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'''''{{PAGENAME}}''''' is the fourteenth chapter of ''Half-Life''.

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The player finally arrives at the Lambda Complex. A scientist was left behind to let the player into the complex. He explains that every other entrance to the complex has been sealed off to contain the invasion. They're waiting for the player at the tip of the Lambda Reactor. The reactor is shut down. The player is required to activate both pumps to flood the reactor, and also activate it in the process, to reach the teleportation labs above.

There is a scientist and security guard waiting for the player at the top (or final) level of the reactor core. The science team suspects that there is an immerse portal in the Xen|alien world, created by the intense concentration of a Nihilanth|single powerful being. The player is tasked to find this creature and kill it to stop the invasion. To prepare for what lies ahead, the player given a Long Jump Module for navigating in the alien world, and the equipment of the survey teams.

A scientist is waiting for the player at the main portal. He begins opening the portal from the control panel above - a process that takes an excruciatingly long time. While the scientist works, the player has to protect him from the aliens that warp into the room. When the teleporter is ready, the player can jump into the portal and travel to Xen.

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''Reactor Lab'' is the predecessor of ''Lambda Core'', and is the sixth and the final chapter in the Half-Life Alpha|Alpha version of the game. The chapter shares the same general premise. The main goal is to disable and flood the reactor core to reach the inaccessible areas above.

===Other versions===
In the Half-Life (Dreamcast port)|Dreamcast version, the maintenance access that leads to the reactor features a new room, which serves as a level transition area. The level code for the chapter is "Scientist At Work" in the Dreamcast version. The Half-Life Source|Source version contains a couple of test maps that include portions of the chapter.''Half-Life Source'' (hl1devtesta.bsp, hl1devtestb.bsp, hl1devtestc.bsp)

==Behind the scenes==
The original chapter title was ''Down And Out''.''Half-Life Day One'' (titles.txt) In a cut scripted sequence, a Vortigaunt was to play with a valve on a steam pipe and kill itself with steam leak, either in the map c3a2c or c3a2d. The animation (valvefry) can be found in ''Day One'' files. The design of the large lift appears to be based on a design from the manga ''WikipediaAkira (manga)|Akira''. In the final map of the chapter, there is FileShotgun scientist HL.jpg|a scientist that points a shotgun at the player. In ''Half-Life 2'', Isaac Kleiner|Kleiner FileKleiner shotgun.jpg|greets the player with a shotgun, mirroring the scene from the original game, in the chapter ''Entanglement''.

===Easter eggs===
In the map c3a2f, there is a dead scientist with the numbers "247" written in his blood. This is a reference to Room 237 in WikipediaThe Shining (film)|''The Shining'', a movie by WikipediaStanley Kubrick|Stanley Kubrick, based on a novel by WikipediaStephen King|Stephen King. In the book, the room number is 217. This is also the solution for the portal puzzle in the teleport room.

The entity names of two Vortigaunts who talk over a dead scientist are "abbott" "and "costello" (map c3a2a). WikipediaAbbott and Costello|Abbott and Costello were a comedy duo.


FileWorldcraft-fullsize5.png|Level editor shot.
FileSPAS-12 centered.jpg|The reactor core.
FileLambda Reactor Core beta.jpg|Ditto.


FileC3a2e0000.jpg|The entrance.
FileGluon Gun first.jpg|The test firing chamber.
FileGlun agrunt2.jpg
FileC3a2c0002.jpg|The G-Man.
FileLambdaTeleportationSystem.jpg|The reactor core.
FileShotgun scientist HL.jpg|The survey team room.
FileLongjump lambda.jpg|The Long Jump Module.
FileSector F teleport.jpg|The teleporter.


FileLambda Reactor Core concept.jpg|Possible level plan.
FileReactor schematics.jpg|Ditto.
FileC3a2sign44.png|The reactor core map.
FileAkira vol2 040.jpg|''Akira'' lift.

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