Half-Life Origins

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| title          = Half-Life Origins
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| director       = Brian Curtin
| producer       = Brian Curtin
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| based on       = ''Half-Life''
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| editing        = 
| studio         = Infectious Designer
| distributor    = 
| released       = November 28, 2011
| runtime        = 000201
| country        = USA
| language       = English
| budget         = 
| gross          = 
'''''Half-Life Origins''''' is a trailer-like short independent fan film based on ''Half-Life''. It was produced by Infectious Designer, creators of ''Beyond Black Mesa'' and co-creators of ''The Freeman Chronicles''. 

It was released through Machinima's YouTube channel on November 28, 2011, and through Infectious Designer's channel on March 29, 2012.


The short film is a retelling of the two first Half-Life storyline|''Half-Life'' chapters, ''Black Mesa Inbound'' and'' Anomalous Materials'', during which Gordon Freeman rides the Black Mesa Transit System to his workplace within Black Mesa, the Sector C Materials Test Labs and Control Facilities|Anomalous Materials Test Labs and Control Facilities in Sector C. Cave Johnson's visitor name tag can also be seen in the train.

The film ends with an humorous reference to the "casserole debacle", in which Freeman destroys a meal in the Anomalous Materials' microwave oven.


The film combines live action and CG environments, to give the film a "semi-realistic look".

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