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The '''HECU Sniper''' is a Hazardous Environment Combat Unit|HECU class featured in the ''Half-Life'' chapters ''On A Rail'' and ''Surface Tension''. Gameplay wise, it precedes the Overwatch Sniper featured in ''Half-Life 2'' and its episodes.

FileSniper on a rail.jpg|The first Sniper, in the chapter ''On A Rail''.|thumb|200px|left

Mostly hiding behind camouflage covers in windows of buildings located on the surface of the Black Mesa Research Facility, HECU Snipers are very hostile, and able to drain a player's health in as little as 4 to 5 hits. Usually concealed in a window, they will hide around a corner in a sniper nest, ready to shoot someone when their guard is down. 

The HECU Sniper is first introduced near the end of the ''Half-Life'' chapter ''On A Rail'' in Sector E Materials Transport, right before the High Altitude Launch Center. He will not shoot until the player reaches for nearby supplies, which are closer to him. In the chapter ''Surface Tension'', two Snipers are spread around the Ordinance Storage Facility in the Topside Motorpool, and have shot a security guard who dies when Freeman reaches him. They add to the threat that the Land Mines and the Laser Trip Mines spread around the building already pose. The fourth and last HECU Sniper to be seen is found in the next map, in the same chapter, located beside the barracks.

An effective weapon against the Sniper is the Fragmentation Grenade (Half-Life)|grenade, which can be thrown into their nest to take them out in one go. Whilst it is effective, it is often difficult to get a grenade in. The Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher (Half-Life)|RPG is often effective as well, as the rocket can be easily directed. The Submachine Gun (Half-Life)|Submachine Gun's grenade will also provide satisfying results. Finally, the Tau Cannon's secondary fire can easily destroy the Sniper with the same results of that of explosive weaponry. Trails of blood around the nest will confirm the Sniper's death to the player.

==Behind the scenes==
Rather than having an actual, full human model, the HECU Sniper simply consists of a brush shaped as a human shooting target, presumably to suggest the silhouette of a person, although it is very difficult to see it, especially when being shot at. Using the entity "func_breakable", it will stop the rifle shooting at the player when destroyed, making disappear both silhouette and rifle brushes, leaving only a blood stain on the outside wall. The rifle itself is a brush using the "func_tank" entity, not affected by the console code "notarget".


FileSniper c2a5c0001.jpg|The second Sniper, one of the two spread around the Laser Trip Mine building in the chapter ''Surface Tension''.
FileSniper c2a5c0055.jpg|Ditto, closeup of the rifle.
FileSniper nest4.jpg|The third Sniper, located near the other end of the Laser Trip Mine building.
FileSniper nest1.jpg|The fourth Sniper, in the next map.
FileSniper nest2.jpg|Inside the fourth Sniper's nest, showing the human silhouette and the rifle.
FileSniper c2a5e0000.jpg|After killing the fourth Sniper.
FileSniper silhouette.jpg|The Sniper's silhouette brush.
FileHecu sniper rifle brush.jpg|The Sniper's rifle brush.

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