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|date=October 3, 2002
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The '''''Half-Life'' SDK''' is a collection of applications used for developing maps and Mods|modifications for games that use Valve's GoldSrc|GoldSrc engine. Along with the packaged programs, the SDK also includes model sources and source code for the engine and various entities used within the games.
The ''Half-Life'' SDK contains many programs useful for editing GoldSrc-based games, such as ''Half-Life''. It also contains the source code for ''Half-Life'', ''Deathmatch Classic'' and ''wcricochetRicochet|Ricochet'', which can be edited to introduce new entities, monsters or left as is and used as a base. It also contains 3DS Max and .smd source files for models, and sources of two ''Half-Life'' storyline maps and one map used for a beam demonstration.


===Standard SDK===
The Standard SDK contains source code, a launcher graphics toolkit and several help files along with all content from the Model and Map SDK, Texture SDK and Sprite SDK.

===Full SDK===
The Full SDK contains everything that the Standard SDK includes, as well as sources for certain monster models and all weapon models. Before version 2.1, it was given only to modders who had signed a non-disclosure agreement with Valve Corporation|Valve, and was known as the Professional SDK.

===Source code only===
A special edition of the SDK, containing only source code, exists for version 2.3, which does not exist in Standard edition.

===Model and Map SDK===
The Model and Map SDK, commonly known as the Mini SDK, contains player model sources, sources for the Gluon Gun and Submachine Gun models, Valve Hammer Editor, sources for two storyline maps and one beam system demonstration map and a networking code help file. Its content is included in the Standard and Full editions.

===Texture SDK===
The Texture SDK contains only parts necessary for texture creation. Its content is included in the Standard and Full editions.

===Sprite SDK===
The Sprite SDK contains only parts necessary for sprite creation. Its content is included in the Standard and Full editions.

===Commercial SDK===
Commercial licensees of GoldSrc, such as Gearbox Software, received a special extended edition of the SDK. Its contents are unknown; it probably includes source files for all maps and models in the game, and the engine source code.

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