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|date=November 18, 1999http//bluesnews.com/s/7673 Opposing Force in Stores on Blue's News (November 18, 1999)
|genre=WikipediaFirst-person shooter|First-person shooter
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Randy Pitchford |composer=Chris Jensen |previous=''Half-Life Uplink'' |next=''Half-Life Blue Shift'' }} '''''Half-Life Opposing Force''''' (commonly referred to as ''OpFor'' or ''Op4'') is a critically acclaimed expansion pack for ''Half-Life'', developed by Gearbox Software and released by Sierra Entertainment on November 18, 1999. ==Overview== {{Main|Half-Life Opposing Force storyline}} In ''Opposing Force'', the player returns to Black Mesa as Corporal Adrian Shephard, one of the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit|soldiers sent in to eliminate the civilians from the original game. On an undisclosed mission to Black Mesa, things don't quite go as planned, and Shephard gets separated from his unit at the beginning of the game. Now alone and without any orders, Shephard must face not only a new Race X|alien threat, but also the Black Ops|government agents sent in after the soldiers pull out. Their mission is to cover up the incident by destroying the facility and eliminating everything on their way, including the soldiers who were left behind. ==Characters== *Adrian Shephard *The G-Man *Dwight T. Barnes *Sharp *Gordon Freeman *Gina Cross {{C|As Holographic Assistant}} *Black Mesa Science Team members *Black Mesa Security Force members *Hazardous Environment Combat Unit members ==Enemies== ===Black Ops=== *Female Black Ops *Male Black Ops *AH-64 Apache ===CategoryXen creatures|Xen aliens=== *Alien Controller *Alien Grunt *Barnacle *Bullsquid *Gargantua *Gonome *Classic Headcrab|Headcrab *Classic Zombie|Headcrab Zombies *Houndeye *Ichthyosaur *Snark *Tentacle *Vortigaunt ===Race X=== *Gene Worm *Pit Drone *Pit Worm *Shock Trooper *Shock Roach *Voltigore ==Weapons== In the single-player campaign, some of these weapons replace their ''Half-Life'' counterparts (Desert Eagle - .357 Magnum, M40A1 - Crossbow, Pipe wrench/Combat knife - Crowbar, Shock Roach - Hivehand). However, in the multiplayer game the player can carry both the new ''Opposing Force'' weapons and their ''Half-Life'' variants at the same time, while cheat codes also make it possible to possess and use these weapons in single-player mode. *Pipe Wrench *Combat knife *Barnacle Grapple *9mm Pistol (Half-Life)|9mm Pistol *Desert Eagle *Submachine Gun (Half-Life)|Submachine Gun *Shotgun (Half-Life)|Shotgun *Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher (Half-Life)|RPG *Hand Grenade *Laser Trip Mine (Half-Life)|Laser Trip Mine *Satchel Charge *M249 Squad Automatic Weapon *M-40A1 Sniper Rifle *Spore Launcher *Shock Roach *Displacer Cannon ==Development== ''Half-Life Opposing Force'' was announced on April 15, 1999 to be developed by Gearbox Software.http//bluesnews.com/s/1472 ''Half-Life'' Expansion Announcement on Blue's News (April 15, 1999) At the time, Gearbox was a new company formed by the core members of the defunct Rebel Boat Rocker which had been shut down after a struggle with their publisher on their first video game project. The team wanted to work on small scale titles based on an existing technology rather than creating a completely new game.{{IA|20031026212855/http//bwf.be/index.php?page{{=}}view_interview&id{{=}}7|Gearbox interview|Belgian Webgaming Forever (September 5, 2003)}} Meanwhile, Valve was busy with developing ''Half-Life 2'' and its supporting Source|engine technology.{{IA|20120330050654/http//theverge.com/gaming/2012/3/28/2903588/half-life-borderlands-gearbox-software-aliens-brothers-in-arms|From ''Half-Life'' to ''Borderlands'' Gearbox rides the rocket|The Verge (March 28, 2012)}} They were looking for someone to take over their role and expand the Half-Life and Portal universe|''Half-Life'' universe so they could focus on their future titles. Gearbox had connections at Valve and were interested in meeting them to see what they could put together. However, Gabe Newell ended up calling them first as he a similar idea for a project. Through their connections, Gabe was told what Gearbox was doing, and he believed they'd be a good fit. Both companies got together to discuss and explore the possibilities.{{IA|20061031130241/http//computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id{{=}}25843|Shifting up a gear Randy Pitchford Interview|Computer and Video Games (February 26, 2002)}} Randy Pitchford pitched the idea of player returning to Black Mesa as one of the soldiers invading the facility occurring during the same time as the events of ''Half-Life'', retelling the story from another character's perspective. He likened the concept to the play WikipediaRosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead|Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. Newell, inspired by WikipediaThe Alexandria Quartet|The Alexandria Quartet series of novels, also wanted to have a WikipediaRashomon effect|Rashomon-esque structure and allow the players to experience the same events from a different point of view.{{IA|20081217151736/http//pc.gamespy.com/pc/half-life/932135p1.html|''Half-Life'' 10th Anniversary Interview|GameSpy (November 19, 2008)}} The deal was signed, and the production of the ''Opposing Force'' expansion pack went forward. ==Soundtrack== {{Main|Half-Life Opposing Force soundtrack}} ==Trivia== {{Main|List of Easter eggs in Half-Life|List of pop culture references in Half-Life}} *The demo version was released after the game's release on March 4, 2000. It is featuring portions of ''Welcome to Black Mesa'', ''Friendly Fire'', ''Foxtrot Uniform'' with minor changes. *If the player follows Gordon Freeman through the portal to Xen in ''We Are Not Alone'', the game will end, accusing the player of trying to rewrite the history with a game over message that says "Evaluation terminated, Subject attempted to create a temporal paradox". This means what happened in the original level was changed by the player. ==Gallery== ===Pre-release=== FileOtis wrench.jpg File1298.JPG File3big.jpg FileOf14.JPG ===Retail=== FileHlof conback.png|Console background. FileHlof loading.png|Loading screen. FileOp4 install.png|Original installation splash screen. FileHLOF WON Menu.png|Original main menu, used before Steam. FileOpposing Force intro.jpg|The intro. FileOf1a1 infirmary.jpg|The infirmary. FileOf1a6 commander.jpg|The commander talking over the radio. ===Other=== FileCgw 183 01.jpg|Advertisement. FileCgw 183 02.jpg|Second page. ==References== {{Imagecat|Half-Life Opposing Force images}} {{Reflist}} ==External links== *{{IA|20000815063323/http//sierrastudios.com/games/opposingforce/|Official website}} *{{Steam|url=50|text=Half-Life Opposing Force}} {{Games}} CategoryGames CategoryMultiplayer games CategoryHalf-Life CategoryHalf-Life Opposing Force CategoryHalf-Life Expansions