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'''Jonathan Coulton''' is an American singer-songwriter, whose claim to fame was his use of the Internet to distribute his music. 

In 2005, he quit his job as a software writer to embark on a project he named "Thing a Week", for which he released a song every Friday for an entire year. This project was a massive success, and Coulton is now regarded an "Internet super-star". He now makes his living as a musician.

Famous for his music containing themes of geek culture, he has been featured in ''Portal'' in 2007, for which he wrote the credits song, "Still Alive",''Portal '' credits sung by Ellen McLain. On ''The Orange Box soundtrack|The Orange Box Original Soundtrack'', a version of the song sung by him is featured. The other is one of his earlier songs, "Re Your Brains", which was included, along with "Still Alive", in a jukebox in ''wcLeft4DeadLeft 4 Dead 2|Left 4 Dead 2''. This song is framed as a memo sent by an infected zombie horde representative to his old co-worker trapped inside a mall indefinitely.

Coulton returned for ''Portal 2'', the sequel to ''Portal'' released in 2011, and again provided the credits song, this time titled "Want You Gone".''Portal 2'' credits

Coulton composed a third song related for the ''Portal'' universe, "You Wouldn't Know", for the 2015 video game ''Lego Dimensions''.


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