Lamarr Goes to the Zoo

|image=FileLamarr logo.png|250px
|name=''Lamarr Goes to the Zoo''
|developer=*Andrew Wilson
*Chase Martin
*Christine Phelan
*Jeep Barnett
*John McLaughlin
*Justin Yorke
*Jørgen Tjernø
|date=March 21, 2013
|genre=WikipediaSide-scrolling video game|Side-scrolling
|mode=WikipediaSingle player|Single player
|platform=WikipediaMicrosoft Windows|Windows

'''''Lamarr Goes to the Zoo''''' (misspelled as "Lamar" on the title screen) is a side-scrolling platform game created by several Valve Corporation|Valve employees for a 48-hour WikipediaGame jam|game jam. It was developed in WikipediaConstruct 2|Construct 2, an HTML5-based game editor, on the weekend of March 16 to March 17, 2013 and released on March 21, 2013 by Jeep Barnett (aka PersonGuy) through a http// thread on the http// Facepunch forums.

The game consists of a non-debeaked version of Isaac Kleiner|Kleiner's pet Classic Headcrab|Headcrab Lamarr walking through platforms of the "Dam Zoo" and confronting zookeepers who use butterfly nets to catch her (they cannot be killed directly, and Lamarr will die upon contact), and eventually escaping the zoo. The game features only WikipediaSprite (computer graphics)|sprites.

Lamarr can collect hats (one with the Lambda logo) and Mohawks that can be exchanged in a small menu. She can also zombify crocodiles and a giraffe to proceed, walk on flying bald eagles, "charge" herself to make higher jumps, and coo to influence the behavior of some NPCs (for instance summon a buffalo to clear her path and dispatch the zookeepers or modify the flight directions of the bald eagles). Watermelons are used as checkpoints (walking through them will smashed them), and green portals load the next map.



FileLamarr start.png|Game start.
FileLamarr zookeeper ingame.png|The first zookeeper.
FileLamarr croc mohawk.png|Riding a zombified crocodile after "taking" its Mohawk.
FileLamarr freedom.png|End screen with buffalos lead by one that was zombified by Lamarr, nodding to the "Freedom!" shout from the film ''WikipediaBraveheart|Braveheart''.


FileLamarr buffalo.png|Buffalo sprite.
FileLamarr buffalo zombie.png|Zombie buffalo sprite.
FileLamarr zookeeper.png|Zookeeper sprite.
FileLamarr crocodile.png|Crocodile sprite.
FileLamarr crocodile zombie.png|Zombie crocodile sprite.
FileLamarr giraffe.png|giraffe sprite.
FileLamarr giraffe zombie.png|Zombie giraffe sprite.
FileLamarr eagle.png|Bald eagle sprite.

===Hats and more===

FileLamarr.png|Lamarr sprite.
FileLamarr Mohawk green.png|Green Mohawk.
FileLamarr Mohawk purple.png|Purple Mohawk.
FileLamarr Mohawk blue.png|Blue Mohawk.
FileLamarr zookeeper hat.png|Zookeeper hat.
FileLamarr HL hat.png|"''Half-Life''" hat.
FileLamarr watermelon checkpoint.png|Watermelon sprite.
FileLamarr watermelon checkpoint smashed.png|Ditto, smashed.

==External links==
*http// Official thread by Jeep Barnett at Facepunch
*http// Direct download at Jeep Barnett's personal website
*{{YouTube|BoXE2I1MAls|Full playthrough}}

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