Laser Trip Mine (Half-Life)

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|name=Laser Trip Mine
|affiliation=*Hazardous Environment Combat Unit|HECU
*Black Mesa
*Black Ops
|type=Anti-personnel mine
|rate of fire=
*Gordon Freeman
*Adrian Shephard
*Black Ops
|entity = *weapon_tripmine
|designer=*Steve Theodore{{IA|20070513091613/http//|Steve Theodore's homepage|}}
*Stephen Bahl (HD version)http// Stephen Bahl as quoted on ''Marc Laidlaw Vault'' on the Forums
The '''Laser-Triggered Claymore''',''Half-Life Prima Guide'' also simply known as the '''Laser Mine''' or the '''Trip Mine''',Its entity name is an anti-personnel mine, emitting a laser beam that, when tripped, causes the device to explode.

These trip mines can be attached to static surfaces, and project a light-blue laser beam acting as a tripwire; they can be thought of as "Laser-Activated Claymore Mines". If the beam is interrupted, the mine detonates in an explosion as powerful as a satchel charge.

To place a trip mine, the player must get close to a surface and aim the crosshair where he or she wants it to be deployed. When a trip mine is placed on the wall, it will give off a three-second long rising sound, signifying that the laser is warming up. Then, if an enemy crosses the beam, the device will explode. Trip mines can also be detonated by shooting them.

A trip mine cannot be placed on a moving surface; doing so will cause the device to drop. It can be picked up again by the player.

The Laser Trip Mine can be used to trick any enemies that will chase the player, for example the highly armored Alien Grunts or the agile Black Ops assassins; they can also be put to a great use in the Half-Life (multiplayer)|multiplayer mode of the game. The player can utilize any weapon to clear the mines out, except for the Crowbar or other melee weapons as this will will result in explosion and immediate death. It is recommended to shoot them from safe distance. The player can also choose to avoid the Laser Trip Mines by crawling or jumping over them. It is also possible to jump on the mine itself, without setting it off.

* In ''Half-Life'', Laser Trip Mines can first be seen deployed by the HECU in the chapter ''Half-Life_storyline.27ve_Got_Hostiles.22|"We've Got Hostiles"''. They cen be then acquired by the player at the end of the chapter ''Half-Life storyline Pit|Blast Pit'', as well as in a small supply cache along with Satchel Charges and the .357 Magnum|.357 Magnum in ''Half-Life_storyline Processing''. Trip mines are used in a puzzle sequence in the chapter ''Half-Life storyline Tension|Surface Tension'', where Gordon has to go through an old ordinance storage facility filled with explosives. Triggering any of the trip mines results in a huge chain of explosions.
* In ''Half-Life Opposing Force'' the trip mine can first be seen in the chapter ''Half-Life_Opposing_Force_storyline in Action'', in an office, where it is placed on a door. It is intended to be detonated along with a crate of explosives to allow Shephard to proceed further. The weapon can be acquired by the player at the beginning of the next chapter by leading the HECU Engineer they have just met to the exit door opposite the elevator and allowing him to cut through it. One trip mine can be found in a small security post outside the office complex.
* In ''Half-Life Decay'', Laser Trip Mines can be seen for the first and only time in the chapter ''Half-Life_Decay_storyline Violence''. They had already been deployed and can't be picked up by the players.

==Behind the scenes==
The HEV Suit was to be heard when picking up a Laser Trip Mine, calling it a "FileGet_tripmine.ogg|laser-activated anti-personnel mine." Furthermore, the viewmodel of the weapon features an unused arming sequence.''Half-Life'' game files


FileSubtransit tripmine01.jpg|In the map ''Subtransit''.
FileSubtransit tripmine02.jpg|Ditto.
FileTripmine D1.png|''Half-Life Day One|Day One'' viewmodel.


FileTripmine hud.png|HUD icon.
FileTripmine world.jpg|Worldmodel.
FileTripmine w hd.jpg|High Definition version.{{abbr3|i|Face toward enemy is written on top, and M23B / Property of U.S.M.C. at the front.}}
FileTripmine.jpg|''Half-Life'' viewmodel.
FileTripmine hd.jpg|High Definition version.
FileTripmine view op4.jpg|''Opposing Force'' viewmodel.
FileTripmine view op4 hd.jpg|High Definition version.
FileTripmine view bs.jpg|''Blue Shift'' viewmodel.
FileTripmine view bs hd.jpg|High Definition version.
FileTripmine wall.jpg|Deployed trip mine.
FileTripmine wall hd.jpg|High Definition version.
FileC2a1a mines.jpg
FileC2a2e0000.jpg|Mine in a rail tunnel.
FileC2a5d nukes.jpg|Mines in the Topside Motorpool|Ordinance Storage Facility.

==List of appearances==
===Main games===
*''Half-Life Opposing Force''
*''Half-Life Blue Shift'' {{Gf}}
*''Half-Life Decay'' {{C|Placed only}}
*''Half-Life Day One'' {{1st}} {{Nc}} {{C|Placed only}}
*''Half-Life Uplink'' {{Nc}}

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