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During ''Half-Life 2''’s Development of Half-Life 2|development, several demonstrations of the game were showcased, most notably at the WikipediaElectronic Entertainment Expo|E3 video game trade fair, among others.

Most of the maps of the E3 demonstrations can be found in the WC mappack from the ''Half-Life 2'' leak, but will require some amount of work for them to work, due to missing files and engine differences.

==E3 2002==
''Half-Life 2'' was originally to be presented at E3 2002. Following the enthusiasm sparked at Valve by the technology demo ''Get Your Free TVs!'' in summer 2001, Newell asked the team to prepare a "proof of concept" reel with elements that would resemble more a finished game. In late 2001, the team started work on the demonstrations, hoping to finish them in early 2002 and then unveil them at E3 2002. In March 2002, the team had completed a large series of demonstrations and were very satisfied with the results, given the short amount of time given to prepare them, and were ready to show it to Gabe Newell. But while he was impressed by the work put into the demonstration, he considered it not good enough to be shown at E3 2002. While the character technology was visually impressive, the dramatic scenes were deemed too long and boring; the physics gameplay was worth of interest, but there weren't any moments that really sold how the physics would take first-person shooters to the next level. The team started working on a new reel, which evolved into the more successful E3 2003 demos, and then the final game.http//www.gamespot.com/articles/the-final-hours-of-half-life-2/1100-6112889/ The Final Hours of Half-Life 2 on GameSpot

===List of demonstrations===


*The only E3 2002 demonstration to have been made publicly available when it was leaked around May 16, 2003, while the other demos can partially be experienced thanks to the WC mappack's existence and several old official screenshots. It reuses a track cut from the ''Half-Life Opposing Force'' soundtrack titled "https//soundcloud.com/emo-999919/mishaps-in-the-reactor-18-2 Mishaps In The Reactor Chamber Part 1 - Track 03", by Chris Jensen. It features footage of the E3 2002 demos "Town", "Terminal", "Kleiner's Lab", and "Strider" (both Strider and Hydra parts).

*{{YouTube|GUw33CwqE_I|Trailer}} (official)

FileZombie Ravenholm trailer.jpg FileEarly plaza APC trailer.jpg FileAlyxspeech09.jpg ===="Depot"==== *Set in the map e3_depot. e3_seacliff also exists. *Featuring an Antlion Guard fighting against Overwatch Soldiers near the Depot and a Lighthouse Point|lighthouse, on top of which the demo ends in a battle against a Combine Gunship, reused in the final game. *{{YouTube|9kW1ffHUaSI|"Depot"}} (unofficial)
FileAntlions Depot.jpg FileE3 Depot overall.jpg FileE3 depot desert1.jpg ===="Industrial"==== *Set in the map e3_industrial. *Featuring an industrial part of City 17 as the Combine Factories, featuring a Razor Train passing by, Citizen the scenes|children workers, a simplified stenographer's chasm, and various factories and workshops. *{{YouTube|rkjg6ck5sro|"Industrial"}} (unofficial)
FileGarage train.jpg FileChildren cremators.jpg FileD1 garage 010057.JPG FileChild male model.jpg FileChild female model.jpg FileChild female working anim.jpg ===="Kleiner's Lab"==== *Set in the map "e3_lab". No proper related map, scripts or sound files can be found in the leak files. The map "ms_lab", last edited June 2002, features Alyx at the proper location in the lab, but the scripts are unrelated and Kleiner is not present. *Featuring an early Kleiner's Lab sequence, featuring Isaac Kleiner and Alyx Vance, and consisting of about 20 minutes of dialogue, which was considered too long for an E3 showcase, and #.22Kleiner.27s_Lab.22_2|shortened for E3 2003.http//www.gamespot.com/articles/the-final-hours-of-half-life-2/1100-6112889/ The Final Hours of Half-Life 2 on GameSpot A version of the map "e3_lab" found in the WC mappack and last edited in December 2002 features Barney and Kleiner without Alyx ; it mostly consists of the Kleiner's_Lab part of the original teleportation sequence with Helena Mossman. It is unknown whether it was meant to be used for E3 2002 or 2003, since both versions of the E3 labs have always been officially presented as involving Alyx and Kleiner only.
FileKleiner E3 2002.jpg FileAlyxspeech01.jpg FileAlyxspeech02.jpg FileAlyxspeech03.jpg FileAlyxspeech04.jpg FileAlyxspeech05.jpg FileAlyxspeech06.jpg FileAlyxspeech07.jpg FileAlyxspeech08.jpg FileAlyxspeech09.jpg FileAlyxspeech10.jpg ===="Ship"==== *Set in the map e3_ship. e3_shiptest, e3_devtest and e3_meathook also exist. *Featuring the ''Borealis (cut ship)|Borealis'' level, without Odell. *{{YouTube|UnulJeswSqc|"Ship"}} (unofficial)
FileBorealis E3 screen.jpg FileBorealis flames soldiers.jpg FileCrowbar zombie borealis.jpg ===="Strider"==== *Set in the map e3_strider. e3_sewer also exist. *Featuring Striders attacking Citizens through ruined streets, and Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance escaping through sewers, in which a Hydra attacks an Overwatch Soldier. The sequences were updated for E3 2003, the Strider part for the demo "Striders", and the Hydra part for the demo "Tunnels". *{{YouTube|a3PvpCYg8-k|"Strider"}} (unofficial)
FileE3 Strider.jpg FileStrider arch oicw.jpg FileSoldier early hydra trailer.jpg FileE3 Hydra tunnels.jpg FileE3hydra model.jpg FileE3hydra seer model.jpg FileE3hydra smacker model.jpg ===="Terminal"==== *Set in the map e3_terminal. *Featuring an early City 17 Trainstation Plaza and Civil Protection's control over Citizens, and a Rebel attack launched against a Combine march (with Combots, Overwatch Soldiers and a Combine Guard (Synth)|Synth Combine Guard) on a nearby street. *{{YouTube|hyH5aD1zZn8|"Terminal"}} (unofficial)
FileE3 Terminal plaza.jpg FileE3 terminal.jpg FileCombot Plaza trailer.jpg FileEarly plaza APC trailer.jpg FileE3 terminal rebels.jpg FileCombine Guard terminal.jpg FileCguard door terminal.jpg ===="Town"==== *Set in the map e3_town. *Featuring early docks and Classic Zombie|Zombies near Ravenholm. Reused for the E3 2003 demo "Docks". *{{YouTube|WwtVKKtnawI|"Town"}} (unofficial)
FileTraptown.jpg FileZombie Ravenholm trailer.jpg ==E3 2003== Following the cancellation of ''Half-Life 2''’s unveiling at E3 2002, a new reel was prepared and shown to Newell in September 2002. It featured mostly updated versions of the demos of the previous reel, along with several new demos. Feedback was very positive, and in October it was decided that the team would get ready to showcase the game at E3 2003, and have it released in September.http//www.gamespot.com/articles/the-final-hours-of-half-life-2/1100-6112889/ The Final Hours of Half-Life 2 on GameSpot While heavy work was being made on the game thanks to Valve's "cabal" design process, the subject of the E3 presentation was still to be determined first Newell wanted the team to create an extensive 30-minute demo that would feature Alyx guiding the audience through a science lab that showcased the Source technology. Then, halfway through the demo, the lab would suddenly be attacked and the player would have to escape alongside Alyx. It sounded like a great way to break the fourth wall and show off Valve's character technology. But in the weeks leading up to E3, the team didn't have enough time to create such an elaborate demo, so they decided to showcase several short sequences. The showcase was very successful, which made ''Half-Life 2'' the buzz of the show, to the point of winning the "Best of Show" award.http//www.gamespot.com/articles/the-final-hours-of-half-life-2/1100-6112889/ The Final Hours of Half-Life 2 on GameSpot The demonstrations are listed here in showcase order, as seen in the https//www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ddJ1OKV63Q full sequence as filmed at E3 in 2003. ===List of demonstrations=== ====''Half-Life 2'' logo==== *Set in the map e3_hl2logo. *Used on a black background for the demo's introduction.
FileHL2 model.jpg FileHL2 logo model.jpg ===="G-Man"==== *Set in the map e3_techdemo_1. *Showcasing Source's facial animations and language support through the G-Man, it starts with the GoldSrc version of the G-Man fading into the Source version. The G-Man says The G-Man/Quotes#E3 G-Man|various sentences, including one in Chinese. *{{YouTube|eAx4X7UtLoE|"G-Man"}} (official)
FileG-man e3 2003.jpg ===="Techdemo 2"==== *Set in the map e3_techdemo_2. *Showcasing physics with the Physgun. *{{YouTube|k1hh2hcv_do|"Techdemo 2"}} (unofficial)
FileHl2 tech2.jpg ===="Techdemo 5"==== *Set in the map e3_techdemo_5. *Showcasing textures and shaders, as well as a working video camera on a tripod filming the G-Man, with the image projected on several monitors, until a Headcrab topples the camera. *Reused with small changes for ''wccounterstrikeCounter-Strike Source|Counter-Strike Source'''s "Video Stress Test". *{{YouTube|wiKQpSukaoQ|"Techdemo 5"}} (unofficial, ''Counter-Strike Source'' version)
FileGordon e3 techdemo 5.jpg FileGordon stained glass.jpg ===="Docks"==== *Set in the map e3_town. e3_techdemo_6 also exists. *Featuring the early docks and Zombies near Ravenholm originally to be shown at E3 2002. *{{YouTube|__qtaoEpjFU|"Docks"}} (official)
FileTraptown.jpg FileE3 techdemo 60005.jpg ===="Kleiner's Lab"==== *Set in the map e3_lab. e3_techdemo_4 also exists. *Featuring a much shorter version of the #.22Kleiner.27s_Lab.22|Kleiner's Lab sequence from E3 2002. The conversation is interrupted by a Strider attack, reminiscent of the #E3 2003|original concept for the whole E3 2003 showcase. *{{YouTube|GVD0zAlURaw|"Kleiner's Lab"}} (official)
FileAlyx E3 lab.jpg FileAlyx Kleiner E3 lab.jpg FileStrider E3 lab.jpg ===="Traptown"==== *Set in the map e3_phystown. *Featuring the use of traps and physics against Zombies and Overwatch Soldiers in Ravenholm. *{{YouTube|uUIMDH6o7OU|"Traptown"}} (official)
FileE3 phystown mi.jpg FileZombies Ravenholm cover.jpg FileZombies streets smg.jpg ===="Tunnels"==== *Set in the map e3_under. e3_hydra also exists, and features the Hydra sewer only. *Featuring sewer areas involving fighting Civil Protection and Manhacks, ending with Gordon reuniting with Alyx for the Hydra sequence originally to be shown at E3 2002. While a playthrough was recorded, it was cut from the demonstration. The map is partially used in the playable leak, in the map d1_under_03, and in the final game, in the map d3_c17_08, with CPs replaced by Overwatch Soldiers. *{{YouTube|sJMxsBEe0fI|"Tunnels"}} (official)
FileE3 tunnels.jpg ===="Barricade"==== *Set in the map e3_c17_01. *Featuring a street battle against Civil Protection protected by a Combine Barricade, with Barney and Rebels, and ending with a Combine Gunship attack. *{{YouTube|4ycFteRUQPM|"Barricade"}} (official)
FileE3 barricade.jpg ===="Bugbait"==== *Set in the map e3_bugbait. e3_prison also exists. *Featuring a daytime Nova Prospekt, in which the use of the Pheropods|Bugbait on the Antlion Soldier|Antlions to defeat the guards is showcased. Mostly consists of cell block C1 from the final game, featuring the laundry facilities. *{{YouTube|QIkyA_f56qs|"Bugbait"}} (official)
FileBugbait laundry.jpg ===="Coastline"==== *Set in the map e3_seafloor. *Featuring an early Dock 137 sequence. *{{YouTube|6oQ1sXfVdBc|"Coastline"}} (official)
FileE3 seafloor bridge mi.jpg FileGunship reflection.jpg FileE3 seafloor docks mi.jpg FileE3 seafloor shore mi.jpg ===="Striders"==== *Set in the map e3_c17_02. *Featuring an updated version of the 2002 demo "Strider", it also features a Resistance battle against Striders in a ruined City 17. At the start of the demo, a tram passes by in the middle of the road. Parts of the map were reused in the final game as "d3_c17_07" (the arch building) and "d3_c17_13" (the street, the tram tracks and the shelter). *{{YouTube|uvRiV39s1JM|"Striders"}} (official)
FileStrider attack pre-release.jpg FileTram.jpg ===="Psyche"==== *Set in the map e3_end. *Featuring a dreamy sequence with the G-Man and other pictures, notably the earliest known models of Eli and Alyx Vance and Barney Calhoun. While the pictures are simple textures files, the demo ends with the actual G-Man who will say "FileGman 06.ogg|Well, well, isn't this just like old times.". Also set at the end of the WC mappack map "#"Hazard"|hazard", dating from 2002, but with an alternate G-Man speech. *{{YouTube|0ZBwwo5olk0|"Psyche"}} (official)
FileEnd space gman.png FileGhost01a.png FileGhost01aa.png FileGman numbers.png FileGhost03.png FileGhost04.png FileGhost02.png FileEnd horse.png FileEnd hydra.png FileEnd stalker.png FileEnd strider.png FileGtext.png FileCalabi.png FileHazardeye.png
==E3 2004== Except for the teaser and G-Man's monologue, the sequences are identical to the final game. ===List of demonstrations=== ====Teaser==== *Made in the engine version preceding that of the final game, which most notably features difference in textures. *{{YouTube|SUcQHnO4Q4IE|E3 2004 Teaser Trailer}} (official)
FileE3 2004 Teaser Trailer Citizens.jpg ====Trailer==== *Made in the final version of the game. *{{YouTube|iABUHt-Z9Gc|Trailer}} (official) ===="G-Man Monologue"==== *Featuring a sequence close to ''Half-Life 2''’s final introduction. *{{YouTube|dzAUW-4Jsk0|"G-Man Monologue"}} (official) ===="Train Station"==== *Featuring the very start of the game, from exiting the train until right before Barney Calhoun reveals himself. *{{YouTube|kfTH8FJEjjo|"Train Station"}} (official)
FileCheckpoint.jpg FileD1 trainstation 010003.jpg ===="Tenements"==== *Featuring the tenement buildings set between the City 17 Trainstation and Kleiner's Lab, right before the raid. *{{YouTube|Zfyr4MM3bSY|"Tenements"}} (official)
FileCitizen pondering.jpg FileCitizens watching.jpg ===="Ravenholm"==== *Featuring the start of Ravenholm until right before the plaza where Father Grigori is first met. *{{YouTube|rHgbwWhl7tU|"Ravenholm"}} (official) ===="Coast"==== *Featuring the Dock 137 area until the player has killed all Overwatch Soldiers in sight with the crane. Updated version of the "Coastline" demo from E3 2003. *{{YouTube|Z94s8O3SmJo|"Coast"}} (official)
FileDocks overview.jpg FileHighway 17.jpg ==''Half-Life 2'' launch party== *Set in a variant of the retail map d1_trainstation_04. *A launch party for ''Half-Life 2'' was held on the island of WikipediaAlcatraz Island|Alcatraz in San Francisco on September 30, 2003, in partnership with graphics card manufacturer WikipediaATI Technologies|ATI. However while it was expected, ''Half-Life 2'''s release date was not announced. Instead, a benchmark video showcasing the HDR in the (back then) upcoming Source|Source engine was shown, titled "Source Engine High-Dynamic Range Rendering",http//www.gamespot.com/articles/the-final-hours-of-half-life-2/1100-6112889/ The Final Hours of Half-Life 2 on GameSpot and involving an Antlion Guardian on the rooftops of the tenement buildings set before Kleiner's Lab, and high quality reflections on the roof materials not included in the final game. ''Half-Life 2'' was released about a year later, and the HDR was not implemented before ''Half-Life 2 Lost Coast'', released about two years later. *{{YouTube|n7q9WHDzFV0|"Source Engine High-Dynamic Range Rendering"}} (official)
FileAntguard roof beta1.jpg FileAntguard roof beta2.jpg FileAntguard roof beta3.jpg FileEarly c17 roofs.jpg ==Miscellaneous demonstrations and test maps== Several in-house demos and test maps were made but not used in E3 presentations; they can also be found in the WC mappack. This is a non-exhaustive list. ==="Aliens Test"=== *Set in the test map "testroom_ripley", last edited in March 2002, and "aliens_test", probably last edited around September 2003, but not present in the files. *Scene reusing partial dialog from three scenes of the 1986 film ''WikipediaAliens (film)|Aliens'', used for lip sync tests. Alyx says Ripley's lines, Barney says Hicks', the player acts as Hudson. *{{YouTube|wGpNuVy30Hk|Restoration of the scene}} ====Segments==== '''Location''' sound/vo/alien_test Transcripts taken from the official film subtitles. Segment set around 70 min. in the director's cut for the film {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sound file !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |A01-Rip01 |How long after we're declared overdue can we expect a rescue? |FileA01-Rip01.ogg |- |A02-Hicks01 |Seventeen days. |FileA02-Hicks01.ogg |- |A03-Rip02 |Listen to me. |FileA03-Rip02.ogg |- |A04-Rip03 |Hudson, just deal with it, because we need you and I'm sick of your bullshit. |FileA04-Rip03.ogg |- |A05-Rip04 |Now I want you to get on a terminal, call up some kind of floor plan file. Do you understand? |FileA05-Rip04.ogg |- |A06-Rip05 |Construction blueprints. I don't care. Anything that shows the layout of this place. Are you listening? |FileA06-Rip05.ogg |- |A07-Rip06 |I need to see air ducts. |FileA07-Rip06.ogg |- |A08-Rip07 |I need to see electrical access tunnels, |FileA08-Rip07.ogg |- |A09-Rip08 |subbasements, |FileA09-Rip08.ogg |- |A10-Rip09 |every possible way into this complex. |FileA10-Rip09.ogg |- |A11-Rip10 |We don't have much time. |FileA11-Rip10.ogg |- |A12-Rip11 |Hudson! |FileA12-Rip11.ogg |- |A13-Rip12 |Just relax. |FileA13-Rip12.ogg |- |} Segment set around 129 min. in the director's cut for the film {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sound file !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |A14-Hicks02 |Next time you walk right up and knock. |FileA14-Hicks02.ogg |- |A15-Rip13 |Yeah, but they don't know that. |FileA15-Rip13.ogg |- |A16-Rip14 |They're probably looking for other ways to get in. |FileA16-Rip14.ogg |- |A17-Rip15 |That'll take 'em a while. |FileA17-Rip15.ogg |- |A18-Hicks03 |I want you two walking perimeter. |FileA18-Hicks03.ogg |- |A19-Hicks04 |Move! |FileA19-Hicks04.ogg |- |A20-Hicks05 |Hey, listen. |FileA20-Hicks05.ogg |- |A21-Hicks06 |We're all in strung-out shape, |FileA21-Hicks06.ogg |- |A22-Hicks07 |but stay frosty |FileA22-Hicks07.ogg |- |A23-Hicks08 |and alert. |FileA23-Hicks08.ogg |- |A24-Hicks09 |We can't afford to let one of those bastards in here. |FileA24-Hicks09.ogg |- |A25-Hicks10 |How long's it been since you got any sleep? |FileA25-Hicks10.ogg |- |A26-Hicks11 |Twenty-four hours? |FileA26-Hicks11.ogg |- |A27-Rip16 |Hicks, I'm not gonna end up like those others. |FileA27-Rip16.ogg |- |A28-Rip17 |You'll take care of it, won't you? |FileA28-Rip17.ogg |- |A29-Hicks12 |If it comes to that, |FileA29-Hicks12.ogg |- |A30-Hicks13 |I'll do us both. |FileA30-Hicks13.ogg |- |A31-Hicks14 |Listen, let's just make sure it doesn't come to that. |FileA31-Hicks14.ogg |- |A32-Hicks15 |All right? |FileA32-Hicks15.ogg |- |} Segment set around 143 min. in the director's cut for the film {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Sound file !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |A33-Rip18 |They cut the power. |FileA33-Rip18.ogg |- |A34-Hudson1 |How could they cut the power, man? They're animals. |FileA34-Hudson1.ogg |- |A35-Hicks16 |I want you two with trackers, checking the corridors! Move! |FileA35-Hicks16.ogg |- |} ==="Demo Arctic"=== *Set in the test map "demo_arctic", last edited in September 2001, it consists of the ''Borealis (cut location)|Borealis'' stranded in the ice near a base and a cave.
FileDemo arctic06.jpg FileDemo_arctic01.jpg FileDemo arctic02.jpg FileDemo arctic05.jpg FileDemo arctic03.jpg FileDemo arctic04.jpg ==="Get Your Free TVs!"=== {{Main|Get Your Free TVs!}} *Set in the map "city_test", with versions ranging from "03" to "09". *The very first ''Half-Life 2'' test level to be created in 2001, consisting of a test sequence designed to highlight all the new technology created for the game and test the NPCs and physics.
FileGet your free tvs original.jpg FileCity test03003.jpg ==="Look Lab"=== *Set in the map "looklab", in the folder "Marc Laidlaw|marc", last edited in February 2003, with the Isaac_Kleiner/Quotes Lab|Kleiner dialogue sound files created in November 2001. *Set in a small lab prototype with green metal walls and in an Arctic regions|Arctic location, as seen through the window. In it, Kleiner commenting on specific objects is demonstrated, in a demonstration of what is used in the final game for Kleiner's Lab and Black Mesa East. The objects include a Combot decoy, a Rollermine, a painting which is actually FileBuildingset046a.png|an image to be used for distant buildings, and a broken window revealing the Arctic landscape. His voice was recorded by another voice actor.
FileLooklab kleiner rollermine painting.jpg|General view with Kleiner, the Rollermine and the painting. FileLooklab combot.jpg|The Combot on its pedestal. FileLooklab rollermine.jpg|The Rollermine on its pedestal. FileLooklab window.jpg|The window revealing an Arctic FileLooklab landscape.jpg|View from the skybox. ==="Boxing"=== *Set in the map "boxing", last edited in May 2002. *Consists of a small dark room with a boxing ring in the middle, lit by a single lamp. There two Classic Zombie|Zombies start fighting each other when a bell rings. When the first one is killed, the bell rings again and the remaining Zombie remains still. *In the map, the Zombie are named "popinksi" and "vonkaiser", a reference to the characters WikipediaSoda Popinski|Soda Popinski and WikipediaVon Kaiser|Von Kaiser from the boxing video game series ''WikipediaPunch-Out!!|Punch-Out!!'' by Nintendo. *{{YouTube|_tLQuoeTsyQ|"Boxing"}} (unofficial)
FileBoxing0038.jpg FileBoxing0042.jpg FileBoxing0045.jpg FileBoxing0048.jpg ==="Techdemo 3"=== *Possibly planned for E3 2003, but not demonstrated at the expo. *Set in the map "e3_techdemo_3", last edited in May 2003. *Based on the map "testroom_standards" seen in ''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'', designed as a reference for measurements of level elements, with various modifications. *Showcasing a scripted sequence of a Citizen waking up a Classic Zombie|Zombie, then running away and covering behind barrels and a stair while the Zombie is trying to attack the player and pounding on a door, and shooting the Zombie with the Submachine Gun (Half-Life 2)|Submachine Gun. *The version of the map in the WC mappack is incomplete, as the map entities required for the sequence to work are missing or not properly connected to each other.
FileTestroom standards.jpg ==References== {{Reflist}} {{Games}} CategoryPre-release material CategoryGames CategoryTechnology demos CategoryLists CategoryHalf-Life 2 CategoryHalf-Life 2 (pre-release)