face was reused for ''Counter-Strike Source'''s Hostage 3. ====Gallery==== FileVanceref.jpg|Joe Cairo's reference portrait. FileJoe Cairo.jpg|Joe Cairo. FileMale 08 leak.png|Leak version. FileMale 08 leak m.png|Ditto, medic variant. FileCaptain Vance model bust.jpg|Captain Vance. FileGroup01 male 08.png|Downtrodden type. FileGroup02 male 08.png|Refugee type. FileGroup03 male 08.png|Rebel type. FileGroup03m male 08.png|Ditto, medic variant. FileCs hostage 03.png|As CSS's Hostage 3. ===Erdin=== FileMale09.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Erdin. *Hammer model name Male 9. *Texture name Erdin. *Alternate Hammer model name Lucifer. *Real-life model Erdin Grcic. *One half of the Consoling Couple, the pondering Citizen sitting in the kitchen when Gordon goes through the apartment buildings at the start of ''Half-Life 2'', Daniel and MIRT. ====Gallery==== FileErdin Grcic.jpg|Erdin Grcic. FileMale 09 leak.png|Leak version. FileMale 09 leak m.png|Ditto, medic variant. FileGroup01 male 09.png|Downtrodden type. FileGroup02 male 09.png|Refugee type. FileGroup03 male 09.png|Rebel type. FileGroup03m male 09.png|Ditto, medic variant. ===Cheaple Male=== FileMalecheaple.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Cheaple Male. *Hammer model name Cheaple Male 1. *Texture name Andrew (leak); Male Cheaple (retail). *Alternate Hammer model name Cheaple Vanessa's Brother. *Real-life model Warren Slough, brother of Vanessa Slough, Ted Backman's wife. Slough died in 2006.http// Warren Slough's Obituary by ''The Seattle Times'' at *The low resolution Citizen model, used when Citizens are seen from afar. It only uses the Downtrotten type. Each time he is seen, he walks from a point to another, re-spawning each time in a loop. He appears for instance in the screens at Kleiner's Lab, where the G-Man can be seen, and at Black Mesa East, right before getting into the elevator with Mossman. His face was also used in the leak for the chasm worker version, a.k.a. "Factory sitting"|stenographer's chasm worker. "Cheaple" is probably a portmanteau of "cheap" and "people", related to the model's low level of detail. See also "". ====Gallery==== FileWarren Slough.jpg|Warren Slough. FileMale cheaple leak.png|Leak version. FileGroup01 male cheaple.png|Retail version. ===Joey=== FileFemale01.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Joey. *Hammer model name Female 1. *Texture name Joey. *Real-life model Joey Paresa. *The other half of the Consoling Couple, as well as Arlene. ====Gallery==== FileJoeyParesa.jpg|Joey Paresa. FileGroup01 female 01.png|Downtrodden type. FileGroup02 female 01.png|Refugee type. FileGroup03 female 01.png|Rebel type. FileGroup03m female 01.png|Ditto, medic variant. ===Kanisha=== FileFemale02.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Kanisha. *Hammer model name Female 2. *Texture name Kanisha. *Real-life model Kanisha Patel Speyrer, wife of Valve's David Speyrer. *Used for instance as one of the two Citizens looking through the windows before the CP raid at the start of ''Half-Life 2''. ====Gallery==== FileKanisha.jpg|Kanisha Speyrer. FileGroup01 female 02.png|Downtrodden type. FileGroup02 female 02.png|Refugee type. FileGroup03 female 02.png|Rebel type. FileGroup03m female 02.png|Ditto, medic variant. ===Kim=== FileFemale03.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Kim. *Hammer model name Female 3. *Texture name Kim. *Real-life model Kim Harris-Jones. ====Gallery==== FileGroup01 female 03.png|Downtrodden type. FileGroup02 female 03.png|Refugee type. FileGroup03 female 03.png|Rebel type. FileGroup03m female 03.png|Ditto, medic variant. ===Chau=== FileFemale04.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Chau. *Hammer model name Female 4. *Texture name Chau. *Real-life model Chau Luu, an actress (in theater, film and commercial), a voice actress, a model, and a television host of Vietnamese ascent and living in Los Angeles.http// Chau Luu's personal website *Used for instance for Noriko or Mary. ====Gallery==== FileChauref.jpg|Chau Luu's reference portrait. FileChauheadshot.jpg|Chau Luu. FileGroup01 female 04.png|Downtrodden type. FileGroup02 female 04.png|Refugee type. FileGroup03 female 04.png|Rebel type. FileGroup03m female 04.png|Ditto, medic variant. ===Naomi=== FileFemale05.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Naomi. *Hammer model name Female 5. *Texture name Naomi. *Real-life model Naomi Cotton. *Used for instance for the woman asking Gordon if he and the other Citizens were the only ones on the train, near the turnstile at the start of ''Half-Life 2'' (named "chainlinkgirl" in the map). Her model name is "female_06", although she is the fifth in Hammer. ====Gallery==== FileNaomiCotton crop.jpg|Naomi Cotton. FileGroup01 female 06.png|Downtrodden type. FileGroup02 female 06.png|Refugee type. FileGroup03 female 06.png|Rebel type. FileGroup03m female 06.png|Ditto, medic variant. ===Lakeetra=== FileFemale06.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Lakeetra. *Hammer model name Female 6. *Texture name Lakeetra. *Real-life model Lakeetra Gilbert. *Used for instance for Shorepoint Base's medic. Her model name is "female_07", although she is the sixth in Hammer. ====Gallery==== FileLakeetra Gilbert.jpg|Lakeetra Gilbert. FileGroup01 female 07.png|Downtrodden type. FileGroup02 female 07.png|Refugee type. FileGroup03 female 07.png|Rebel type. FileGroup03m female 07.png|Ditto, medic variant. ===Corpses=== Models of Citizen corpses, or "Charple", charred or in decomposition. "Charple" is probably a portmanteau of "char" and "people". See also " Male|Cheaple". ====Gallery==== FileCorpse1 front.png|Citizen corpse (front), with the same outfit as the one seen in the #E3 2004 Teaser Trailer version|''Half-Life 2'''s E3 2004 Teaser Trailer, though with color variations. FileCorpse1 back.png|Ditto (back). FileCharple01.png|"Charple01" model. FileCharple01 leak.png|''Half-Life 2'' leak version. FileCharple02.png|"Charple02" model. FileCharple02 leak.png|''Half-Life 2'' leak version. FileCharple03.png|"Charple03" model. FileCharple03 leak.png|''Half-Life 2'' leak version. FileCharple04.png|"Charple04" model. FileCharple04 leak.png|''Half-Life 2'' leak version. ==References== {{Reflist}} ==See also== *Combine imagery logos {{Combine}} {{Resistance}} CategoryFactions CategoryAllies CategoryCombine CategoryResistance personnel CategoryTed Backman designs CategoryMoby Francke designs CategoryDhabih Eng designs CategoryReferences to Nineteen Eighty-Four CategoryLists