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|name=Human Sergeant
|affiliation=Hazardous Environment Combat Unit
|weapons=*Dual WikipediaAnti-tank warfare|LAW rocket launchers
*WikipediaM60 machine gun|M60
*20mm CannonHalf-Life SDK|''Half-Life'' SDK source files
*Combat Knife|Combat knife (textures only)
*cycler_human_assault (techdemo)
*monster_cine2_hvyweapons (cinematic scene)
|designer=Chuck Jones''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''
{{Quote|You're dead! You hear me? Dead!|The Human Sergeant|Half-Life Alpha|FileHw alert.ogg}}

The '''Human Sergeant'''''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' is an Hazardous Environment Combat Unit|HECU class cut from ''Half-Life''.

FileHuman Sarge.jpg|Concept art.|thumb|200px|left

Acting as a squad leader, the Human Sergeant was to smoke a cigar and have a flattop haircut and bad attitude. He would command grunt squads and be in radio contact with command.''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' According to concept art image featured in ''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'', he was originally to use an WikipediaM60 machine gun|M60 for a spray attack, fire rockets with his dual WikipediaAnti-tank warfare|LAW rocket launchers, and possess a melee attack at close range.''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' While the M60 and the LAWs were modeled, they were removed from the last known iteration of the NPC, in which the M60 was replaced by a 20mm Cannon and the LAWs by a backpack.''Half-Life'' game files A Combat Knife|combat knife can also be seen attached on his belt, although it is only part of his textures.

While the most complete name for the Human Sergeant is provided in ''Raising the Bar'' (where it is misspelled as "Sargeant"), this enemy class is referred to by a number of other titles. In the ''Half-Life'' files, his model and sound file folders are named "hassault" (for "human assault"); in the ''Half-Life'' SDK files, his folder is named "Hvyweapons" (for "heavy weapons"), while his .qc files use the terms "human heavy weapons" and "heavy weapons character".

Originally showcased in gameplay videos of early ''Half-Life'' builds, the Human Sergeant can be found in the ''Half-Life'' model files, as with many other enemies cut from the game. He is also featured in the Half-Life SDK|''Half-Life'' SDK files, where larger textures can be found. His sound file folder in the retail ''Half-Life'' files only contains the sounds for his 20mm Cannon weapon, not his voice. In the leaked Half-Life Alpha|''Half-Life'' Alpha, however, a single alert sound is present in which he exclaims "''You're dead! You hear me? Dead!''".

Although not present in the build during normal gameplay, the Human Sergeant can be seen in the ''Half-Life'' Alpha during the pre-recorded demo files. Sometimes accompanied by a pair of soldiers, he is seen acting as a primarily stationary turret enemy, guarding a few key locations with a barrage of suppressing fire from his weapon. Prefaced by a short wind up time, his 20mm Cannon is demonstrated to be remarkably accurate, even at range.

While the NPC was cut from the final product, the Human Sergeant's face was reused with slight modifications as a HECU Marine featured among the four original head models.

==Behind the scenes==
The Human Sergeant was to have an alternate model (named "g_heavy") for the Censored versions of Half-Life|censored German version. It is mentioned in the the Half-Life SDK|''Half-Life'' SDK, but the source files are missing.

==In modding==
The Human Sergeant appears in several ''Half-Life'' mods such as ''Point of View'', ''Sweet Half-Life'', and ''Sven Co-op''. In ''Sven Co-op'', his weapon, there a WikipediaMinigun|minigun, can be picked up and used by the player.

===Half-Life Alpha|Alpha===

FileSarge01.png|Character model.
FileC1a2a assault.jpg
FileC1a2b assault01.jpg
FileC1a2b assault02.jpg


FileHwguy showcase.jpg|In a technology demo.
FileHECU chaingun model.jpg|In a zoo map.
FileHwguy in-game.jpg|In the ''Alien Research Lab''.
FileHLPF 04.png|Ditto, closeup.
FileHECU in unknown location.jpg|Ditto, with a third grunt, seen from a different spot.
FileEarly rpg and heavy.jpg|M44 cargo truck, Human Sergeant, and early Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher (Half-Life)|RPG.
FileAlien grunt heavy tunnel.jpg|Human Sergeant, Alien Grunt, HECU grunt, and dead scientist in an unknown location.
FileHwguy pre-released.jpg|The player fighting two Human Sergeants.
FileC2a2e heavy.jpg|In ''On A Rail''.
FileHuman Sergeant render.jpg|Hi-res render.

===Half-Life SDK|SDK===

FileSarge early.png|The earliest known version, armed with an M60 (removed for a better view) and LAW rocket launchers.
FileSarge m60.png|The M60. No textures were provided.
FileHassault.png|{{IconPlusLinkCorner|d/df/Hassault.webm}}Final version.
FileHvyw head.png|Hi-res version of the face texture. 
FileHeavy pants.png|Hi-res version of the pants texture featuring a combat knife.
FileMinigun.jpg|Detail of his 20mm Cannon weapon.


FileHl soldier 04.png|The retail black marine model reusing the Sergeant's head.

==List of appearances==
*''Half-Life SDK'' {{1st}} {{Nc}}
*''Half-Life'' on WikipediaSteam (software)|Steam {{Gf}} {{Nc}}
*''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' {{Nc}}


==External links==
*{{YouTube|url=-5hGB_JRs8s|text=''Half-Life Preliminary Findings'' - In Deep}} - Features footage at http// 150.
*{{YouTube|phTjVY04_k0|''Half-Life'' Alpha developer playthrough}} - Recorded from the included demo files. The Human Sergeant appears at http// 523, http// 750, http// 2010, and http// 3330.

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