Hazardous Environment SuitQuotes

The following is a list of '''quotes and sounds from the Hazardous Environment Suit''' in every ''Half-Life'' game.

The suit's sentences always start with various  sounds|notification sounds whose pitches are sometimes changed by the game engine. They are not included in our sound files.

Information found in ''Half-Life''’s "sentences.txt", transcripts partially based on the ''Half-Life 2'' subtitles. Most sentences are actually not used in the games, which heavily simplified the suit's behavior. These unused sentences can be found in the ''Half-Life'' sound files as well as the files of ''Half-Life 2'' and its Episodes.

'''Location''' GoldSrc sound/fvox/, Source sound/hl1/fvox/.

==Introduction message==

When donning the HEV Suit for the first time

{|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90%
!width=15%|Sentence name
|bell, hev_logon
|Welcome to the HEV Mark 4 Protective System, for use in hazardous environment conditions.
|Filehev logon.ogg
|Power assist movement activated. ''(According to Half-Life's "sentences.txt", it was supposed to be used in this context, but it is only used when donning the Long Jump Module)''
|Filepowermove on.ogg
|High impact reactive armor activated.
|Filepowerarmor on.ogg
|Atmospheric contaminant sensors activated.
|Fileatmospherics on.ogg
|Vital signs monitoring activated.
|Filevitalsigns on.ogg
|Automatic medical systems engaged.
|Fileautomedic on.ogg
|Defensive weapon selection system activated.
|Fileweaponselect on.ogg
|Munition level monitoring activated.
|Filemunitionview on.ogg
|Communications interface online.
|Filecommunications on.ogg
|Have a very safe day.
|Filesafe day.ogg

==Vital signs==

Various health warnings

{|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90%
!width=15%|Sentence name
|beep (2x),
health_dropping2 |Vital signs are dropping. |Filehealth dropping2.ogg |- |HEV_HLTH4 |beep (2x),
health_dropping2, evacuate_area |Vital signs are dropping. Evacuate area. |Filehealth dropping evacuate.ogg |- |HEV_HLTH5 |beep (3x),
health_critical, evacuate_area |Warning Vital signs critical. Evacuate area. |Filehealth critical evacuate.ogg |- |HEV_HLTH6 |beep (3x),
health_critical, evacuate_area, immediately |Warning Vital signs critical. Evacuate area immediately. |Filehealth critical evacuate immediately.ogg |- |HEV_HLTH3 |beep (3x),
near_death |Emergency. User death imminent. |Filenear death.ogg |- |HEV_DMG7 |boop (3x),
seek_medic |Seek medical attention. |Fileseek medic.ogg |- |} Electrical damage {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_SHOCK |beep (2x), warning, shock_damage |Warning Electrical damage detected. |Fileshock damage.ogg |- |} Heat damage {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_FIRE |beep (2x), warning, heat_damage |Warning Extreme heat damage detected. |Fileheat damage.ogg |- |} Radioactive waste damage {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_DMG3 |boop (3x),
blood_toxins |Warning Blood toxin levels detected. |Fileblood toxins.ogg |- |} Lacerations {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_DMG0 |boop (3x),
minor_lacerations |Minor lacerations detected. |Fileminor lacerations.ogg |- |HEV_DMG1 |boop (3x),
major_lacerations |Major lacerations detected. |Filemajor lacerations.ogg |- |} Fractures {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_DMG4 |boop (3x),
minor_fracture |Minor fracture detected. |Fileminor fracture.ogg |- |HEV_DMG5 |boop (3x),
major_fracture |Major fracture detected. |Filemajor fracture.ogg |- |} Bleeding {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_DMG6 |boop (3x),
blood_loss |Blood loss detected. |Fileblood loss.ogg |- |HEV_DMG2 |boop (3x),
internal_bleeding |Internal bleeding detected. |Fileinternal bleeding.ogg |- |} Death {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_DEAD0 |beep (6x),
flatline |''Flatline'' ''(Sentence HEV_DEAD1, minus one beep, also exists but is not used)'' |Fileflatline custom.ogg |- |} ==Healing== Intravenous {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |N/A |adrenaline_shot |Adrenaline administered. ''(Unused, to be used with the cut Canisters Powerup Canister)'' |Fileadrenaline shot.ogg |- |HEV_HEAL5 |boop (3x),
antidote_shot |Antidote administered. ''(Unused, to be used with the cut Canisters Powerup Canister)'' |Fileantidote shot.ogg |- |HEV_HEAL4 |boop (3x),
antitoxin_shot |Antitoxin administered. ''(Unused)'' |Fileantitoxin shot.ogg |- |HEV_HEAL3 |boop (3x),
blood_plasma |Blood plasma administered. ''(Unused)'' |Fileblood plasma.ogg |- |HEV_HEAL7 |boop (3x),
morphine_shot |Morphine administered. |Filemorphine shot.ogg |- |N/A |pain_block |Pain suppressant administered. ''(Unused)'' |Filepain block.ogg |- |} Various unused sentences {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_MED2 |boop (3x),
administering_medical |Administering medical attention. |Fileadministering medical.ogg |- |HEV_MED0 |boop (3x),
innsuficient_medical ''(sic)'' |Insufficient medical supplies to repair damage. |Fileinnsuficient medical.ogg |- |HEV_HEAL8 |boop (3x),
medical_repaired |Medical damage repaired. |Filemedical repaired.ogg |- |HEV_HEAL1 |boop (3x),
torniquette_applied ''(sic)'',
bleeding_stopped |Local tourniquet applied. Bleeding has stopped. |Filetorniquette applied bleeding stopped.ogg |- |HEV_HEAL2 |boop (3x),
bleeding_stopped |Bleeding has stopped. |Filebleeding stopped.ogg |- |HEV_HEAL0 |boop (3x),
wound_sterilized |Wound sterilized. |Filewound sterilized.ogg |- |} ==Hazard detections== Radioactivity detected {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_DET2 |blip (3x),
radiation_detected |Warning Hazardous radiation levels detected. |Fileradiation detected.ogg |- |} Radioactivity detected (Geiger counter) {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |N/A |geiger1 to geiger6 |''Geiger sound'' ''(All 6 sounds put together)'' |Filegeiger.ogg |- |} Chemical waste detected {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_DET1 |blip (3x),
chemical_detected |Warning Hazardous chemical detected. |Filechemical detected.ogg |- |} Biohazard detected {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_DET0 |blip (3x),
biohazard_detected |Warning Biohazard detected. |Filebiohazard detected.ogg |- |} Biological forms detected {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_DET3 |blip (3x),
bio_reading |Possible bio-reading. ''(Unused)'' |Filebio reading.ogg |- |} ==Suit (Unused)== Various unused sentences for the suit itself. {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_AIM_ON |blip,
targetting_system ''(sic)'', activated |Automatic target acquisition system activated. |Filetargetting system activated.ogg |- |HEV_AIM_OFF |blip,
targetting_system ''(sic)'', deactivated |Automatic target acquisition system deactivated. |Filetargetting system deactivated.ogg |- |HEV_D01 |fuzz (2x),
hev_shutdown |Insufficient power. HEV shutting down. |Filehev shutdown.ogg |- |N/A |armor_compromised |Warning Reactive armor compromised. ''(Unknown notification as the sentence is absent from Half-Life's "sentences.txt")'' |Filearmor compromised.ogg |- |HEV_E0 |buzz,
armor_gone |Armor compromised. |Filearmor gone.ogg |- |HEV_E2 |buzz,
hev_critical_fail |HEV critical failure—failure— |Filehev critical fail.ogg |- |HEV_E3 |buzz,
hev_general_fail |HEV general failure. |Filehev general fail.ogg |- |HEV_E4 |buzz,
hev_damage |HEV damage sustained. |Filehev damage.ogg |- |HEV_0P |fuzz (2x),
#, percent |Warning HEV power level below # percent. |Filepower below.ogg |- |HEV_V0 |blip,
voice_on |Voice system activated. ''(An option to turn on or off the suit's voice, since the suit was to notify the player for many things, ultimately dropped from the series)'' |Filevoice on.ogg |- |HEV_V1 |blip,
voice_off |Voice system deactivated. |Filevoice off.ogg |- |} ==Equipment== When equipment is picked up. While unused ''Half-Life'' sounds indicate that the suit voice was to be heard each time an item was picked up, in the final game it is used only when picking up a battery. ===Battery and medkit=== Each time a battery is picked up in ''Half-Life'' {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_1P to
HEV_18P |fuzz (2x),
percent |Power # percent. ''(# stands for the suit power after picking up the battery, rounded down to the nearest multiple of 5 (numbers are always multiples of 5, up to 100). "Restored" in "power_restored" is cropped in-game. Composite sound file for 50 percent as an example.)'' |Filehev power 50.ogg |- |} Heard only when picking up batteries in ''Half-Life''. If the power is filled up with a charger in ''Half-Life'' or charged with both a charger or batteries in ''Half-Life 2'' and its Episodes, the suit will remain silent {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_19P |fuzz (2x),power_level_is, #, percent |Power level is one hundred percent. ''(Composite sound made as an example)'' |FilePower level 100 percent.ogg |- |} Unused {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_BATTERY |blip,
get_battery, acquired |HEV power unit acquired. |Fileget battery.ogg |- |HEV_MEDKIT |blip,
get_medkit, acquired |Automatic medical kit acquired. |Fileget medkit.ogg |- |} ===Weapons=== ====Misc.==== Current weapon out of ammo {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_AMO0 |blip,
ammo_depleted |Ammunition depleted. |Fileammo depleted.ogg |- |} ====''Half-Life'' weapons (Unused)==== Never used in-game, it includes every weapon of the game minus the crowbar {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_44PISTOL |blip,
get_44pistol, acquired |.357 Magnum|.44 caliber handgun acquired. |Fileget 44pistol.ogg |- |HEV_HORNET and HEV_SQUEEK |blip,
get_alien_wpn, acquired |Unidentified bioweapon acquired. ''(Used for both the Hivehand and the Snark)'' |Fileget alien wpn.ogg |- |HEV_ASSAULT |blip,
get_assault, acquired |Submachine Gun (Half-Life)|9mm fully-automatic weapon with grenade launcher acquired. |Fileget assault.ogg |- |HEV_XBOW |blip,
get_crossbow, acquired |Crossbow (Half-Life)|High velocity stealth crossbow acquired. |Fileget crossbow.ogg |- |HEV_EGON |blip,
get_egon, acquired |Gluon Gun|Experimental energy weapon acquired. |Fileget egon.ogg |- |HEV_GAUSS |blip,
get_gauss, acquired |Tau Cannon|Experimental hypervelocity projectile weapon acquired. |Fileget gauss.ogg |- |HEV_GRENADE |blip,
get_grenade, acquired |Fragmentation Grenade (Half-Life)|Fragmentation grenade acquired. |Fileget grenade.ogg |- |HEV_PISTOL |blip,
get_pistol, acquired |9mm Pistol (Half-Life)|9mm semi-automatic handgun acquired. |Fileget pistol.ogg |- |HEV_RPG |blip,
get_rpg, acquired |Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher (Half-Life)|Laser-guided rocket launcher acquired. |Fileget rpg.ogg |- |HEV_SATCHEL |blip,
get_satchel, acquired |Satchel Charge|Remote-activated demolition unit acquired. |Fileget satchel.ogg |- |HEV_SHOTGUN |blip,
get_shotgun |Shotgun (Half-Life)|Combat shotgun acquired. ''(File contains the "acquired")'' |Fileget shotgun.ogg |- |HEV_TRIPMINE |blip,
get_tripmine, acquired |Laser Trip Mine (Half-Life)|Laser-activated anti-personnel mine acquired. |Fileget tripmine.ogg |- |N/A |blip,
weapon_pickup |Weapon acquired. |Fileweapon pickup.ogg |- |} ====''Half-Life'' ammunition==== Unused as well {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_9MM |blip,
get_9mmclip, acquired |9mm ammunition acquired. |Fileget 9mmclip.ogg |- |HEV_44AMMO |blip,
get_44ammo, acquired |.44 caliber ammunition acquired. |Fileget 44ammo.ogg |- |HEV_BOLTS |blip,
get_bolts, acquired |Neurotoxin-treated crossbow ammunition acquired. |Fileget bolts.ogg |- |HEV_BUCKSHOT |blip,
get_buckshot, acquired |Combat shotgun ammunition acquired. |Fileget buckshot.ogg |- |HEV_AGRENADE |blip,
get_assaultgren, acquired |Self-propelled grenade acquired. |Fileget assaultgren.ogg |- |HEV_EGONPOWER |blip,
get_egonpower, acquired |Energy recharge unit acquired. |Fileget egonpower.ogg |- |HEV_RPGAMMO |blip,
get_rpgammo, acquired |Laser-guided rocket acquired. |Fileget rpgammo.ogg |- |N/A |blip,
ammo_pickup |Ammunition acquired. ''(File contains the "acquired")'' |Fileammo pickup.ogg |- |} ===Long Jump Module=== Upon acquiring the Long Jump Module. Was to be used when donning the HEV Suit for the first time {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_A1 |blip (2x),
powermove_on |Power assist movement activated. |Filepowermove on.ogg |- |HEV_E5 |buzz,
powermove_overload |Warning Power movement system overload. ''(Unused)'' |Filepowermove overload.ogg |- |} ==Units (Unused)== Giving the time {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_C1t |bell, time_is_now, ##, am / pm |The time is now 1056 a.m. ''(Composite sound made as an example; "one" is the only number found in Half-Life's "sentences.txt")'' |Filetime is now 1056 am.ogg |- |N/A |am |a.m. |Fileam.ogg |- |N/A |pm |p.m. |Filepm.ogg |- |} A countdown. In ''Half-Life''’s "sentences.txt", only the numbers 10, 15, 20 and 30 are present, and are in seconds, while the sound files also include "minutes" and "hours" {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_F10t, HEV_F15t, HEV_F20t, HEV_F30t |time_remaining, ##, seconds |Time remaining 20 seconds. ''(Has only four sentences; Composite sound made as an example)'' |Filetime remaining 20 seconds.ogg |- |} Cardinal points. May be for a compass, possibly used with "your" + position", but ''Half-Life''’s "sentences.txt" contains no information about it {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |N/A |your, position |Your position. |Fileyour position.ogg |- |N/A |north |North. |Filenorth.ogg |- |N/A |south |South. |Filesouth.ogg |- |N/A |east |East. |Fileeast.ogg |- |N/A |west |West. |Filewest.ogg |- |} Range {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |HEV_GR0r, HEV_GR1r, HEV_GR2r, |range, twenty, nineteen, eighteen, meters |Range 19 meters. ''(Composite sound made as an example)'' |Filerange 19m.ogg |- |} ==Numbers== Separate numbers used for battery percentage in the final games, but also with cut uses such as the countdown or the time {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |N/A |one |One. |Fileone HEV.ogg |- |N/A |two |Two. |Filetwo HEV.ogg |- |N/A |three |Three. |Filethree HEV.ogg |- |N/A |four |Four. |Filefour HEV.ogg |- |N/A |five |Five. |Filefive HEV.ogg |- |N/A |six |Six. |Filesix HEV.ogg |- |N/A |seven |Seven. |Fileseven HEV.ogg |- |N/A |eight |Eight. |Fileeight HEV.ogg |- |N/A |nine |Nine. |Filenine HEV.ogg |- |N/A |ten |Ten. |Fileten HEV.ogg |- |N/A |eleven |Eleven. |Fileeleven HEV.ogg |- |N/A |twelve |Twelve. |Filetwelve HEV.ogg |- |N/A |thirteen |Thirteen. |Filethirteen HEV.ogg |- |N/A |fourteen |Fourteen. |Filefourteen HEV.ogg |- |N/A |fifteen |Fifteen. |Filefifteen HEV.ogg |- |N/A |sixteen |Sixteen. |Filesixteen HEV.ogg |- |N/A |seventeen |Seventeen. |Fileseventeen HEV.ogg |- |N/A |eighteen |Eighteen. |Fileeighteen HEV.ogg |- |N/A |nineteen |Nineteen. |Filenineteen HEV.ogg |- |N/A |twenty |Twenty. |Filetwenty HEV.ogg |- |N/A |thirty |Thirty. |Filethirty HEV.ogg |- |N/A |fourty |Fourty. |Filefourty HEV.ogg |- |N/A |fifty |Fifty. |Filefifty HEV.ogg |- |N/A |sixty |Sixty. |Filesixty HEV.ogg |- |N/A |seventy |Seventy. |Fileseventy HEV.ogg |- |N/A |eighty |Eighty. |Fileeighty HEV.ogg |- |N/A |ninety |Ninety. |Fileninety HEV.ogg |- |N/A |onehundred |One hundred. |Fileonehundred HEV.ogg |- |} ==Unused words== {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sentence name !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |N/A |danger |Danger. |Filedanger.ogg |- |N/A |online |Online. ''(Used in "communications_on" but with another tone.)'' |Fileonline.ogg |- |} ==Notification sounds== The various notification sounds starting the suit's messages, with their pitches unchanged. Some are also reused in the games' environment. {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |beep |''"Beep" sound'' ''(Also used with the flatline sound for the player's death)'' |Filebeep.ogg |- |bell |''Bell sound'' ''(Used for the introduction message only)'' |Filebell.ogg |- |blip |''"Blip" sound'' |Fileblip.ogg |- |boop |''"Boop" sound'' |Fileboop.ogg |- |buzz |''"Buzz" sound'' |Filebuzz.ogg |- |fuzz |''"Fuzz" sound'' |Filefuzz.ogg |- |hiss |''"Hiss" sound'' ''(Not a notification but an injection sound, e.g. with "Morphine administered.")'' |Filehiss.ogg |- |} {{Quotes}} CategoryQuotes by technology