Half-Line Miami

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|image=FileHalf-Line Miami logo.png|250px
|name=''Half-Line Miami''
|developer=http//thomaskole.com/ Thomas Kole
|date=21 Aug 2015
|genre=Top-down shooter
|mode=WikipediaSingle-player video game|Single-player
|input=keyboard and mouse
|composer=http//soundcloud.com/sung_music Geoffrey "Sung" Graven''Half-Line Miami''http//soundcloud.com/sung_music Sung music on http//soundcloud.com SoundCloud
'''''Half-Line Miami''''' is a free mashup of ''Half-life 2'' and ''Hotline Miami'' developed by Thomas Kole. It was made to declare Thomas' love of the two games.http//stabberthomas.itch.io/hlm

The plot vaguely follows that of ''Half-life 2'', with eight main levels
*Point Insertion
*Route Kanal
*Water Hazard
*Highway 17
*Nova Prospekt
*Anticitizen One
*Our Benefactors
Upon starting a new game, there is a crude representation of the G-man intro where pixelated versions of the places seen in ''Half-life 2'' are seen whilst the G-man's head wobbles left and right. The G-man's end speech is similarly depicted upon completion. After winning the last level, ''Our Benefactors'', the picture of the Citadel in the background of the main menu is replaced with a destroyed version similar in appearance to the Citadel in Half-Life 2 Episode Two|Episode Two.

The player must pick up objects with their Gravity Gun and throw them at enemies. Once all enemies have been eliminated, the player may approach the exit and progress to the next level. All objects kill in one hit. There are also explosive barrels that will explode as soon as they hit something and kill all nearby enemies.

Upon taking four hits, the player will die and have to restart the level. Healthkits can be found which restore the player to full health.

The player plays as Gordon Freeman in an HEV suit.
There are nine different enemies
*Overwatch soldiers with pistols
*Nova Prospekt guards with SMGs
*Overwatch soldiers with shotguns
*Overwatch elites with OSIPRs
*Dr. Breen
*Fast zombies

The player is armed with a version of the Gravity Gun that can pull objects over an infinitely large distance and shoot them with extreme force, also over an infinite distance. As soon as any thrown object hits an enemy, they die. In the last level, ''Our Benefactors'', the player has a Supercharged Gravity Gun that is also capable of picking up the dead Elites. However, they will not be charged after being dropped or thrown, unlike in ''Half-life 2''.

Different enemies also have various weapons
*Civil Protection officers are armed with Stunsticks
*Overwatch soldiers are armed with slow-firing pistols
*Prison guards are armed with SMGs with a high firerate
*Overwatch shotgunners are armed with a shotgun that fires five shots at a time
*Overwatch Elites are armed with SMGs with a high firerate

The music is by Geoffrey "Sung" Graven, who can be found on https//soundcloud.com/sung_music SoundCloud.
In order (italicised tracks appear earlier in the game) * Overizer * Neon Artery * Gang Over (instrumental) * Icarus (instrumental) * ''Neon Artery'' * ''Icarus (instrumental)'' * ''Overizer'' * Way Farer (instrumental) Sunset Drive is used in the menu, Way Farer in "The Level" and an additional track upon completion of a level (filename is TheJob.mp3, contains title "HLM-Level End"). All of the tracks (except the level completion) are available on SoundCloud and BandCamp. ==Gallery== HLMground1.jpg|''Point Insertion'' layout HLMground2.jpg|''Route Kanal'' layout HLMground3.jpg|''Water Hazard'' layout HLMground4.jpg|''Ravenholm...'' layout HLMground5.jpg|''Highway 17'' layout HLMground6.jpg|''Nova Prospekt'' layout HLMground7.jpg|''Anticitizen One'' layout HLMground8.jpg|''Our Benefactors'' layout HLMthumb1.jpg|''Point Insertion'' thumbnail HLMthumb2.jpg|''Route Kanal'' thumbnail HLMthumb3.jpg|''Water Hazard'' thumbnail HLMthumb4.jpg|''Ravenholm...'' thumbnail HLMthumb5.jpg|''Highway 17'' thumbnail HLMthumb6.jpg|''Nova Prospekt'' thumbnail HLMthumb7.jpg|''Anticitizen One'' thumbnail HLMthumb8.jpg|''Our Benefactors'' thumbnail ==References== {{Reflist}} ==External Links== *http//stabberthomas.itch.io/hlm ''Half-Line Miami'' official website *http//thomaskole.com/ Thomas Kole's website *http//soundcloud.com/sung_music Sung music on SoundCloud {{FanRW}}