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'''''Halls3''''', also known as '''''GreatHalls''''', is a multiplayer map in ''Half-Life 2 Deathmatch''. It was added in the April 3, 2013 update which transitioned the game to the SteamPipe distribution system.


''Halls3'' takes place in a series of connected buildings on the outskirts of City 17. The Citadel can be seen in the distance. There are three main buildings in the map the red and blue buildings placed on the lower level and the center building containing Charger|Health and HEV Chargers on the upper level. Each building is open to a small outer enclosure with a highway along one perimeter.

The red and blue buildings are connected by five separate hallways, each with a Teleportation|teleport that leads directly to a different weapon. The type of ammo located in front of the teleport gives a clue as to what weapon lies on the other side. Raised walkways overlook the interiors of the red and blue buildings.

==Behind the scenes==
''Halls3'' was created by Chris Ashton, co-founder of WikipediaTurtle Rock Studios|Turtle Rock Studios, during his time at Valve Corporation|Valve between 2001 and 2002. However, the map itself was not publicly released in the game until 2013.https//talk.turtlerockstudios.com/t/til-macman-went-full-laz-mode-on-hl2dm/66568/4 TIL MacMan went full Laz mode on HL2DM on Turtle Rock Forums. The level is a remake of one of his earlier ''Half-Life'' multiplayer map works from 1998, ''Halls2'', developed while he was a member of WikipediaPresto Studios|Presto Studios. In turn, ''Halls2'' was based on a 1995 netmap made for the game ''WikipediaMarathon (video game)|Marathon'' known as ''Halls of death'', described by Ashton to be one of his favorites.ftp//ftp.gameaholic.com/pub/games/action/half-life/levels/deathmatch/halls2.txt halls2.txt


FileHalls3 main.jpg|Outside of the red and center buildings.
FileHalls3 blueoutside.jpg|Outside of the blue building.
FileHalls3 highway.jpg|The highway across from the buildings.
FileHalls3 centerinside.jpg|Interior of the center building housing the chargers.
FileHalls3 redinside.jpg|Interior of the red building.
FileHalls3 teleporter.jpg|Hallway with a teleport leading to a Combine SPAS-12|shotgun, hinted at by the shotgun ammo.


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