Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar

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'''''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar - A Behind the Scenes Look Prima's Official Insider's Guide''''' is a coffee table book written by David Hodgson and published by WikipediaPrima Games|Prima Games in November 2004, in a hardback and paperback cover, comprising a collection of images chronicling the development of ''Half-Life'', ''http//wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Team_Fortress_Classic Team Fortress'', ''WikipediaDay of Defeat|Day of Defeat'', ''wccounterstrikeCounter-Strike|Counter-Strike'', ''wccounterstrikeCounter-Strike Source|Counter-Strike Source'' and ''Half-Life 2''. Text includes notes on game design, development, cut concepts, information relating to voice actors and game development. Numerous interviews of the Valve staff members also fill the book.

The book has been discontinued and has thus become a collectible item,http//replay.web.archive.org/20090416002307/http//store.valvesoftware.com/productshowcase/productshowcase_HL2Guide.html Official page on the Steam Store although it can still be found on websites such as http//www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=Half-Life+2%3A+Raising+the+Bar Amazon.com at fairly high prices. It is also not listed anymore on the http//www.primagames.com/ Prima Games official website.http//www.primagames.com/guides/?keyword=Half-Life+2%3A+Raising+the+Bar&platform=&format=&sort= "Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar" returning no results anymore

====Foreword by Gabe Newell====
In this foreword written August 11, 2004, Valve's managing director, Gabe Newell, makes some acknowledgments, talks about team work, the importance of the gaming community and wonders if ''Half-Life 2'' will be successful.


FileGordon bust rtb1.jpg

===Investigation 1 Anomalous Materials===

Chronicles how it all started, the evolution of ''Half-Life'', from ''Prospero'' to ''Quiver'', containing many characters, creatures, locations and weapons concept art, as well as screenshots of cut content.

====Half-Life A Nonstandard Specimen====
Depicts the development of the ''Half-Life'' enemies, cut and kept, and how the final game stemmed from ''Prospero'' and ''Quiver''.

This section includes concept art by Greg Coomer, Chuck Jones, Ted Backman and Dhabih Eng.


FileGordon tentacles.jpg
FileAleph 1.jpg
FileAleph 2.jpg
FileQuiver Land Squid.jpg
FileQuiver creature 2.jpg
FileCia butcher.jpg
FileCia assassin.jpg
FileCia brainboy.jpg
FileCia female soldier.jpg
FileHoundeye concept.jpg
FileHoundeye concept2.jpg
FileGonarch concept.jpg
FileIcky concept.jpg
FileKingpin con.jpg
FileFast Walker.jpg
FileHl friendly artwork.png
FilePanther eye concept.jpg
FileSpore missile launcher.jpg
FileHivehand render.jpg
FileAlien organic assault rifle con.jpg
FileBlack hole gun.jpg
FileUnidentified alien.jpg
FileAlien Organic Chainsaw.jpg
FileAlien slaves concept.jpg
FileCharger con.jpg
FileFlocking floater.jpg
FileBarnacle concept.jpg
FileTentacle render.jpg
FileTentacle concept.jpg
FileTentacle silo concept.jpg
FileGarg concepts.jpg
FileGargantua versions.jpg
FileChumtoad concept.jpg
FileChumtoad render.jpg
FileSqueak grenade.jpg
FileVortigaunt old render.jpg
FileAlien slave2.jpg
FileVortigaunt silo.jpg
FileAlien grunt 3.jpg
FileAlien grunt concept w.jpg
FileBullsquid concept.jpg
FileEarly bullsquid.jpg
FileZombie white bg.jpg
FileZombie render.jpg
FileNihilanth concept.jpg
FileIvan model views.jpg
FileGordon model 1.jpg
FileGordon model 2.jpg
FileGordon concept.jpg
FileInfantry grunt1.jpg
FileInfantry grunt2.jpg
FileHuman Sarge.jpg
FileSurface tension scripted.jpg
FileRtb laidlaw note.jpg
FileBarney early.jpg
FileScientist render.jpg
FileG-man first model.jpg
FileEarly scientist concept.jpg
FileHeadcrabs hecu.jpg
FileBmrf no smoking.jpg
FileBmrf launch key room.jpg
FileBmrf tanks.jpg
FileBmrf secu check point.jpg
FileSilo concept.jpg
FileBmrf cooling tank.jpg
FileBmrf cryo room.jpg
FileBmrf catwalk.jpg
FileOn a rail concept.jpg

====Extra Life The Mod Movement====
Expands on information related to the mod community that developed in the game's wake and the subsequent retail release of iconic mods such as ''Counter-Strike'',''Team Fortress'' and ''Day of Defeat''.

This section includes concept art by Kristen Perry and Moby Francke.

===Investigation 2 Unexpected Interference===
Covers the long development of ''Half-Life 2'', also containing many characters, creatures, locations and weapons concept art, as well as screenshots of cut content. It also covers character creation and design.

====Half-Life 2 Creature Discomforts====
Covers the ''Half-Life 2'' creatures, how they evolved and why some were cut.

This section includes concept art by Ted Backman, Dhabih Eng, Tri Nguyen and Viktor Antonov.


FileMetrocop blue eyes.jpg
FileZombie blobs.jpg
FileZombie sketch.jpg
FileFast headcrab concept.jpg
FileFast zombie rtb.jpg
FileStalker duo.jpg
FileStalker blue.jpg
FileStalker bust.jpg
FileStalker concept.jpg
FileStripped soldier concept art.jpg
FileAlien fauna1.jpg
FileSewer fauna.jpg
FileTripod Hopper.jpg
FileStampeder concept.jpg
FileHoundeye concept 2.jpg
FileAlien fauna0.jpg
FileE3 Hydra tunnels.jpg
FileHydra sketch.jpg
FileHydra concept art.jpg
FileShield scanner modeling.jpg
FileShield scanner modeling2.jpg
FileStrider early1.jpg
FileStrider heads.jpg
FileStrider early2.jpg
FileStrider early3.jpg
FileStrider early4.jpg
FileStrider early5.jpg
FileSynth concept 2.jpg
FileSynths 2.jpg
FileDropship concept0.jpg
FileChopper concept.jpg
FileChopper fly.jpg
File04 JetSki+APC-4.png
FileAPC concept side.jpg
FileAPC concept.jpg
FileDropship nb.jpg
FileDropship yellow.jpg
FileDropship brown.jpg
FileDropship blue.jpg
FileDropship con1.jpg
FileGunship views concept.jpg
FileGunship concept2.jpg
FileGunship concept3.jpg
FileGunship con2.jpg
FileCombot concepts.jpg
FileRecon Synth.jpg
FileSynth Scanner.jpg
FileAntlion con.jpg
FileAntlion side red.jpg
FileAntlion side.jpg
FileAntlion King concept.jpg
FileAlien Assassin concept.jpg
FileCombine Assassin con.jpg
FileCombine Synth Elite Soldier1.jpg
FileCombine Synth Elite Soldier2.jpg
FileCombine Synth Elite Soldier3.jpg
FileCombine Synth Elite Soldier4.jpg
FileAlien combine soldier2.jpg
FileAlien Combine Soldier.jpg
FileCombine Synth Elite Soldier5.jpg
FileCombine Synth Elite Soldier6.jpg
FileCombine Synth Elite Soldier7.jpg
FileCombine helmet miyazaki.jpg
FileSniper rtb.jpg
FileI.A. Latham.jpg
FileOverwatch Soldier camo.jpg
FileSuper soldier.jpg
FileElite Metrocop.jpg
FileCombine Guard 3.jpg
FileTrenchcoat CG.jpg
FileCombine Soldier clouds fire.jpg
FileOverwatch soldier bw.jpg
FileE3 terminal.jpg

====Half-Life 2 Digital Drama====
Covers character creation and design, acting, motion capture, and face posing, as well as some information about the characters' real life counterparts. It also includes story excerpts by Marc Laidlaw given to the team for design inspiration.

This section includes concept art by Ted Backman, Dhabih Eng, http//anry.ru/ Anry and Moby Francke.


FileAlyx gordon weapons.jpg
FileJamil ref.jpg
FileScott Lynch.jpg
FileBreen ref.jpg
FileEli ref.jpg
FileDanielDociu 0.jpg
FileTed Cohrt.jpg
FileMossman ref face.jpg
FileMartial arts instructor head.jpg
FileCohrt bust.jpg
FileHedy Lamarr cropped rtb.jpg
FileHelena Mossman.jpg
FileGman model rtb.jpg
FileBarney model rtb.jpg
FileKleiner model rtb.jpg
FileEli model rtb.jpg
FileOdell bust.jpg
FileDog concept.jpg
FileRebel skins.jpg
FileModelsheet Rebels.jpg
FileCitizen modelsheet2.jpg
FileConsul transformed.jpg
FileConsul bust.jpg
FileBreen different glasses.jpg
FileG-Man head.png
FileF Sheldon 3.jpg
FileF Sheldon 5.jpg
FileF Sheldon 4.jpg
FileF Sheldon 1.jpg
FileF Sheldon 2.jpg
FileF Sheldon 0.jpg
FileCaptain vance1.png
FileCaptain Vance model bust.jpg
File03 Vance+Vance-6.png
File03 Vance+Vance-2.png
File03 Vance+Vance-5.png
FileGordon Antlions Striders coast.jpg
FileConcept art eli gordon alyx skitch.jpg
FileGordon consul gunpoint.jpg
FileDavid speyrer.jpg
FileEric kirchmer.jpg
FileSpeyrer - kirchmer morph.jpg
FileGreg coomer.jpg
FileKelly bailey.jpg
FileCoomer - bailey morph.jpg
FileSpeyrer - kirchmer - coomer - bailey morph1.jpg
FileSpeyrer - kirchmer - coomer - bailey morph2.jpg
FileGordon head model.jpg
FileFreeman bust.jpg
FileGordon head cover.png
FileAlyx Vance head.png
FileJamil 1.jpg
FileJamil bust.jpg
FileJamil 3.jpg
FileAlyx goggles concept.jpg
FileAlyx headset.jpg

====Half-Life 2 Welcome to City 17====
Covers ''Half-Life 2'''s setting evolution, and how it started from a globe-spanning vision to a tighter, circular path that gave birth to City 17 and its surroundings. It again includes story excerpts by Marc Laidlaw.

This section includes concept art by Viktor Antonov, Eric Kirchmer, Tri Nguyen, Horia Dociu, Randy Lundeen, Damarcus Holbrook and Jeff Ballinger.


FileCitadel walls.jpg
FileNow arriving.jpg
FileCity 17 buildings from Vertigo.png
FileDoor and Guard towers concept.png
FileEarly city 17.jpg
FileBreencast c17 04.jpg
FileBreencast compound eyes.jpg
FileStenographer's Chasm.jpg
FileFactory kids.jpg
FileChildren cremators.jpg
FileKids working.jpg
FileTrain city 17.jpg
FileCombine door variant concept.jpg
FileManhack arcade 3.jpg
FileManhack arcade 2.jpg
FileGordon early lower citadel.jpg
FileWasteland Airex skybox.jpg
FileAirex reactor.jpg
FileScrapland cracks.jpg
FileSeafloor railroad.jpg
FileCrane sketch.jpg
FileShore people.jpg
FileShore people 2.jpg
FileHL2 original journey.jpg
FileBorealis tanks.jpg
FileAirex pipes outside.jpg
FileAirex pistons inside.jpg
FileAirex reactor inside2.jpg
FileAirex reactor inside 1.jpg
FileAirex pistons 3.jpg
FileCitadel wide.jpg
FileCitadel tiles night.jpg
FileMetropolice guard early poster.jpg
FileCombine techno move.jpg
FileAirex tower1.jpg
FileAirex tower4.jpg
FileAirex tower2.jpg
FileAirex tower large.jpg
FileTenement real.jpg
FileTunnel real.jpg
FileRoof real.jpg
FileCity 17 tenement.jpg
FileCity17 tunnel.jpg
FileEarly c17 roofs.jpg
FileCitadel c17 soldiers early.jpg
FileCombine door Citizen.jpg
FileMounted connection devices1.jpg
FileMounted connection devices2.jpg
FileCombine techno.jpg
FileCombine SWAT Truck.jpg
FileTrainstation 2.jpg
FileTrainstation1 cracks.jpg
FileTrainstation shelter.jpg
FileTrainstation7 high.jpg
FileLab polisher.jpg
FileLab stuff2.jpg
FileLab power props.jpg
FileLab props desk.jpg
FileKleiners teleport2.jpg
FileConsul greater good poster.jpg
FileCremator poster.jpg
FileBarnacle Gordon.jpg
FileCanals yellow.jpg
FileCanals building.jpg
FileCanal bridge cracks.jpg
FileCanals industrial.jpg
FileCanals bridge2.jpg
FileCanals bridges.jpg
FileCanals bridge1.jpg
FileMaxwell lab concept.jpg
FileRavenholm concept1.jpg
FileZombies town.jpg
FileZombie Ravenholm burn.jpg
FileRavenholm concept2.jpg
FileZombies early rtb.jpg
FileProptrap concept.jpg
FileDepot train coming.jpg
FileWasteland bridge.jpg
FileDepot from tracks.jpg
FileDepot levels train red.jpg
FileDepot tech.jpg
FileDepot lifted train.jpg
FileDepot down2.jpg
FileRazor train2.jpg
FileRazor train1.jpg
FileDepot levels train.jpg
FileDepot preliminary overview.jpg
FileDepot razor train.jpg
FileWires - generators.jpg
FileCellblock wires.jpg
FileWires corridor.jpg
FileWires celllblock.jpg
FileDepot cellblock3.jpg
FileDepot cellblock2.jpg
FileDepot lavatory plan.jpg
FileDepot showers guard.jpg
FileNova prospekt corridor.jpg
FileNp stairs.jpg
FileDepot cellblock1.jpg
FileNova prospekt tech.jpg
FileDepot cell.jpg
FileDepot cellblock 3.jpg
FileDepot yard plan.jpg
FileGunship bays concept.jpg
FileSoldier memory replacement.jpg
FileCombine light concept.jpg
FileNova prospekt unnamed device.jpg
FileNp coast props.jpg
FileAntlion through wall.jpg
FileEarly NP soldiers antlions.jpg
FileDepot cafeteria.jpg
FileDepot cellblock 1.jpg
FileDepot cellblock 2.jpg
FileCity 17 yellow welcome poster.jpg
FileLambda hand.jpg
FileElectrical props.jpg
FileCity panorama2.jpg
FileCity panorama1.jpg
FileRed props wasteland.jpg
FileOriginal opening map.jpg
FileBuilding ruins.jpg
FileAttic concept.jpg
FileMobile wall citadel houses van.jpg
FileRavenholm trap detail.jpg
FileDestroyed skyscraper.jpg
FileCitadel skyscrapers view.jpg
FileCitadel Ballinger.jpg
FileConsul office.jpg
FileCitadel interior.jpg
FileCitadel brown.jpg
FileCitadel star.jpg
FileCitadel windows.jpg
FileCitadel inside.jpg

====Half-Life 2 Final Sequence====
A more technical section, it covers polishing and adding detail, mapping, prop creation, NPC behavior, general gameplay, etc.

Images included in this section are mostly screenshots from the retail ''Half-Life 2'', not included here.


FileCar concept art.jpg
FileTestroom standards.jpg
FileLevelconstruct 1.jpg
FileEarly b4.jpg
FileOld teleport oicw 1.jpg
FileOld teleport oicw 2.jpg
FileCombine Zoo.jpg
FilePrefab industrial white.jpg
FilePrefab industrial textured.jpg
FileCrossbow concept art 1.jpg
FileCrossbow concept art 2.jpg
FileChopper fire canals.jpg
FileGordon rubble crowbar.jpg

==Uncorrected proof==
In April 2016, the uncorrected proof of ''Raising the Bar'' was discovered by the wider community.http//www.hl-inside.ru/comments/?1460730024 Найдена ''Raising the Bar'' Uncorrected Proof on Half-Life Inside This preliminary version, never intended for sale, is about a hundred pages longer than the final product, and includes concept art and information that haven't been presented elsewhere. Shown below are images exclusive to the uncorrected proof.
===Foreword by Gabe Newell===
Identical to the retail version.
===Investigation 1 An Intractable Rebirth===
Depicts the development of ''Half-Life'' from its very beginning, chronicling the origins of Valve, the initial versions of the game, and its eventual reworking.
====A New Handle on Software Development====
Covers Gabe Newell's time at Microsoft, his reasons for leaving the company, and the process of gathering the team, finding a publisher, and selecting necessary development tools. Includes information about ''Prospero'', one of the earliest game concepts created by Valve.

FileRtb 017.jpg
FileRtb 024 01.jpg
FileRtb 024 02.jpg

====Quivering with Anticipation====
====Freedom for Freeman====

FileRtb 045.jpg
FileRtb 048.jpg
FileRtb 049 01.jpg
FileRtb 049 02.jpg
FileRtb 050 01.jpg
FileRtb 050 02.jpg
FileRtb 058.jpg
FileRtb 060.jpg

====Good Morning and Welcome to the Black Mesa Transit System====

FileRtb 067 01.jpg
FileRtb 067 02.jpg
FileRtb 069.jpg
FileRtb 070.jpg

===Investigation 2 Anomalous Mutations===
====Black Mesa, White Noise====
====Domination from Down Under Team Fortress Classic====
Covers ''http//wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Team_Fortress_Classic Team Fortress Classic''.
====Man Down! The coming of Counter-Strike====
Covers ''WikipediaCounter-Strike|Counter-Strike''.
====The Mod of War Day of Defeat====
Covers ''WikipediaDay of Defeat|Day of Defeat''.
====Xenome on the Range Gunman Chronicles====
Covers ''WikipediaGunman Chronicles|Gunman Chronicles''.
====Modification nation====
Showcases 50 Mods|modifications created by the community.
====Metamorphosis Extra Life for Half-Life====
===Investigation 3 An Enduring Evolution===
====Industrial Strength Behind the Scenes at Valve Software====
====Destination City 17 Head East, Freeman====

FileRtb 191.jpg

====Gods and Monsters Combine Harvesting====
====Let's Get Physical World Manipulation and Weapons====
====The Final Push Half-Life====
====Epilogue - The Half Life of Half-Life, Full Circle====


==See also==

*Development of Half-Life 2|Development of ''Half-Life 2''
*''The Final Hours of Portal 2''

==External links==
*http//store.valvesoftware.com/productshowcase/productshowcase_HL2Guide.html Official page on the Steam Store
*http//www.amazon.com/Half-Life-2-Raising-David-Hodgson/dp/0761543643 Amazon.com profile
*http//www.gamespot.com/features/6112889/index.html ''The Final Hours of Half-Life 2''

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