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'''Jeep Barnett''' is a programmer working at Valve since July 2005.http// LinkedIn profile of Jeep Barnett He was hired with most of the Nuclear Monkey Software team to make ''Portal''.http// Valve's official website Although he was credited in ''Half-Life 2'' Episodes One and Two, he did not directly work on them.http// Jeep Barnett's resume on his personal website

{{ParagraphQuote|Jeep quit his janitorial job at Fred Meyer to turn his programming hobby into a career. Jeep's love of video games (and fear of returning to a life of toilet scrubbing) drove him to earn a B.S. Degree from the DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA. His senior game project, ''Narbacular Drop'', morphed into ''Portal'' after Valve hired Jeep and his DigiPen teammates.|http// Source|June 6, 2015}}

*Portals Implemented player, AI, and other portal interactions. Coded surface fitting system.
*Gameplay Programmed game entities, player movement, and the portal gun.
*Design Ensured a smooth and memorable player experience. Crafted levels in Hammer.
*AI Tuned the turret’s behavior to be challenging and fair. Injected life into its reactions.
*UI Created the bonus maps interface for challenges and importing user created content.
*Audio Built soundscapes and managed aural perception. Implemented sound effect usage.
*PR Granted written, spoken, and video press interviews. Prepared and drove trade shows demos.

===Potato Fools Day (Alternate Reality Game)===
*Design Created mega-puzzle framework to link together dozens of cryptography puzzles.
*Design Monitored, disseminated, and reacted to weeks of community activity.
*Photography Scouted Seattle map puzzle locations and photographed image clues.

===''Portal 2'', ''Cooperative Testing Initiative''===
*Design Developed game flow for connecting with a partner, level selection, and transitions.
*Design Codified core elements of co-op puzzle design and player gesture system.
*Gameplay Implemented positioning and timing mechanisms for artist-driven co-op gestures.
*Networking Resolved late-development lag issues and PS3/PC/Mac cross-compatibility.
*QA Debugged and solved Xbox 360 and PS3 TCRs.
*PR Met incoming international press for written and video interviews.

===''Portal 2'', ''Peer Review''===
*Engine Maintained Xbox 360, PS3, and PC/Mac codebases and automated building systems.
*UI Developed leaderboard ranking interfaces.

==Selected gameography==
*''Narbacular Drop'' (2005)
*''Half-Life 2 Episode One'' (2006)
*''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' (2007)
*''Portal'' (2007)
*''Portal 2'' (2011)
*''Lamarr Goes to the Zoo'' (2013)


==External links==
*http// Personal website

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