Healing Chamber

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*Gordon Freeman
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The '''Healing Chamber''',''Half-Life Prima Guide'' also known as the Healing Station and Healing Cubicle, is an upright healing device seen on Xen. It is similar in appearance and functionality to a shower.

*The Healing Chamber is only seen occasionally, usually in hidden areas in the Mines|mines during the ''Half-Life'' chapter ''Interloper''.

*It is used by the Vortigaunts working there to heal themselves of possible injuries. Any Vortigaunt damaged by the player will run to the nearest Healing Chamber to restore its health.

*It appears to use the same healing water as that of the Healing Pool, healing the same amount of player damage per second, and with a seemingly limitless supply of healing power as well, but here it is suspended in midair.


FileC4a1c0004.jpg|Healing Chamber in the mines.
FileChamber vortigaunt.jpg|Vortigaunt inside a Healing Chamber.

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*''Half-Life'' {{1st}}


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