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'''''Half-Life'' for Dreamcast''' is a console port of ''Half-Life'' for the WikipediaSega|Sega WikipediaDreamcast|Dreamcast developed by Gearbox Software and Captivation Digital Laboratories with the assistance of Sierra Entertainment and Valve Software. It was cancelled only a few weeks away from its projected release date.{{IA|20020812170803/http//dreamcast.ign.com/articles/095/095905p1.html|Not Given Half A Chance The Cancellation of ''Half-Life''|IGN (June 18, 2001)}}

''Half-Life'' for Dreamcast was announced by Sierra on February 14, 2000 at the Milia trade show in Cannes, France.http//bluesnews.com/pressreleases/hld.shtml Press Release on Blue's News (February 14, 2000) It was stated that Captivation would be handling the Dreamcast technology while Gearbox would create all of the new content. The port was to feature a new, exclusive mission pack called ''Half-Life Blue Shift'',http//bluesnews.com/a/61 ''Half-Life Blue Shift'' Announced on Blue's News (August 29, 2000) along with better visuals and effects.http//outofprintarchive.com/articles/features/Dreamcast.html Dreamcast Magazine (UK), Issue 13 on Out-of-Print Archive A second disc release would have provided the online multiplayer experience utilizing WikipediaSegaNet|SegaNet. This second multiplayer-focused game was planned to include ''Half-Life Opposing Force|Opposing Force''{{'}}s deathmatch and ''Half-Life Opposing Force Capture The Flag|Capture the Flag'' modes (potentially along with the full singleplayer campaign as a bonus), ''WikipediaTeam Fortress Classic|Team Fortress Classic'', standard Half-Life (multiplayer)|''Half-Life'' deathmatch, a version of ''WikipediaCounter-Strike|Counter-Strike'', and one or more of the popular multiplayer mods.http//eurogamer.net/articles/article_29304 ''Half-Life'' Dreamcast Multiplayer on Eurogamer (September 26, 2000){{IA|20001202221300/http//zdnet.com/gamespot/stories/previews/0,10869,2653878,00.html|''Half-Life'' Dreamcast Preview|GameSpot (November 15, 2000)}}

Throughout development, the port's release was delayed several times, early stated to be Summer of 2000,http//youtube.com/watch?v=JWg5MAS44Hc ''Half-Life Dreamcast'' trailer on http//youtube.com YouTube then postponed to September,http//youtube.com/watch?v=UDjFRH6hzA8 ''Half-Life Dreamcast'' commercial on http//youtube.com YouTube and later to November. It was at this time some publications received early review copies, most criticizing the port's low and inconsistent framerate, long load times between levels, and no online play.http//i.imgur.com/zDhRxVU.jpg Dreamcast Magazine (UK), Issue 15WikipediaComputer and Video Games|Computer and Video Games magazine, Issue 228 The game was subsequently delayed once again well into the next year. Only weeks prior to its expected June, 2001 shipping date, Sierra finally announced that ''Half-Life Dreamcast'' was cancelled due to "changing market conditions" on June 15, 2001.http//bluesnews.com/s/26010 ''Half-Life'' Dreamcast Cancelled on Blue's News (June 15, 2001) A WikipediaPrima Games|Prima strategy guide had already been printed and was ready to be shipped.

==''Half-Life Blue Shift''==
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The ''Blue Shift'' mission pack was later released for the PC as a standalone expansion pack. Some of the new models were reused in the ''Half-Life High Definition Pack'', many slightly modified and presented in higher quality than was seen in the port.

In 2003, a late stage build of the Dreamcast version of ''Half-Life'', numbered 1672, was leaked to the public. This build is dated from May 23, 2001, only about a month prior to the game's cancellation. In January 2012, a fan-made port of the unused Dreamcast content was released as a modification for the PC version of ''Half-Life''.http//moddb.com/mods/half-life-dreamcast/news/half-life-dreamcast-is-here ''Half-Life Dreamcast'' released! on ModDB

==Behind the scenes==
Some of the enemies were removed, and most enemies fade out when killed in CPU intensive areas. The enemy and weapon stats were also tweaked. These changes are not documented in the Strategy Guide. There is no WikipediaAutosave|autosave feature. The player can save and load the game from the in-game options.


FileGordon_tentacles.jpg|Promotional artwork for WikipediaGamePro|GamePro magazine.
FileHalf-Life Dreamcast promo.jpg|Magazine advertisement.
FileDc menu texture.png|The texture file for the main menu.
FileLogo HL DC.png|The logo.
FileHldc agrunt01.png|Alien Grunt model.
FileHoundeye_Dreamcast.png|Houndeye model.
FileVort hldc.png|Vortigaunt model.
FileBlack mesa cans dreamcast.jpg|Models of the six soda cans.
FileModels HL DC.png|Character models.

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