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'''Harry Teasley''' is an artist and designer who worked at Valve.

Teasley has been working in the gaming industry since 1991. He joined Valve in October 1996. He was involved in the initial design and subsequent creation of ''Half-Life'' as an artist and game designer. His work included story design, initial character concept creation, locale concept design, texture painting, and level design. After the launch of ''Half-Life'', he worked on other Valve titles as an artist, worked with third-party content developers, and acted as a producer on ''Half-Life Opposing Force''. He worked with Ken Birdwell to put the Half-Life SDK|''Half-Life'' SDK together.{{IA|20010308092225/http//planethalflife.com/wavelength/april22ulog.htm|Chat log|Wavelength (April 22, 1998)}} He studied at Maryland Institute College of Art, and graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts and Fine Art Drawing.{{LI|in/harryteasley}} He is married to Yatsze Mark, who also worked on ''Half-Life'' as an artist.

Teasley's List of minor Black Mesa employees|surname appears in ''Half-Life'' as an Easter egg in the Sector C|Anomalous Materials Laboratory on a locker. A FilePICTURE12.png|photo of his daughter, Isabel, can be found in Gordon Freeman's locker in the same room. According to Teasley, he originally placed this photo in a completely different area, on the broken desk of a ruined office in another map, and had initially put a pin-up poster in Gordon's locker. However, John Guthrie later performed a pass on the level, modifying the locker and placing Isabel's photo there instead.http//reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/o16il The girl in Gordon's locker turns 14 today. on Reddit (January 3, 2012)http//reddit.com/r/HalfLife/comments/50olod I'm the dad of the girl in Gordon's locker on Reddit (September 1, 2016) In addition to this, FileIsabel Teasley.png|an unused name tag with the name "Isabel Teasley" can be found in the textures.

==Selected gameography==
*''Half-Life'' (1998)
*''Half-Life Opposing Force'' (1999)
*''Half-Life Blue Shift'' (2001)

==Official biographies==
{{CollapsedBio|19980111062524/http//valvesoftware.com/people.htm|January 11, 1998|Harry Teasley - Game Designer/Level Designer/Artist|Harry came to Valve from Shiny Entertainment, where he was working on the upcoming game Wild 9's. Prior to Shiny, Harry was at Williams Entertainment where he was lead artist and designer for PlayStation Doom, and was lead designer for Doom64. Before Williams, Harry worked with Sid Meier at Microprose on Civilization as well as Pirates Gold, among other projects.}}

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*{{IA|20150801122111/http//harryteasley.com/|Personal website}}

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